People Describe Which Things Scream 'I'm Overcompensating For My Insecurities'
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Hey, pal. You, with the oversized truck taking up two parking spots, cutting off all the mid-size cars on the highway, and carrying a Trump flag with zero construction equipment in the back...we get it. You're a really cool dude and totally not overcompensating for an apparent lack of confidence in your own self-worth.

Don't worry.

It's not just you.

Reddit user, u/WinstonChurchillin, wanted to hear:

What screams "I'm overcompensating for my insecurities"?

We Were Just Saying!

homer simpson truck GIFGiphy

Probably the dudes who drive Ford F650s

You know the ones with the double stacks that are lifted 4 feet off the ground.

The hell are you going to haul with that?


I Lost My Internet! Seriously! Gawd!

The one I could think of on my own, thanks for seeing this myself, would have to be someone claiming lost connection for their rage quit on an online match.

Look, a power outage is a thing that anyone can understand that's out of ones' hands. I was at an online match, which I'll admit it pretty much suck that when I was close to a victory when the player cut out just as I laid down the final blow.

The message of my opponent losing connection informed me of what happened but willing to give me the "W". That was because I was able to find the same motherf-cker in the lobby. I noticed the player's location, which was nothing more than just a city's name... all I needed. Sure enough, there were no reports of a power outrage... not even a regional one.


When Words Fail, Using Your Fists

Trying to escalate verbal confrontations into physical ones when you could simply walk away. Only super insecure people feel compelled to "win" when the only thing on the line is their ego.


Making your whole identity about your tattoos or piercings, multi colored hair etc.

Most overcompensators I've met are horrifically insecure and have no thoughts to offer on any subjects or any substance to themselves.

Obviously many people with any or all the above don't make it their identity, that just comes along with their interesting personality and aren't obviously insecure


Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely.



Where Have We Seen This Before?

Holding big fluffy political rallies where you constantly project your failings, shortcomings and fears onto your political opponents and anyone else who disagrees with you.


It was 3rd grade student council. Stop holding it over my head.


I Hated It Way Before It Was Cool

Constantly hating on things that are popular and bragging about how they are different than everyone else.


This is why I take issue with a lot of "hipsters." Rejecting something JUST BECAUSE it's popular doesn't make you interesting or deep. Going against the grain for its own sake is not a personality in and of itself--it's just asinine and executes as little mental energy as being swayed into going WITH the group in every instance.


You Think That's Hard?? Listen To What Happened To Me!

Being a one-upper. I know someone that cannot stand not being the center of attention and will try to steal the spotlight. You made a good burger, he made a burger that a chef wanted to have in his restaurant. You mention any game, he's never lost at anything. It's embarrassing.


Living Vicariously Through Their Brood

season 4 soccer GIFGiphy

Over scheduling their kids with sports and extra curriculars.

Name dropping. I couldn't care less that your family member is friends with so and so politician or is a regular and whatever expensive or trendy establishment.


The Ultimate Karen Gathering

Honestly?? Usually the Karens.

Didn't 'get' it until I moved from fast food to a high-end retail job. In fast food, anyone with a stick up their rear can be a jerk, but in high end retail there's some expectation of politeness. Employer rhymed with Jottery Narn. It was as 'high end' as furniture could get because we didn't have US brands in our part of town much, so of course all the heiresses and landlady-moguls flocked to us to style their home 'for the summer'.

(I kid you not, there were a non-zero number of women who declared that they redecorated their house every few years with new furnishings. I was gobsmacked. I buy curtainsonceand replace them when they get moth-holes! Also, styling a property for sale nicely boosts its price for some reason)

So I served many, many entitled, 'I MUST have this item! I don't care if it's sold out!' customers, which staff and management slightly tolerated because they were also the type to drop $10k on a single transaction without blinking. But it was also super easy to tell what they were insecure about within minutes of talking to them. Some would lose their minds because they couldn't clear our stockroom by purchasing 15 matching sets of silverware without calling ahead, as we would sometimes sell out. Some screamed at us because they showed up two weeks before Christmas to buy tree ornaments and there weren't 20+ of their desired type in stock anymore. I wondered how their relationship was with their in-laws, as many of the 'unreasonable requests predictably leading to a tantrum' were usually associated with entertaining in the home...

...I quit on good terms with the manager, and haven't cared one second about decorating our home to be picture-perfect since. Some of the insecurity is probably judgement from other women, but making your home a show-room is just an expensive waste of time. Others only see your place for a few hours every year, and then the decorations aren't needed any more. I don't lose my mind at retail workers because my ability to feel good about myself isn't predicated on buying something from a store; so any time I see a Karen I just feel really sorry for them. They need to get a life.


Taking Ownership Of Something That Isn't Yours

People who use "my" to describe the people or groups they interact with.

For example, "my team" instead of "our team". Not sure if its insecurity or just arrogance but a guy I know does it constantly with everything and it drives me nuts.


See How Cool I Am?

Revving the crap out of your car in front of a group of [women].

It's not hot, makes me feel sorry for your car to be honest


Too Many Go Into The Field For The Wrong Reasons

Cops. A lot of them go into that profession because they were insecure as children, and now they found a way to be above everyone else.


It's A Fine Line To Walk

Picking on someone/ being nasty in front of a group of people to try and make everyone else laugh.


huge difference between roasting your friends and shooting the sh-t with them and flat out being nasty and picking on them and hurting their feelings.

HUGE difference.


A Trifecta From Hell

Unprovoked aggression.

Talking about how much things cost. (Unprovoked/ no context bragging about how much they've spent, not how much they've saved)

Being louder for no reason.


You Know Grades Are Public, Right?

I have a guy in my Uni Whattsapp group who is constantly sh-tting on everybody when they ask a question or make a comment that he finds to be unnecessary (which seems to be every question and every comment)

He failed the f-ck out of every test we had so far (6 in total), which is hilarious


You Should Be Smarter With Your Money, Like Me!

Insulting others using traits that you yourself posses.


Shut up you magnificent looking person


Okay, It's Not Just Oversized Trucks Giving Off S.P.P.

People that rev their loud cars at night, in a suburban area. Small Penis People


Right. Everyones focused on the lifted trucks (they're not wrong)...But the behavior proliferates to any type of vehicle. Lifted trucks rolling coal; dumb-ss tuners with underlights and frame rattle subs doing 70 down the 25 residential road where kids are playing; f-cking bikers with the loudest pipes possible screaming by at 2 in the morning.

D-ckless, all of 'em.


The Classic, "Everyone Else Is Wrong And I'm Right."

homer simpson GIFGiphy

Being overly judgmental of everyone else, and being overly defensive of any judgment toward you. Especially when you're super vocal about it.


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