People Share The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Ever Said To Them

People Share The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Ever Said To Them

Medical professionals are important, smart folks, but they are also people. And unfortunately, not every medical professional is...well...professional.

Professionals have been known to work with a bias in their field, and sometimes that bias translates into the way they speak to their patients. For example, there is a clear correlation between racism and discrimination and those practices in healthcare, to the point that people of color are misdiagnosed at an alarmingly high rate, and the rates of harm from diagnosis error are exponentially higher than that for their white counterparts.

Also, since they're people, sometimes doctors are just jerks.

Raynaud Would Be Ashamed

"I have raynauds phenomenon, which is basically an overreaction to the cold where my blood vessels in my extremities constrict too much."

"I brought it up during a routine checkup when I was 17, saying that my hands go deathly white and numb in the cold. She told me it's all in my head."

"I was 17 and stupid and wasn't picking up what she was putting down, so I said 'no, I can see it happen when I'm cold.'"

"She cut me off and told me again it was all in my head and gave me a condescending look. She clearly just didn't want to deal with it."

"Also my mom had cancer that didn't get caught until it was stage 4. It didn't get caught until stage 4 because the doctors she explained her symptoms to would literally say things like 'don't worry, it's not like it's cancer or anything.'"-FalconOtherwise

An Amputation

"A doctor told my husband, 'I can't make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t' in regards to a finger injury he had."

"He wanted to cut the whole tip off. We convinced him to just put a couple stitches in it. It's actually quite amazing how well it healed."-NakedKittyAlucard

Them Russians

"My wife's OBGYN was this young-ish Russian doctor who was actually quite accomplished and respected, no clue why she was practicing at this rural hospital."

"Anyway, my wife was pregnant with our son and around the 4-5 month mark we're in an appointment and the doctor says in a thick accent, 'Your weight gain is...fine now. Try to stop gaining weight.' We laughed for quite a bit at this."

"We loved this doctor as well, she was great but also didn't f**k around. A lot of her reviews were negative due to her lack of f**ks to give in regards to coddling her patients."-holy_plaster_batman

Yeah, these are certainly things we never thought to hear of from our doctor.

Scary Flu, Interested Doctor

"I had a very rare complication of the flu and my nerves were getting eaten away by my immune system. I could barely walk and was numb from the waist down."

"By the time I was transferred to a hospital that could treat me, it was close to midnight and the doctor that admitted me was very young."

"I was the first person he'd seen with this condition. He kept saying how cool it was to do a neuro exam on someone who wasn't an actor and when he would see how weak I was he'd be like 'Oh wow, you really are weaker on that side, that's so interesting!'"

"To be fair, after twelve hours of everyone talking to me like I was going to die, I found it quite entertaining! It was unprofessional, but I appreciated his enthusiasm for learning."

"ETA: Yes it was GBS and as of today (May 10, 2021) I am not dead! Thanks for checking though!"-mandjari

It's Stigmatizing

"Doctor here and I really hate to admit this..."

"Very early in my career I was talking to a male patient. I had to ask him about penile discharge and I just couldn't remember what the professional way to ask was."

"Do I say d*ck? No no. That's not right. Cmon, think dammit. You're a doctor now. Wait. There's been too long of a silence. Dong. I went with dong..."-altiif

Well, This Went In A Hole New Direction

"For a routine exam, the doctor insisted that his young nurse take my temperature rectally, not orally - much to her embarrassment as she inserted the probe."

"As I once described, he claimed that the rectal reading was more accurate. But for a routine check-up, it's hard to see the benefit of this relative to the embarrassment it causes."-Back2Bach

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Arrogant, To Boot

"I have stage 4 endometriosis, the endo tissue in my intestines and stomach have caused a secondary condition called malabsorption syndrome."

"Basically my intestines don't do their job and don't absorb everything they should out of food, which leaves me with constant deficiencies. I get a lot of my vitamins injected."

"A few years ago I moved houses to about an hour away. I'm happy to travel for specialists, but am hour is a bit of a trip just to see a GP."

"So I gathered up all my documents, my chronic illness management plan, my reports from my gynecologist and gastroenterologist and started GP shopping."

"I'll preface this by saying I did end up finding an excellent GP who I am very happy with (although I wish she worked more than three days a week), but wow so many GPs do not like reading things from specialists."

"Here are some stand out comments:"

"'I'm not reading that, forget what you've been told, let's start from scratch, a fresh start!'"

"'Yes, many women think they have endometriosis, they read something on the internet and suddenly they're convinced. Let me assure you that you will be grateful to not have the pain women who really do have it deal with.'"

"'And what is it that makes you think you have these conditions? What you're claiming to have is pretty serious and requires specialist medical care, I hope you realise that'"

"'I don't read specialist reports, I know more than most of them anyway'"-t12aq

And wow, now that it's really happening to us, are we going to deal with it?

Not Just A Headache

"I was 15, dealing with what everyone said were chronic migraines. Couldn't find a treatment that worked, the only thing that made life bearable was standing up (note that migraines usually feel better while laying down)."

"After a last ditch effort from my pediatric neurologist to find a different cause (spinal tap), she told me that most women deal with this and it would go away when I had children."

"I had also been told during the course of finding a diagnosis that it would be extremely difficult for me to conceive and carry a fetus to term (kind of correct, I've had 8 pregnancies with 3 live births)."

"Turns out I have a Chiari Malformation and the headaches completely disappeared after a 1 hour surgery."-Minnie9317

Even The Worst Kind Of People Can Be Doctors

"I took my 9 year old daughter to see what was supposed to be a highly respected neurologist at the children's hospital for a consultation about her ADD."

"First he asked her if she'd ever kissed a boy, and what she would do if a boy tried to kiss her. Then when I mentioned that I was concerned about her thumb sucking, he said, 'The boys will like that when she gets older.'"

"We did not continue seeing that doctor."

"A few years later, a friend of mine saw the same doctor after her son was born with a cranial deformity."

"He called the baby a 'little egghead' and said 'don't worry mom, he won't be a r*tard.' I think the guy should have been seeing a neurologist himself."-strum_and_dang

It's Too Much For Some Doctors, We Guess?

"I had a very traumatic birth with my last baby. long story short, she was too big & coming out too fast and she took some parts out with her she wasn't supposed to."

"I had to have emergency surgery while she was less than an hour old to stop the bleeding. the surgery ruined my uterus, and the doctor told me since I have a history of large babies/ fast deliveries this would definitely happen again and not to conceive again."

"So I go to make an appt to get my tubes tied or removed. My husband drove me. That doctor refused to sign off on it because, her words, I was only 22& what if my husband & I divorced and I found a different man in my 30s?"

"What if I woke up in my 30s or 40s when my babies were grown and wanted another?"

"She thought I was too young to make such a decision and told us to have my husband get a vasectomy (which he offered to do but since I was the one getting pregnant I wanted the sterilization) I had to make a different appt with the original doctor from the hospital."-dondavies954

So there you go--some of the most unprofessional, rude, strange, eccentric doctors to have ever "graced" the profession.

Who knew that a stethoscope could come with some really ugly opinions behind it?

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