Its that time of year again. Time to get scared and get spooky. Covid be damned, we can still find ways to enjoy Halloween. One of the staples of this time of festivity is Haunted Houses. In any given non-pandemic year they'd be everywhere. Over the last few decades the planning and launching of a House of Horrors has become an art form. In fact there are houses you have to sign waivers for in order to enter. So has to make one wonder, what sort of tales do the actors and people behind the scenes have to tell. They've seen it all.

Redditor u/thotthebot wanted to hear from the thespians who partake in creating spooks for the masses by asking them to chat about.... Haunted house workers, what is something that a guest had said or done that made you break character?
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Halloween 2020 was all set up to be the Halloween to end all Halloweens! Its on a Saturday, its going to be a Full Moon and.... it's daylight savings thereby giving us all an extra hour to party! This sort of miracle may never happen again! But of course 2020 has to extinguish any spark of fun or frivolity! So now we have to make contingency plans to try and salvage some sort of spooky pleasure. Let's see how creative we can be....

Redditor u/THeReISnoCarOL-inHR wanted to discuss how we're gonna get through Halloween 2020 by asking.... How will you be celebrating Halloween during this pandemic?
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Do you remember the scary 2016 clown sightings?

Within the span of a single month, all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington DC experienced some form of sighting of an evil clown. To this day, it is mostly unclear who and how did it, but now one brave redditor is searching for answers.

Will they get any?

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If Mean Girls has taught us anything, it's that any costume can have a sexy version. Mario and Luigi, carrots, and even Barney the Dinosaur have been given the "sexy" treatment. And believe it or not, they can get trashy sometimes. Who would've thought?

u/Rusty_Walnut asked: We're coming up on the spooky season. What's the trashiest/most eye brow raising "sexy" costume you've ever seen?

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Men, women, gender fluid... we all have secrets to tell. When in the search for the love we will ALL play any game, choose any pawn. Bros put on a good facade of "I'm not hiding anything," but that's a secret as well. If only we could unleash our secrets, and just be honest. Gentlemen... you first.

Redditor u/mustafarangoon52 wanted the men out there to fess on a few things.... What are some "guy secrets" girls don't know about?

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