People Break Down Which Things No One Was Surprised When They Failed Big

People Break Down Which Things No One Was Surprised When They Failed Big
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Ambition is a good thing. It keeps us motivated and gives us purpose.

That doesn't mean everything goes as planned.
Just because it looks good on paper—or in your head—doesn't necessarily mean success is a guarantee.
But kudos for trying.
Curious to hear of all the things that started off not with a bang but with a whimper, Redditor glizzyMaster108 asked:
"What surprised no one when it failed?"

Certain businesses like the following never really took off.

The 3D-Enabled Smartphone

"Anyone remember Amazon's 'Fire Phone?'"

– EmbraceableYew

"They put out the hardware before the (augmented reality) software, restricted the phone to a tiny app ecosystem, and charged premium prices for a very-late-to-market product centered around shopping."

"The phone itself wasn't the problem; it was all the business decisions surrounding its roll out. The Echo was a far better play, even though attention was focused on the phone."

– NoTeslaForMe

What YouTube Attempted

"Youtube trying to force Google+ Accounts on everyone."

– Xaviniesta27

Forever Floating

"When the guy in Florida (I think that's where it was) tried to walk across the ocean in his home made floating hamster ball and was marooned at sea."

– RKT0710

Lost In Translation

"taco bell in mexico."

– the_brain_gamer

The following people thought these tactics would save or improve one's status.

They Can't Fix It

"Having a kid to save the relationship."

– imyourcaptainnotmine

"Me and my ex-wife got married to 'save the relationship.'"

"I bet you can guess how well that worked."

– temalyen

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

"Any time a friend, coworker, or family member invites you to their mlm party."

"Yes, Molly, I'm sure this will be like a full time income where you set your own hours. People will be clamoring to buy overpriced kitchen gadgets from you that they can get on amazon."

– JMCrown

"When a friend you haven't seen in six months asks to come over and hang out randomly. You see it coming Everytime."

– logannewbanks

Serial Groom

"My brother in laws fifth marriage."

– claire0

"I work with someone who is watching his fourth marriage going down the toilet. He blames the women. SMH."

– Isheet_Madrawers

In entertainment, there's not an audience for everything.

Rapper To Gamer

"Didn't Soulja boy try to create his own video game system?"

– pbirdman

Short-Form Service That Ran Short-Term


– _try_another

"I'm friends with a relatively known B actor who was in one of their shows; the amount of money they were throwing at talent was INSANE. As an actor, he didn't care what platform it was or if it would last. It was acting, he got a barrel full of money, and got to act in a decent show w other fine actors. It was such a vanity project for Katzenberg and Whitman."

– beigemom

Lost In A Memory

"The movie, CATS. With every trailer, everyone commented how much a trainwreck it looked like it was going to be. Sure, some people thought it would be in the 'so bad it's good' fun stage. But, nope. It's just bad. When it failed at the box office, no one was surprised."

– inksmudgedhands

There's nothing worse than a big fail resulting in death.

Plenty of people with their heads up in the clouds have attempted ambitiously dangerous stunts and found their one-way ticket out of this world.

Perhaps one of the most famous exits was made by professed flat-earther, "Mad" Mike Hughes, who wanted to fly to space in his homemade rocket, allegedly to prove the earth was flat.

He died on February 22, 2020, when piloting the rocket he built, and the parachute failed to deploy at the right time.

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