People Break Down The 'Nerdiest' Fight They've Ever Gotten Into

Are you people serious?

People Break Down The 'Nerdiest' Fight They've Ever Gotten Into

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There are battles and then there are wars. And no matter what is the origin issue, the root of the issue always come down to passion. We all fight passionately about the things that make us feel alive. Sometimes we fight over a parking space, money, lovers and sometimes it's about Mario Bros. It is what it is.

Redditor u/SebMan12311 wanted everyone to discuss all the things they've gotten in scuffles over by asking.... What's the 'nerdiest' fight you've ever gotten into?

Dragons Fly.


Long ago a guy wrote a whole column of text about why dragons couldn't exist due to needing two pelvises (one for the legs and one for the wings).

I defended that the Dimetrodon could move his massive dorsal fin with muscles and that, plus the hollow bones in birds, could justify dragons flying. gulthaw

Good times.

I legit lost one of my best friends in high school over us arguing about which league of legends champ i should get next. Good times. Double_Stuffed_Boi

I got exactly 8k right now waiting for aphelios. He comes out the day after my last final so that's amazing. Smiedro

The Rings....

When my friend was convinced it was lord of the ring and not lord of the rings because there was only one ring. Barry2442

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. undeniablybuddha

Gaming Wars...


SEGA vs Nintendo.

Wasn't actually me, just remember it was two guys in my middle school, who were arguing about it, then SEGA boy actually started punching on Nintendo dude and the teachers broke it up.

SEGA guy won that day, but, I think was the loser in the long run. billbapapa

Taps Away....

That Morse code is in fact a binary language. xarzilla

I would argue that it's not binary in its original form because gaps between symbols affect the interpretation and should therefore count as a third "digit." For instance, HE and IS are the same without the gaps.

You could argue that it's binary in terms of whether you hold down the tapper thing (sorry if there's a term for this that I don't know) or not, like 1010101000100010111010100010111010100011101110111 for the word HELLO. But I would argue at this point that it's no longer just Morse code but a binary encoding of Morse code. whirligig231

We were in 4th grade.....

Kid thought blood was blue inside your body and only turned red when oxygen hit it. We were in 4th grade. I actually raised my hand and when a teacher came over I asked if she could google it. She actually did and showed us that yes, in fact, blood is red inside your body. I looked back at the kid and he was just dumbfounded.

Were in high school now and he still hates me to this day. tinboygamer123

2 by 4...

DO DRAGONS HAVE TWO LEGS OR FOUR? I say four, two legs are wyverns NOT dragons.

EDIT: I shouldn't have said that wyverns aren't dragons, many people have pointed out that technically they are just a subset of dragons, which is true. What I was trying to get at is just that the standard "normal" dragon has four legs and that wyverns were different since they only had two. cahrawen

Zelda Forever!

17 y/o me arguing that the guy with the green hat and blonde hair is NOT Zelda, just because the game is called The Legend Of Zelda does NOT mean that the protagonist is automatically Zelda...

I sweaaar that craphead kept saying otherwise just to piss me off on purpose and boy did it work! valva-iama

Hey there Thor...


Whether or not the hulk could pick up Thor while he was holding his hammer.

Wether or not to put the opening brackets in a new line in this segment of code after the parentheses (programmers will understand) for(int i = 0; i < example.length; i++) { }

Whether or not gendered nouns in a language is a good idea (it isn't, we are both language inventors). JareAborack


Among the many reasons people watch, and rewatch, sitcoms is to imagine your life was more like the one you were watching.

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For the romantics, however, it's wishing you could have a romance like you've seen on television.

True not all sitcom romances are exactly the sort that makes you go all aflutter (Were Ross and Rachel actually on a break? And don't even get me started about Ted and Robin.)

Other sitcom couples are so captivating, though, that we would have given anything to be at their wedding... or at the very least go to their home for dinner every Friday.

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