It's the oldest profession there is next to acting and they share striking similarities. One would think the poor souls who endure this path would be constantly bombarded with the worst of what society has to offer (well according to tv, film and literature, you'd think that) but surprisingly being a "person" of the night really can be like 'Pretty Woman.' What a mistake we all make in assuming... Big mistake.. HUGE!

Redditor u/_Narcissist_ wanted to hear from the escorts out about a few of their favorite clients by asking.... Escorts of Reddit, who was your nicest customer?



My friend is an escort. She had this regular that had lost his wife years ago. He would book her for 2-3 hours every Sunday, just to talk. He never did anything with her. Panthean


This reminds me of one story that I saw in an other subreddit. It was written by the Escort in went something like this:

She was ordered by an middle aged man and the only request he made was that she would come hungry. She thought that guy would be into feeding or something along the lines.

When she arrived he just let her sit at an table and started to cook. They ate their meal and chatted, nothing else. He later told her that he loved to cook and always did cook for his wife. The thing was that his wife had passed and he didn't want to cook just for himself. Gem_Shard

The Good Guys.... 

Quite honestly, I never saw anyone who wasn't super sweet. However, one does stand out in my mind. He was a middle-aged STEM guy who had the cutest little house which was absolutely overflowing with rare books. Literally, his whole house was a library.

He was my favorite for so many reasons. We never had dull conversations and I really looked forward to time spent with him.

He would never settle for anything less than the best food/cocktails when we went out and he was an excellent chef himself so that was pretty great.

The gifts he gave me were super personalized. I don't think anyone in my life ever gave me such intimate, thoughtful gifts. I had a lot of guys give me the typical clothes/shoes/makeup that were lovely gifts nonetheless, but this guy once gave me a Bosco Olympic tracksuit because I mentioned I liked Adidas once. It's my favorite material possession lol. oshibu

Just Sit Beside me.... 

Hi, I was an escort for two years.

My nicest customer was a man I stumbled upon in the club one night (I also danced.) He was not a regular. In fact, he only went to the club precisely twice per year. Every six months. The bouncer knew him personally and as I was walking off stage he told me to go sit down next to him.

This guy was tall, older, had a dark beard, long hair and wore glasses. He was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't think much of him but I sat anyway since I didn't have any other customers there for me. We started chatting, and he is very clever and respectful. I was attracted to his quirky demeanor. We sat talking and drinking for a while and he asked me about myself a lot, and listened attentively. He tipped me $50 for my time sitting with him. Eventually I got to touching him and we decided to go in the back.

He claimed he wanted to take his time. I was fine with this because he assured me he would compensate me very generously, and I believed him. He caressed my hair, and my back for a while and asked me about my dreams and aspirations. I told him I was very interested in women's health, and would possibly like to get into the medical field. It turns out, this man was a doctor. A very good one to be precise. I can't remember what particular field he was in but I remember him just listening to me and encouraging me to finish school, etc. This was just an incredible experience for me because this was not like my usual customers... who just want to try to do dirty stuff that I don't allow. This man held me, and wanted me to take our pants off and gently grind on each other. I actually liked doing this and didn't mind. I felt myself slowly just becoming turned on and wanting to kiss and have sex him. Because he wasn't the one trying to do that. I wanted it. It happens all the time honestly so I didn't mind. I just kissed him for a while. I just liked being back there with him.

Anyway he ended up giving me $1,500 for spending one hour in the back with him. I tried looking for him again and get his number but I never did see him again. Sanctifyke

Prince Charming....


My nicest customer was a French rich entrepreneur who took me on a holiday to Miami. I got paid 3k$ per day that I traveled with him and he paid my travel expenses coming down to 10k$ or so. And I got for 5k$ in presents during that short holiday. We stayed 1 week. And the sex was amazing. He had a six pack and a very well toned body. He didn't mind that I'm a trans girl. He just thought I was cute. We still have contact and he comes for a session every 3 months. He always brings me a necklace from Von Cleef And Arpels when he comes to visit me. CeliaTheBrave

The Sweet Smell of Amaretto....

Amazingly it was the first one. I wasn't in the business long. I remember that he was very very classy we had an actual conversation. He asked my what my drink of choice was and I told him it was "Rum and Coke" (at that time it was the drink I knew and order) he told me "That's a good choice and you can't go wrong with wine."

Then he thought me how to properly drink wine. We did the stuff after talking. Then he took me out to eat. It was in a restaurant near his place. It's also a place where other escorts 'hunt' so to say. He points them out to me and told me what to adapt from them and what not to copy.

I only had like 3 clients after him before I stopped. He was the only one I really liked.

My drink of choice is now Amaretto. chaoticbabygirl

The Dating Experience....

As an escort, I'd say all of my current clients are nice but the nicest is a semi-regular I've been seeing for years now. When I started seeing him he was pretty shy, nice but shy and overtime I've seen him build more confidence which has been good to see. He's never been solely about sex and usually opts for at least a dating experience. Over time I've been introduced to other people in his life (girlfriend, friends, family, co-workers) which, to be honest I found a little odd at first but it's nice, they don't know how we know each other but yeah. angelflummox

Just be You....

I had a guy give me $110 dollars just because he thought I was cute. Chelseathesissycd

The Dashing Visitor.... 

Many years ago, I decided, as a single British/Irish male that I could find a niche doing home visits to ladies. At that time, we had an advert for chocolates, where a gent' dressed in black would do some 007 type thing, just to leave a box of these chocolates on her bed. He would leave his card, then absail away! Anyway, I don't absail, but I did start 'home visits'... I put out an advert and went from there... I would arrive with the groceries to make the lady a meal of her choice, with the wine of her choice, then do my utmost to please her... Then I would (after being paid) do the dishes and leave, without much of a trace I'd ever been there.

I saw one lady more than any of the others. She told me one evening that she loved me.. The sad bit is that I didn't feel the same. - But that was the greatest compliment I have ever had I stopped doing this on that very evening. - Doing what I did, one of my clients falling in love with me had never been a factor when I first thought of the general idea. The lady is fine and happy. She later married a lovely chap. I even got an invite to the wedding, so I guess she told him. I wouldn't go. It was not right. Regards. S. licktheetruff



We would go to festivals and do mushrooms together. dontniceguyatme


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