Things That People Are Absolutely Sick Of
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Doesn't it just seem like everyone is just over everything?

People are exhausted with arguing and the constant cycle of the same nonsense.

And now, no matter what side you're on, we're about to re-enter a repeat presidential race.

It's all too much.

It's a miracle we get out of bed and function.

But where is the change?

Redditor lukiiiiii wanted to compare notes with everyone about what has us all exhausted. So they asked everyone to share:

"What are you f**king sick of?"


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"The cost of living, barely having any money at the end of the month after paying mortgage, grocery, electricity and gas."


You got this!

"Going through cancer treatment. I have had enough!"


"I have recently been there… three years ago during Covid. Spinal Cancer. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Two surgeries and seven weeks of radiation. Except for my family, friends, great docs. and medical staff, and a lot of kind strangers I would have given up. Keep going though… life is worth it. You got this!"


Be Nice

"Verbal abuse. I'm a veterinary nurse at a charity practice and we all get shouted at and outright threatened far too often, despite treatment being free."


"I'm an animal care tech at a nonprofit shelter, and the adoption fees don't cover the medical care in the slightest. We went a long few months without any vet techs or a licensed vet and I can't express how much other in the animal care profession appreciate you!! Thank you for everything you do to keep your patients healthy."


"I work at a charity hospital for humans once a week. I find that those who seek treatment at charity centers are the worst. They are abusive, confrontational and aggravating most of the time. Don't even mention the sense of entitlement these people have."


'Have You Tried....?

"Being sick. I have chronic nausea and migraines. I just want to eat something- /anything/, without risking throwing up, and go a week without another terrible headache."


"Ughhh same. 20 years of it, and now I have a bunch of other fun chronic stuff too. I don't even talk to people about it anymore because then I get... 'Have You Tried....?' Yes, I've tried all the things and seen all the people."


"Big support for all the chronic illness folks here, from a fellow sufferer. May your good days outnumber your bad until the actual 'miracle cure' becomes real life."


Living Arrangements

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"Rent going up by quite a lot, especially if you’ve been a great tenant and never missed a payment."


"I know this feeling lived in the same place ten years and it keeps going up. The sad part is I can't go anywhere else even if I wanted to because that's even higher. Sad times my friend."


Yeah this rent situation is OUT of control.


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"Political ads."


"And on a related note, the amount of political mail I get is just insane. Such a waste of paper and resources!"


The Filthy Loop

"Cleaning this freaking apartment. It's just dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc every single day forever."


"I feel like I live in the movie '50 first dates'- two kids it’s the same cleaning routine every. Single. Night. I just don’t like to go to bed with clutter or dirty dishes."


"I feel like we should have robots to do all of these jobs by now. Boston Dynamics needs to stop focusing on getting robots to do parkour and needs to teach them how to dust."


Wake Up!

"Being drowsy all the f**king time!"


"Fun fact: I got my sleep apnea diagonsed thanks to reddit and a similar post like this. Had been drowsy for many years but my doctor just kept taking blood-tests and said that its simply just the way I am."

"After reading about the symptoms on reddit (I had never heard about it before) I asked my doctor if she shouldn't test me for it. And she did and I got diagnosed with it and have felt much better after getting my CPAP machine."



"My mind making me feel guilty about making big purchases."


"Feel that. Though for me- it is very basic things like kitchen sponges or new pants. I hate the times we're living in and not being able to just exist without bleeding money to faceless names with more money in their bank accounts right f**king now than I will see total for the rest of my entire life."



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"Giving work 80% of my time 90% of my energy for 70% of life and everything that follows when you give anything that much."


I'm just exhausted by all of life. And sounds like I'm not alone.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.