With Valentine's Day just around the corner at the time of writing it's easy to lose our sense of appreciate for our significant others. Ideally, if you have a partner, you're in a strong relationship built on trust, understanding, and support. Also, being able to binge-watch the same shows repeatedly is a big help. Regardless, it's easy to take our sig-oths for granted...

...Untll you read stories like these.

Reddit user, u/Paradox052, wanted to get sad with the best of them when they asked:

What is the saddest thing you guys have seen on Valentine's day?

The Highest Of Lows

The saddest was when my friend proposed marriage to the girl he loved on Valentine's Day and she flat out turned him down.

He was heartbroken - especially since they'd been dating a long time and got along so well.


Only Solution: Blasting Out The Toto

I saw a guy crying, eating a burrito alone in his car blasting Toto


me ex (who was there) and I text each other about it every February


At Least He Taught The Roses Who Was Boss?

My buddy in college had his girlfriend break up with him in Feb 13 during a fight so he thought he could win her back and make a big gesture showing up on Feb 14 with roses and a teddy bear.

Didn't go as planned and we were walking to dinner and my roommate starts laughing as we round the corner to see our buddy angrily throw the teddy bear into a tree and drop kick a dozen roses.


Not Even Felines Should Be Alone On Valentine's Day

I found a stray kitty on Valentines day as a kid.

I was in elementary school but big enough to be walking home alone. He was this little black and white cat.

My grandma had him for a while- he eventually passed but she had him for maybe 5/6 years.

Doofy thing- always falling off of sh-t. She called him Fernando


Working Hard For That Action

I have a friend who I've known since I was 5. She and i happened to find ourselves both single and close to each other on Valentine's Day. So we jokingly decided to spend it together so we aren't "total losers".

I dress up, shirt, tie, jacket and drive 30 min to pick her up and she's in a slinky red dress with matching high heels. We went to dinner and then to a club and people watched.

We told people we weren't a couple, just friends making sure we weren't alone Valentine's Day. The number of lonely guys coming out of the woodwork to hit on my friend was insane. The pathetic and desperate guy tried to give her $300 to come home with him. To f*** him, she told this guy that if he could get a girl who wanted to "take care of" me, she'd sleep with him. He went around to all the women in the bar. I'd watch him walk up to a lady, talk her up, point over at me. I would have loved to hear what he was saying.

When my friend and I left, he came running up to is literally begging for her to stay. Probably the most desperate act I've ever seen.


One For Every Day

The same guy I saw at the table yesterday, only with a different woman.

Feb 13th is Valentine's day for mistresses.


Defiant In The Face Of Loneliness

My husband and I were at a really fancy steakhouse, the type that will coordinate dinner napkins to the guests outfits and brush crumbs off the tabletop with a little metal thing between courses. It was all couples, everywhere, Valentines night right?

And then there was one old guy, well dressed, in the corner at a table by himself. It wasn't that he was waiting; he was having this lavish multi-course meal. It sort of looked like he was talking to someone at certain points of the dinner but there was no one across from him. (It also could have been chewing, steakhouse after all and he was old, so who knows? Dentures?)

Anyways... some people think eating alone, especially alone on VDays, is sad but I was impressed by this guy. Dining alone like a bad ass at a fancy steakhouse on Valentines Day. Looked like he wanted to treat himself to a good meal and DGAF what day it was or what other people are doing/thinking. So I sent him a bottle of the wine we were drinking.

The waiter told me he and his wife have come every year for Valentines and anniversaries for like 25 years and 2 years ago his wife died so he's been coming by himself, eating a big meal and talking to her chair.

So sweet, so sad 💔😭


Have A Box Of Tissues Or A Loved One Nearby? Good.

I travel a lot for work. As a part of it, I spend far too much time in restaurants, most often by myself. No big deal for me, I can eat by myself, see a movie by myself, whatever.

So I am away on a job over Valentine's Day and I'm in a place seated close to another guy by himself. He's obviously waiting for someone to join him. We start talking, he asks who I am waiting for, I tell him no one. He is waiting for his girlfriend...she had just called him, she's running late as usual, he chuckles.

As the time goes longer, we are talking more. And he confides he wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him. I say that's awesome. He wasn't sure how to do it or when. He even had the ring on him, it was nice, nothing too showy or stupid. This wasn't the kind of restaurant to do that with...and personally, I kinda don't do the whole in public thing. I ask if they have a special place or something that means more to the two of them personally, and he smiles...indeed he does and it now clicks how he wants to do it. Sweet.

His cell rings at some point after that. Dude has been at the restaurant for over 45 minutes by now. I can tell it's not good. Not good at all, but it's not his girlfriend. I hear "How did it happen?" and "Is she ok?" and I watch his face just sink. I've never actually seen someone die in front of me, this is as close as I can imagine.

I am looking at the shell of a man who moments prior was nervous and excited and happy...and I see nothing. There is nothing left. He rises, doing what he can to keep from falling apart, and heads out of the restaurant.

So piecing it together; I am thinking he just found out his girlfriend, to whom he was ready to propose, was either gravely injured or killed on her way to the restaurant...just moments after speaking to him on the phone.


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