1/18. I woke up on my floor screaming with my foot covered in blood in the middle of the night. Woke up everyone in the house and was rushed to the hospital. We later looked at the blood on the carpet and moved furniture and figured out that I most likely had repeatedly dragged my dresser over my foot, ripping out a couple of toenails. Pretty scary to wake up with my foot covered in blood not knowing what happened.

On a lighter note, one time I flipped my mattress over completely and slept under it in my sleep, woke up completely confused.


2/18. Only ever happened one time.

I was met in a dream by my doppelgnger. She was a mirror image of myself, but more beautiful. Her eyes were bluer, her teeth whiter, her complexion clearer, her hair a shinier, longer blonde. She said, "When you dream, you're in my world. I want to live in your world. I want to trade places with you." I grabbed my cellphone, backing out of my apartment with my eyes on her, when a black shape exploded from a nearby closet flying...

straight at me. I turned and ran out my front door, and was headed down the narrow staircase of the old house I lived in when I heard a low, gravely voice say "Where ya goin' Dolly?" The black shaped whisked around the corner and then, it was upon me.

I awoke in a crumpled heap on the staircase, my cellphone gripped tightly in my white fist.


3/18. My dad used to sleepwalk. One time, he woke up one morning and had about six cats sitting with him on the couch. They all had owners. According to his next door neighbor, who was very nosy, she saw my dad running around luring these cats with food and bringing them home with him in the middle of the night. He has no memory of doing that and can't explain why he didn't wake up to the meowing and scratching the cats made.

Luckily he didn't get charged with animal kidnapping but had to start tying his feet to the bed post so there wasn't anymore incidents for a few years. We also learned that my dad was allergic to cats, so there's that.


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4/18. My mom told me that I stood over her till she woke up. She asked me if I was ok and I just turned around and went back to bed.


5/18. I don't sleepwalk much anymore but about a year ago I put several pairs of shoes in the fridge.


6/18. I have an ambien prescription and I often cook ambitious meals at night, with no memory in the morning. It's not unusual for my roommates to find me cooking bacon at 3am. At first it was concerning, what if I burn down the house? However my unconscious self is extremely diligent- I ALWAYS clean up entirely, and usually end up cleaning the entire kitchen.


7/18. My boyfriend sleep walks, a couple of nights ago he...

ripped the duvet off me and threw it in the hall. When I ask what the hell he was doing he just replied it's full of spiders and then just stood facing the wall.


8/18. So one time I had a dream that my brother (who was too young to swim at the time) jumped into a swimming pool so I dived in to save him... Yeah in reality I just dived off my bunk bed... Not my finest moment.


9/18. Apparently I had an imaginary phone call with someone for fifteen minutes about what I was going to have for breakfast in the morning.


10/18. I don't sleepwalk personally..... but my boyfriend does and we share a bed together every night and it's absolutely awful. Just last night out of nowhere he woke me up screaming AHHH AHHH AHHH as loudly as possible while just standing next to the bed staring at...

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nothing. SCARED THE POOP OUT OF ME! Not a nice way to wake up. Most nights he'll just get up go stand by the window for a bit then come back into bed, sometimes I wake up and see him there other times he wakes up standing there and tells me about it in the morning WEIRD.


11/18. I peed down the stairs onto my dad once.


12/18. Took an entire carton of milk from my fridge then proceeded to return it after much deliberation with myself.


13/18. One time in a hotel, my little brother left the room and walked down the hall before waking up. He didn't know our room number.


14/18. Funniest: My fiancee used to work 3pm to midnight. She came home one night and I was asleep, but had forgot to charge my tablet. She came on my side of the bed to charge it for me. As she bent over, I sat up and smacked her on top of her head. She asked me what the hell was I doing, and I told her I was...

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checking to see if she was real.

Scariest: Jogging naked down a road that doesn't have street lights or sidewalks. I could have easily gotten hit.


15/18. A friend told me he has woken up in the living room lying next to his stool.


16/18. I woke up, walked into a wall and started crying. Next morning, woke up with a huge scar on my nose.


17/18. The only time I did that, I walked into the kitchen and started digging around in the junk drawer looking for scissors. My dad asked what I needed scissors for, I grumbled...

"nevermind", and went back to bed. Remembered none of it the next day.


18/18. I once woke up on the foosball table. Like, standing on top of it, with the little players like little legos piercing my feet. It was totally dark, my feet were in pain and I couldn't understand where I was when I woke up, so I panicked pretty bad until my mother-in-law heard me and came to rescue me. The weirdest part is that I tried to get back on that table when I was awake and it's virtually impossible. It was a very small table that'd topple over long before anyone could get on top of it. I'm spiderman when I'm sleeping, it seems.



1. My grandmother used to sleep walk, and she lived in a NYC apartment, a few floors up. She was in her 20s and hadn't had kids yet. A neighbor she didn't know named Margaret saw her about to sleepwalk off the balcony, so she brought Grandma into her apartment to sleep on their couch and not be alone. After that Margaret and Grandma were friends for life and their kids grew up like cousins.


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2. When I was about 8 I tried to climb out of the window in my room (we lived on the 4th floor). Fortunately I made a lot of noise and my grandparents woke up in time to stop me.


3. I once walked around screaming for help in a friend's house during a sleepover. My father had much worse experiences when he was a child, though. He grew up in an old mansion where my grandmother was the housekeeper. He once waled into the owners room in the middle of the night, which did not go over well; another night he walked up to the attic where he woke up in the dark surrounded by a bunch of stuffed animals.


4. There was a middle-aged woman in Australia, whose name has not been released for confidentiality reasons, had serious issues with sleepwalking. While there isnt too much information on this case, it seems that neither her nor her partner had any idea initially. But the truth soon came out, and is a lot more terrifying than your average sleepwalking case. The woman would get up, sleepwalk out of her house, and engage in sex with total strangers. This took place for several months, and the couple had no idea. Condoms were found around their house, but the reality only completely came to light when her partner woke up one night and realized she wasnt there. After searching for her, he found her having sex with a stranger, completely asleep. Such an act posed a huge threat not only to the woman, but also to her partner. Reports say that she has been successfully treated for the condition.


5. Timothy Brueggeman, from Northern Wisconsin, is the only person on this list who did not have a history of sleepwalking, but rather, suffered from terrible insomnia for years. One summer, he drove his pickup truck into a tree after falling asleep at the wheel. When this incident occurred, he was prescribed the number one sleep aid in the US, known as Ambien. Although this drug has been linked to hundreds of cases of sleepwalking, its manufacturers claim that it is perfectly safe if taken correctly. In January of 2009 however, Brueggeman had a sleepwalking episode where he...

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left his house in just his underwear. He was found dead the next day, having froze to death.


6. James Currens has been a sleepwalker for a long time, but his most terrifying adventure occurred when he was 77. In 1998, Curren got up and sleepwalked out of his house, cane in hand, and right into a nearby pond. At this point, he woke up chest deep in water, but was unable to get out as he had become stuck in the mud. This alone would be terrifying enough for a 77 year old, but what made the incident really frightening was that he found himself surrounded by alligators. He used his cane to keep them at bay, and began shouting for help. One of his neighbors heard him yelling, and called the police. Using lights to scare off the alligators, the police managed to free Currens, who escaped with only small cuts from falling when entering the pond.

7. In 2003, Edward Lowe, 83, was found dead in his garden, having been severely beaten. A neighbor spotted Edwards body in the driveway and contacted the police, who arrested the mans son, Jules. Jules and Edward had been out on a heavy night of drinking when the incident occurred. Jules said that...

his family has a long history of sleepwalking, and that his bouts were brought on by drinking. His defense was that he did kill his father, but did so in his sleep. Edward was reportedly violent when drunk, so it is possible that Jules was acting in self-defense. He was found not guilty of murder.

In a similar case, Stephen Reitz was accused of killing his girlfriend of 10 months, Eva Marie Weinfurtner, while vacationing in Catalina. Eva had a fractured skull, broken elbow, wrist and shoulder, and had her jaw broken in three places, as well as a stab wound in the neck. Reitz told police that he dreamed he was fighting off intruders when he killed his girlfriend. He also admitted that he had been drinking and using cocaine that night. In this case, Reitz was found guilty and given 25 to life.