People Share The Overhyped Movies And TV Shows That Turned Out To Be Awful
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I love film and tv. I love it so it all so much that it can physically hurt when entertainment is ruined.

With all the talent and billions of dollars available at people's fingertips, it makes no sense for a film or tv show to suck.

And why is it always the movies and shows that are declared "must-see" the one's that are truly awful?

Who was blackmailed to make this?

And then who was threatened to advertise and hype it?

I've lost track of the amount of times I've read a glowing review and then watched the product and thought... "Are we watching the same thing?"

Redditor cracc-n-cheesewanted to let us all know what films and shows to avoid. So they asked:

"What show/movie was very hyped up but ended up being freaking awful?"

I don't want to be mean but... I'm not understanding all of this "Avengers" Madness. It's all fine. But revolutionary? Meh.


"Percy Jackson movies completely failed to resemble the books whatsoever. I'm waiting on the remake, might've been pushed or trashed since covid tho not sure." ~ Ajx4

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"Artemis Fowl. Waited for a movie ever since I read the books as a 4th grader. Imagine having your hopes up for years, only for that shit to come out." ~ ZenithBeats211

"When the movie was announced, I got super excited. It was the PERFECT plot for a movie series and was incredibly unique."

"I was a little sad that the movie didn't get made like ten years ago so Artemis could be played by Asa Butterfield, but at least it was finally being adapted.That movie was so freaking awful. It mashed the first two books together and erased everything aside from the character's names."

"None of it was good. And man, I respect Judi Dench, but her casting made no sense. Root should have been played by someone like Sylvester Stallone or Ron Perlman, but instead they chose her and completely steamrolled Holly's entire character motivation (not to mention her tacky accent). I hope it gets the Percy Jackson and Golden Compass treatment and gets a TV show made out of it because it was a truly incredible young adult series." ~ PlasmaPizzaSticks

Summer '99

"A lot of the things being mentioned here weren’t THAT hyped before they were released. If you were alive in the summer of 1999, there was absolutely no escaping the hype for Wild, Wild West. Will Smith was coming off Independence Day and Men in Black and had owned the 4th of July weekend for the last couple years. The movie was everywhere. Constant ads on TV, fast food tie ins, anything you can imagine. Then the movie came out." ~ wagnersbamfart

“money tornado”

"That awful Dark Tower movie. I'm still pissed." ~ Spazic77

“'Movie.' Lol. Not only did they try to squeeze the entire seven+ book epic story into a single movie, they only kept a run time of 95 minutes. And PG-13 at that! There were so many little tidbits that I wanted to be excited about."

"It’s like they took the series of books, ripped the spines off and threw all the loose leaf pages into one of the 'money tornado' things at a casino. Then they had someone go in and grab as many pages as they could in thirty seconds. Then threw half of that away. Then they had an AI program read the pages and spit out a screenplay of what it thinks the story is." ~ DistinctFailure


"I Am Number Four. Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay were producers but the movie was totally forgettable." ~ Hannibal254


I've watched nothing listed thus far. And that was it by choice. Clearly I make sound choices.


"Everything after season 1 of Heroes." ~ HairHeel

"I still vividly remember s01e17, the company man, was one of my favorite episodes of TV at the time. Sadly everything went downhill from the anti climatic fist fight at the end of the season." ~ ForsakenDragonfruit4

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"Eragon. Can't believe no one has mentioned it yet." ~ FreshMarvin

"Every time one of these questions comes up, I check to make sure that Eragon is named. I'm still salty about it all these years later." ~ -Pimparoo

"I had forgotten the horrors of that unbelievable disaster. But Tim Burton's Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children also SUUUCKED!!! it could have been his LOTR, had he not fucked it up royally." ~ 19senzafine81


"Cats. We all knew it was gonna be shit though, that's exactly why it was hyped." ~ long-haired-yahoo

"Why Cats was even worse than you thought: - I’d rather watch this video pointing out how awful it was than watch even 3 minutes of the movie itself." ~ NakedT

"I will never understand how 'Cats' ever became popular in the first place. Saw it on Broadway, it f**king sucks." ~ No-Confusion1544


"Space jam 2. I was legit excited about it for years before it came out. I still haven’t even seen the 2nd half of it." ~ TruckSpirited3226

"When they were expanding beyond Looney Tunes to freaking include dc, Game of Thrones, classic movies, I thought hot damn this’ll be insane, but it was just cheap Halloween costumes on extras. How do you mess up that much potential. Looney tunes are cool, but even they could not save this." ~ KentuckyFriedEel

Where's Jared?

"Suicide Squad." ~ magiccupcake

"Was going to say this as well. Particularly how much they promoted Jared Leto and he spent all of 5 mins on screen. THE Suicide Squad, though, is a fantastic movie and I enjoyed the hell out of it." ~ adios-*itchachos

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Maybe we should remake the bad stuff the right way. We certainly have a wealth of places to start.

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