What does one where to a themed wedding? It’s difficult enough finding the perfect ensemble for a regular wedding. When you through a theme or a costume on top of it, things can get a bit messy. Everyone wants to look their best. But what if it all just doesn’t gel until arrivals? Case in […] More
Weddings are such a stressful time. Well they can be, for the bride and groom. They’re supposed to be all fun for the guests. But when guests make an extra fuss about seating and attire, it can take a lot of the joy out of it. Case in point… Redditor zombiebouqets wanted to discuss their […] More
Halloween brings out a mischievous side to many people. Children especially can get really into the spirit. Redditor halloweenthrowaway9’s son was no exception as the child seemed really excited for candy. However, his greed may have gotten the better of him, as the original poster (OP) had to teach him a lesson. This caused a […] More
A majority of Americans love Halloween and its accompanying traditions. It’s the rare time of the year, outside of cosplay conventions, when people get to dress up as their favorite villains and monsters in public and no one bats an eye. But another popular tradition during All Hallow’s Eve, in which children of all ages—including […] More
For some people, helping their family can be their highest priority. Other things, including their job, take a back seat to ensuring your family is taken care of. Redditor Organic_Strike7487 is working as a paramedic, but her family thinks she’s working too hard. When the original poster (OP) chooses work over taking her niece and […] More