People Confess Which Things They'd Like To Tell Their Partner Without Upsetting Them
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The key to any successful relationship is communication.

The ability to be open and receptive to what a significant other has to say, as well as the ability to be able to convey something weighing on one's mind, can be healing.

But depending on the circumstance, some things are better left unsaid.

Curious to hear examples of what those might be, Redditor FamiliarFarmer8356 asked:

"What's something you wish you could tell your partner without upsetting them?"

If there is conflict, there is a way to discuss and address the issue in a civil and respectful manner.

Things Just Happen

"Every bad thing that happens doesn't require someone to be blamed for it. And that someone doesn't always have to be me."

– flash17k

A Cornerstone Of A Successful Union

"One of the cornerstones of a good marriage, is knowing how to argue. I’d actually say that before a couple get married, they should check how their potential partner behaves in an argument. What are they like when they get angry. It’s important because no two individuals are going to agree all the time. And on those occasions, it’s important to remember not to belittle the other. Deal with the issue at hand. And especially, don’t argue in front of the kids. You have no idea how much lasting damage this causes."

"All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest - never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principles of equal partnership."

– brkh47

It's Not That Deep

"please stop complaining about everything."

"If you keep seeking out reasons to be miserable, you will find them."

"I'm tired of being dragged down with you."

– coniferous-1

Drop The 'Tude

"That the constant bad attitude is really annoying and a definite buzz kill."

– daddaman1

There's no need to get defensive when there's something to discuss.

Owning Up

"The universe is not out to get you. Not everything is happening to you some of it is in your control. I'm so sick of you refusing to take ownership. And stop getting so fucking defensive about everything!"

– mixedmediamadness

It's Not About You

"That some days I’m just tired from class and work and just want some me time, it’s not that I hate you my social battery is just running out."

– lazybordercollie

Impulsive Reaction

"Her first reaction to something adverse doesn't have to be anger."

– pinchhitter4number1

In The Words Of A Pirate

"In the wise words of captain Jack Sparrow sometimes:"

'the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude toward the problem.'

– a_man_has_a_name

It Takes Two To Tango

"That I wish she’d be more independent so she didn’t need my help for everything outside the house."

– Shto_Delat

Road Rage

"That it’s a little disturbing how aggressively he drives when he’s grumpy… heavy on both gas and brakes, zooming in and out of traffic, swearing at people who make mistakes… very unlike him."

– vocabulazy

Physical Health

"I wish you’d care more about your physical health and how it would make me feel if you got seriously sick later in life."

– ammezurc

Not An Attack

"I feel your frustration!! But anytime I try to say anything they always reply that I'm 'making excuses for everyone' or 'just want to argue/disagree with them' and everything is a personal attack."

– napsrnportant

Sometimes the truth hurts when talking about members of the family.

A Real Assessment

"That her mother is not a good person."

– AFaceForRadio_20

Concerned Bystander

"I told my husband that it's not that his family is nosy and overbearing, it's that I hate watching him cave and negotiate as if they have a right to behave like this, and I really hate when I'm the bad guy for wanting reasonable limits."

"It got worse, then it got better, FYI."

– rotatingruhnama

Difficult Parents

"His parents are greedy, selfish people and treat him like an atm."

– zoeinator

Like Mother, Like Daughter

"Although she is not like her abusive mom in most ways, in some ways she is — understandably — and it causes real harm to her relationships."

"I’ve tried to say this very plainly, as constructively as I can, but it’s like she can’t hear it. I think we all have these things. Something we can’t confront, so our brains filter it out before we can be fully conscious of it."

– sex-fluids

There's definitely a fine line between withholding your thoughts to protect the person you love and being brutally honest.

If coming clean isn't going to resolve an issue, then it might be better to suck it up and deal with whatever frustrations you have about the other person.

It's up to you, but make sure the delivery doesn't come from a place of rage if you do decided to be totally transparent about your negative thoughts.

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