People Describe The Things That They Collect
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We all have our little life quirks. They're just part of the special sauce that makes each of us unique.

Such as collecting, we all have a little obsession or two about specific material things.

Many people like to collect items and make a sort of museum. And some of these collections may sound off the wall but can become very lucrative.

I'm looking at you comicbook and baseball card people.

You never know, a hoarders pile could be their retirement plan.

Redditor CG1991 wanted to hear about all of the things many people need to have legions of, they asked:

"What do you collect?"

Pens. And jeans.

I have a ton of pens and jeans. Fancy pens are my favorite.

I have an unhealthy amount for sure.


"Yarn. Because having yarn and crocheting are two different hobbies." ~ SpiffyPaige143

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"I try to collect space stuff. I’ve got a couple mars meteorite fragments, a moon meteorite fragment, a normal meteorite and other stuff." ~ Orange_Scribbler

"I work at an observatory and we sell iron meteorites in the gift shop. :) They're small pieces but I love that they represent the very beginning of our solar system. If you want, I can send you one, no charge. 🤗" ~ servicePotato


"Any type of crafting in general. Hoarding stuff is one hobby, actually using it is another. I just cleaned out my craft stuff because we absolutely need the space. I had stuff from other hoards I was allowed to partake in, stuff I bought years ago, and don't get me started on the stuff I inherited from my grandmother's hoard. Pretty sure some of it was older than me!" ~ magicrowantree

Roll On...

"Hot wheels." ~ khoya171

"How do you organize/decide which ones to get? Do you have a particular theme or something you stick with? The reason why I ask is that there are so many of them, and I usually see them in the stores in like a giant crate so I imagine it would be really difficult sorting through all of that. I've gotten one or two of them in the last decade when something caught my eye like a Delorean but I usually don't look for them specifically." ~ chewytime


"Stones 😅. When they’re pretty I don’t know crap about stones lol I just pick up the pretty ones at the beach and bring them home." ~ vena666

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Beware the yarn people. They will knit you anything and everything you didn't ask for.

And Quaters?

"Pressed pennies, totally useless but it’s a thrill when you find a machine lol." ~ gillyian

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read up...

"My daughter always loved books and began collecting them at an early age. Always read way above her grade level in elementary school. She is an adult in her 30’s and when she and her husband renovated their 170 year old house he made her a library. House has huge tall ceilings so her library has floor to ceiling book shelves with sliding ladder and they are even lighted with tiny brass lights."

"Shelves are all along 3 walls with 4th wall being a fireplace. She even has everything categorized. So fun to walk in and see it. She now has an 18 month old daughter who loves books. This baby has her own mini baby library in her nursery. So cute." ~ Available_Honey_2951

In the Soil

"Plant seeds!! That old lady with a box of seeds in Mad Max:Fury Road? That’s gonna be me. I’m at a point where I just kind of want one of everything lol, I know that with a hybrid I can’t save seed that’ll be true to type but I still will and just label it as such."

"A tomato will still make a tomato seed which still makes a tomato & the experiment is part of the fun so I don’t mind. Genetic diversity in our food system is important!! I’ve gotten a bit into ornamental plants, & will more when I own my own property, but for now I mainly focus on edible/medicinal plants or what’s highly beneficial for pollinators in my area." ~ lumpyspacebear

My Museum

"Art Books. When I’m sad I just like looking through them as if I had my own little museum. I guess in a way I never grew out of picture books." ~ Ok-Ad-2605

"Me too, I love art and 'coffee table' books. I could silently thumb through beautiful picture books for hours. When I stopped making art I started buying more books and it’s nice to feel inspired even if I don’t necessarily create." ~ nothisistheotherguy

All the places...

"Maps. My apartment is decorated with maps of places that have shaped me into who I am." ~ TurbulentSurprise292


I'll never understand collecting pennies. Are they even worth a cent anymore?

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