People Break Down Which Questions They Always Avoid Answering

People Break Down Which Questions They Always Avoid Answering
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For the life of me, I can't understand why people think it's appropriate to ask a couple when they're going to have a baby. For one thing, it's intrusive as hell. You might as well just say, When are you guys going to be ditching the condoms? Secondly, you don't know what people may want for themselves. Some couples don't want to have children––some women definitely don't want children––and that's totally okay.

After Redditor sirous38 asked the online community, "What is the question you always avoid answering?" people told us all about the questions they get that irk them the most.

Take this question.

Why are you still single?


To which this person replied...

Because dating in 2021 seems like a nightmare, I've been cheated on enough. Plus, if I don't even like myself how can I expect anyone else to?


And this question (the one I just spoke about):

When are you going to have a baby?


To which this person replied...

I'm the father of a five-year-old and always get "When are you having another?"

I don't know, when they stop dying inside my Mrs? Your guess is as good as mine.


And this question...

What are you thinking right now?


To which this person replied:

Ugh, seriously I hate that question. It feels so invasive. If I wanted to tell you what I was thinking, I would. Otherwise, let me exist with my personal thoughts.


How about this one?

I am partially colourblind and everyone I say it to asks me the question, "What colour is this?" After a while, I don't even say that I am colourblind.


And how about this question?

"How was school today?"

Like bruh, I've been sitting in front of a computer for the past 4 hours.


To which this person replied:

It was painful to answer before the pandemic anyway.


This is a big one.

Why don't you talk?


To which this person replied:

That one is like a vicious circle.

If you were building confidence or comfort to say something, that is basically pulled it all away from you just with the question.


Why do people ask this?!

"Ooh you were in the Army, didja ever kill anybody???"

Just stop asking that, please.


And this?

"Why are you so quiet?"

Because I spent my entire childhood either being guilt-tripped, mocked, or outright taken advantage of for having the friggin AUDACITY of having a personality and social needs, and now the only place I can actually articulate myself is with strangers on the internet because I can take the time to think of a response and type it out rather than being put on the spot by people who, in all honesty, probably don't give a s*** about what I think or say either way. At least on the internet, I'm not in the same room when the person reading my responses mentally checks out. That's why.


Frustrating huh?

It might help if people thought before they spoke. That could save all of us some degree of embarrassment and discomfort.

Have some questions you hear on the regular that you're sick and tired of hearing? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments section below.

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