People Break Down Which Things Scream 'I'm Pretentious'

We've all met those people who try to not-so-subtly slip into conversation that they are wealthy or "cultured," and it always feels ingenuine and cringey to witness.

It almost makes us feel bad to think about how hard they're trying to appear better off than everyone else. Almost.

Redditor LandPiranha63 asked:

"What's something that screams 'pretentious'?"

Foodie Culture

"People that say, 'I'm a foodie,' like SMH (shaking my head), just order your food and sit down."

"I loved how 'The Menu' movie poked fun at foodie culture. I have a few friends like this, and it drives me nuts."

"My girlfriend and I went to dinner with them at a hyped restaurant. We had all been there before and they are known for a particular dish. It was good, but I really like their cheeseburger (kinda like the movie)."

"My friends poked fun at me for going there to order a cheeseburger. It was the best entree and they changed their tune."

- destroys_burritos

Fancy Coffee Orders

"Someone called me pretentious yesterday. I nearly choked on my honey-cardamom latte."

- MrDagon007

Wine Tasting

"My brother once took me out to a fancy dinner for my birthday. He asked to taste the white wine, so the waiter gave him a sip in his glass."

"He swirled it around, held it up to the light, smelled it deeply, then took the sip in his mouth, slurped air through it, swished it around in his mouth, and then finally swallowed."

"He turned to the waiter and said, 'I don't know s**t about wine, but I like it. Two glasses, please!'"

"I was so embarrassed, but it was also very funny."

- PiDiddleMiDiddle

Purse Dogs

"Remember when girls used to carry around chihuahuas in their purses as a fashion trend?"

"Thank goodness accessorizing dogs like that isn't popular anymore."

- LandPiranha63

Unnecessary Ingredients

"Using expensive ingredients that are only expensive because they are expensive (edible gold is a big example)."

"When they do not have any noticeable impact on either the taste, nutritional content, or the environmental or ethics of the food. It's just wasteful."

- Narutophanfan1

Fast Fashion

"Judging me for shopping consignment for my kids. I would never spend $40 on a GAP sweatshirt for myself, let alone for my fast-growing kids. But $3? H**l yeah."

- cjati

Pretentious Music Notes

"When you tell someone you don't like a band, and they claim you just can't comprehend the music."

"Same with movies. If you don’t like a movie that they like, they will say you just didn’t get it. But no, I got it, I just thought it was s**t."

- wmgh

High-End Burger Joints

"When it's a restaurant that doesn't have combo plates when it feels like it should, like a burger restaurant that sells fries separately."

"I f**king hate that. And of course, the side of fries is six or more dollars, like what the f**k?! They’re fries, right?!"

- trogloherb

Genre Snobs

"People who s**t on genres of music that aren't their favorite one. You might be surprised to learn that there are as many pretentious metalheads, rap fans, rock fans, and jazz fans who are just as pretentious as snobby classical music 'listeners.' Luckily these kinds of pretentious music aficionados are in the minority in every music scene."

- Majestic-Love-9312

Law Students

"Harvard students/grads who invariably drop the H Bomb or say they 'went to school in Boston' within the first three sentences after meeting them."

- Edward_the_Dog

Summer Days

"Using 'summer' as a verb."

"Like, 'Well, we live in Los Angeles, but we summer in Martha's Vineyard.'"

- ppardee


"Intentionally including the words 'Business Class' part of your ticket in your strategically staged photo at the airport.
Table shot with wine glass and ticket showing and captioning it, 'Oh, I LOVE this wine!'"

- suibhnesuibhne

Luxury Styling

"Luxury clothing with the brands logo all over it."

- BreadfruitPhysical26

Language Affectations

"My cousin who rolls every 'R' on a word that she says in Spanish, like burrrrrrito, but not other words with two R's."

"She's been to Puerto Rico twice."

- 001235


"People who complain about the smallest things and act like they can do better when they truly can’t."

- shadow_master3210

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