People Break Down The Biggest Coincidence They've Ever Experienced

People Break Down The Biggest Coincidence They've Ever Experienced
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What are the odds you'd click on this link today?

We're not going to spend the entire time talking about math and the statistical anomalies of how things occur, like how the chances of choosing the same grocery pick-up time as your neighbor might not be as strange as you think. If you both work similar hours and have children, then going in the evening might be the only available time afforded to you both. However, there is a bit of a serendipitous rush you feel when something so perfect lines up, creating a moment that seems to break reality.

Reddit user, u/Fardgabor, wanted to know how the stars aligned in the craziest way when they asked:

What was the biggest coincidence that made you question the fabric of reality?

There's small coincidences, occurrences so minute that you wouldn't even notice them if you weren't paying attention. However, once someone makes a big deal out of them then there's no other choice but to acknowledge that what just happened was spectacular.

Each Having A Buddy Coming To Town

"My friend and I were on a road trip a few years ago and needed a place to stay. We both told each other we had a friend in the city we were going through, so we figured we'd be able to crash with one of them. Turns out our two friends were roommates and had both been telling each other that they had a friend coming to town soon."


What's That Got To Be? A 1 in 1000 Chance?

"Several years ago I was at a coffee shop with some friends and one of them had an ipad, another friend went to unlock it and asked him what his 4 digit unlock code was, so I just blurted out 4 random digits pretending like I knew it, and it actually worked. I had never unlocked it before or knew of the same numbers being used for anything else, or his phone number, etc."


Both Probably Assumed What The Best Time Was

"I passed out after receiving a flu shot when I was 28. The nurse who helped me up kept asking if I wanted my mom. It seemed like a really weird thing to offer an adult woman - the option to have her mother phoned and brought in - so I was really confused and getting progressively more annoyed at her repeatedly asking...

...until my mom walked up to me. She had the appointment after mine to get vaccinated. The nurses assumed we had come together, but neither of us knew about the other's appointment, and we lived an hour away from each other in different cities."


Living in such a big world can lead you to the conclusion that math is silly and odds are never in your favor. With over seven billion people roaming around, chances of meeting someone of significance?

Less than you think.

A Simultaneous Love Of Traveling

"This guy I went to grade school and high school with, an acquaintance at best. I've seen him in 5 different locations in different countries throughout the last 15 years.

Disney World when I was a kid.

Some beach bar in Thailand.

The Bean in Chicago.

A pub in Budapest.

A library in San Jose, Costa Rica.

We've become friends due our love of traveling, but neither of us post on social media and neither of us communicated with each other our plans to travel. We never talked outside of the random meetings. Now if I see him, its like the world wants us to have a beer together. haha"


"I Mean, The Crash, Yeah, But How Have You Been?"

"My dad lives in a national park here in Australia. It's farmland that's grandfathered in. It's the remnants of a volcano that blew itself up very violently, so it's very hilly terrain.

One day we were sitting out on the deck, when we see a hang-glider come down halfway down the valley, and it didn't look like a nice landing. "Sh-t, we better see if he's alright, they don't land anywhere near here"

So we get in the car, drive for about 10 minutes to reach the spot. We head over to the guy who is standing by a very damaged glider. The pilot is staring at us incredulously, he stammers "F-ck, Jack, is that you?".

My dad, who hasn't seen his childhood friend for 35 years shouts "F-ck, Tim, is that you?".

They both grew up in Greymouth, NZ. Found each other randomly after a glider crash in NSW, Australia."


Takes A Wedding To Bring People Together

"My wife and I were looking to hire a caterer for our wedding and when we met, my wife and her started talking about their lives a bit.

Turns out they had both literally grown up on the same street, in a city of 10 million people, on the other side of the world. Both had left the city around a decade before immigrating to our current country.

They knew the same people, had hung out at the same coffee place, attended the same church. They even used to grab mangoes off the same large tree that hung over the wall of one of the large houses in the neighbourhood.

But they had never met one another until meeting on almost the exact opposite side of the planet, in a small town of about 50,000 people."


What we can gain from these experiences is a coincidence will occur more than you think, you just have to have the eyes sharp enough to spot them.

But how would you explain these?

Position Is Key

"I dialed my mum on my mobile when I was on public transport and accidentally swapped two numbers around.

The person I called was on the same carriage."


"Go on, tell us what happened then!"


"So I was listening to my phone and at the exact moment it started the ringing sound I heard a phone start ringing and I thought it was a coincidence but then the phone answered and it wasn't mum.

All I said was "Oh, are you on the Upfield train?" and they said "Yes, who's this?" but I got shy and I hung up.

Poor guy must have been so confused."


Universal Echoes Bringing You Closer Together

"One time, me and my dad were discussing his friend while out driving at night without many other cars on the road. As we were talking, we pulled up to a red light, and the car waiting in front was my dad's friend. He didn't even live close to there."


Extremely Unlucky Odds. Go Buy A Lottery Ticket.

"A couple of years ago I was visiting my hometown and decided to sit on a bench at my favorite park. As I was sitting, I felt something land on my head. Bird poop. After heading home and washing my hair, I went back into town. While I walked around, I watched as a guy got hit with a drop of sky sh-t. As I was laughing about the apparent irritable bowel syndrome of the birds in my town, a bird flying right over me drops a fat sh-t on my head."


There's no magic at play. All of these happenstances can be explained away with simple math and rudimentary probability.

Still, it's fun to live when you're in the moment.

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