People Describe The Most Dangerous Thing They Unwittingly Did As A Kid
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Years ago I had a classmate who was a total daredevil... so much so that he would often injure himself. He once drove a bike in the direction of oncoming traffic, just for the hell of it. He got out of that episode unscathed––luckily. By contrast, I prefer keeping all my limbs, and still have them all. I wonder where he is now. Hopefully not too banged up. I did do some stuff unwittingly––like the time I stuck a fork into an electrical socket. I thankfully wasn't shocked too much. I was young and naive.

People told us all about the dangerous things they did when they were younger after Redditor Not-an-Ocelot asked the online community,

"What's the most dangerous thing you did as a kid without realizing?"

"My chore..."

"My chore was to wash the floors. I would mix all sorts of chemicals together, not realizing they don't mix. Like bleach and ammonia with other cleaning products."


This is very easy to do––and so dangerous! Thankfully you didn't harm yourself.

"I used to walk..."

​"I used to walk on a frozen river when walking home from school. I was about 7 at the time."






Seen too many movies about people stuck under the ice.

"We would sneak up..."

"I used to do parkour. We would sneak up onto the rooftops of condo buildings when they were washing their windows (the staircases leading to the top floor would be unlocked). We would then go roof hopping.

Literal roof hopping like in Grand Theft Auto. We would jump from a 12 storey apartment building's roof to an adjacent 10 storey apartment building's roof, etc."


How are your knees? That's bound to do some damage, no?

"I picked up..."

"I picked up a baby copperhead snake and gave it to my mom as a present when I was 6 or 7."



You must have really hated your mom.

"There was a railway crossing..."

"There was a railway crossing on my walk to school, and the train would often be blocking my path so I would always wait until it stopped moving and then climb on top of it and jump off the other side so I could keep walking and not be late."


"Played inside..."

"Played inside an old broken refrigerator that was outside….not knowing it could have locked or tipped over."


Yes, it could have! Thankfully it didn't. There's a really frightening scene in The Leftovers involving a character who nearly suffocates in a fridge.

No thank you.

"Like most Florida kids..."

"Like most Florida kids I swam where I shouldn't have and I'm very lucky I didn't get eaten by alligators."


"After seeing videos..."

"Playing with fireworks. After seeing videos of kids blowing their fingers and hands off, I would never let my kids play with them, without lots of supervision."


"We are super lucky..."

"Getting on a boat with my then-boyfriend and not telling our parents where we were going. The boat ended up sinking during a storm and we had life jackets and floated on the ice chest. Only reason we are alive is because a ship that was coming in heard us screaming during the storm and called the coast guard. We were out there for a total of 15 hours and had severe hypothermia. We are super lucky to be alive."


This is pretty terrifying.

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Yes, thankfully, you're alive.

"When I was about..."

"When I was about 9 or 10 a friend and I rode an air mattress down a river. Neither of us knew how to swim and we didn't tell our parents so when we came back cops were looking for us."


Well... these were a read.

If you'll excuse me, I'll stay indoors and wrap myself in bubble wrap. The outside world is scary.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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