The Most Horrific Things People Have Ever Witnessed
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****Trigger Warning: Suicide, death, injury, drug addiction

We like to believe that life is generally good, and for the most part, that is true. However, we all know bad things happen.

How do we know bad things happen? Because someone is around to see.

What we don’t realize is that most horrific events are seen by someone. Today, Redditors are ready to share the horrific things they’ve seen.

It all started when Redditor SnowyAcid asked:

“What is the most horrific thing you have witnessed?”

Making It Through The Pain

"I took care of my mom after her husband shot her. She was in a lot of pain, but also heartbroken. She almost died of sepsis but survived."

"The worst thing was seeing her crying in bed, heartbroken and sad while machines tried to pump blood from her wound and keep her alive. I've never seen anyone look so lonely and broken."

"She remarried and is happy now."

– quesowithextracheese

"I felt so much relief at that last sentence, I’m so glad she is happy now and is safe."

"Caring for someone and seeing someone in that condition can be absolutely agonizing. You are stronger than most for sticking by her side when she was at her lowest. I hope that you’re happy now too."

– Living_Bench_2747


"I found my mom passed away in her sleep from cardiac arrest. I just got her the keys to her new apartment that day, and I came to the boarding house peering and knocking through her window to see her not moving, not thinking anything of it maybe deep sleep (childhood she overdosed on her depression medication alot) I left and came back to see her still in the same position."

"I had to help carry her out as well."

– LupoOfMainSt

Horrific Doesn't Begin To Describe It

"I was behind a Harley Davidson Street Glide on I-25 south of Denver on my home from work one night. Middle lane of the three, about 200 feet back, cruise control set at about 85mph, just following this bike for the next few miles until my exit. I've had motorcycles in the past, I like riding, so I'd rather follow this Harley than an 18-wheeler or a Subaru. Plus I'm not right on his tailpipe like a lot of drivers out here would be. Symbiotic relationship."

"There was a black-haired man driving and a blond woman riding behind. I know their hair colors because there is no helmet law in Colorado, and that detail comes into play in just a few seconds."

"The rear tire must've been punctured by something on the road. It didn't blow out, but it definitely started losing air fast, because the end of that bike started to swing side-to-side, and it was getting farther with each wobble. The rider lets off the throttle and I see him look over his right shoulder, but by the time I could say "Oh f*ck" it was too late."

"The bikes back tire is leaving S-curves on the concrete road and once it swung too far to the left, it suddenly caught an edge and flipped. He didn't even have time to try to lay it down in front of himself and his passenger. That bike barrel-rolled eight times right in front of me. The woman flew off after one or two rolls and started rolling along the road. The man held on for about four flips, leaning forward over his handlebars, but then his skull exploded."

"I realize I'm just repeating "ohfu*k ohfu*k ohfu*k ohfu*k" as this scene is unfolding in front of me. I'm still driving a car at ~70mph and now I have to dodge motorcycle parts and human bodies. Swerving within my middle lane, trying not to hit cars on either side, and also not run over this lady who is sliding along in front of my bumper. I slam on my brakes and hit my hazard lights and jump out into traffic and almost get hit by a car in the left lane. There's not really heavy traffic at this hour, but still a lot of cars on the interstate, and the first 10 or so do not realize what has just happened."

"I am not a medical professional. I am not trained for any type of emergency triage situations. But I ran up to the woman to see if I could help. She was wearing leathers, so she actually wasn't scraped up with road rash, but her hands were bloody messes and she might've broken some ribs or damaged her lungs because she couldn't speak or catch her breath. And her back was broken. She couldn't move her legs and she had pissed herself. But she kept trying to turn and crawl towards the man, saying his name in a forced-whisper."

"So I get up to go check on him, and pull my cell phone out as I jog up to him to call 911. I tell them there was a motorcycle crash and give the closest exit, and the operator asks how many people involved, and I tell her two people were on the bike, we need two ambulances. But then I see the man. We only need one ambulance."

"The entire left side of that mans face was just... gone. I could see his teeth through his cheek. I could see where his jaw broke. His ear was just a small black hole in a bloody mess. His skull looked like the shell of a boiled egg after it's been cracked on the edge of the sink. I could see the wrinkly, off-white mass of brain where huge chunks of bone were missing. His left eye was gone. His right eye was open and staring. I checked for a pulse just to make sure, and then I got up to go back to the woman. I left my jacket balled up on the road near his head to block her view."

"She was still trying to move towards him, crawling without the use of her legs. I sat down on the road at her head and told her that she was badly injured and she needed to lay flat until the ambulance got there. I told her he was badly injured too but help was on the way. I told her it would only be a few more minutes and then she'd be able to see him. By this time lots of other cars had stopped, and another driver gave me a blanket. I folded it into a pillow and told her to lay her head in my lap until the medics got there. I told her about my job at a golf course and my yellow lab I had growing up and how good a drummer Danny Carey was. I just kept saying words. I just kept talking to her so that she wouldn't ask me if the man was okay, if he was alive, if he had been hurt."

"By the time the ambulances and fire trucks showed up, there was a stream of blood from the middle lane all the way over to the right shoulder of the interstate. My jacket was soaked in it. I left it there. I went home and laid flat on my back in the dark and thought about my yellow lab."

– Ok-Stretch5751

Sight Sticks With You

"When I saw my dad and sister die in a car crash. The glass on the windows came free and carved up her face. Holes ripped into her cheeks, chunks torn off her bottom lip. I don't know what happened exactly to my dad in the crash, but the back of his head was caved in."

"I can still smell the sulfur and burnt rubber."

– TooManySorcerers

Absolutely Tragic

"I was standing outside a theater waiting for a friend (we were going to see a play together) and an old man on the other side of the street drew my attention. He was watching the traffic, looking for an opening so he could jaywalk. It's a very busy road and there are signs everywhere warning people to cross at the intersection, but I guess he thought it was too far out of the way. He was quite old and stooped and had a cane, so he didn't move very fast and was about halfway across the road and when he was hit by a truck going about 55 mph. He cartwheeled into the air way higher than seemed possible, and hit the ground with a very loud thud that I can still hear to this day. Blood everywhere and he was alive for a few minutes before succumbing."

"His family was inside the theater waiting for him. I guess he'd gone to park the car. The police officer had to go in and tell them he'd died. Their screaming was heartbreaking."

"The theater still performed the play, but it was a very subdued audience that night."

– MillieSparklepants

A Twist Of Fate

"I witnessed my friend torn in two pieces... but it was supposed to be me."

"In 2006 I was part of a Drum Corps in Florida."

"We were having a drill camp over the weekend, so we all met up in Miami and took two 15 passenger vans to drive up to central Florida, both full. We took US 27, known as Okeechobee Rd. At some point just before sundown we stopped at a McDonalds for dinner. I remember chatting it up with him - typical teenage stuff, the weirdest porno we ever saw, staying up to watch that scrambled channel that sometimes showed a boob etc. We were in separate vans. We started loading up when one of the instructors decided my buddy and I should switch vans. I was confused but, sure, didn't matter to us. I sat in his seat, he went to the other van... and then last minute, the instructors decided we should switch back to how we were. Never quite figured out why..."

"But it saved my life. And ended my friends."

"A couple hrs later, its dark, US27 had no lights at the time. Their van was behind us the whole time, til it wasn't. We were 6 miles from our destination when we got a call from the driver of the other van."

""We were in an accident. We're hurt.""

"We sped back at 100mph, only to bet met by a literal wall of semitrailers blocking the two lane highway. We had to drive on the shoulder to get past them."

"As we round the trucks, I noticed they all had their headlights on."

"Illuminated on the road was my friends body. His eyes were open, but all you could see was whites. His arms were very obviously broken at odd angles. But most alarming of all... he was torn completely in half."

"To say we were beside ourselves is an understatement."

"The van was laying on its side, completely mangled. The rest of the passengers were bloodied and bruised, but aside from a broken arm they were generally okay."

"According to the driver, they hit wet pavement on a curve, lost control of the van and it flipped. My friend was wearing a seatbelt, but he was pretty skinny. He slipped through the belt and broke through a passenger side mirror. He flew approx. 30 yards, over the grass median, and landed on the opposite side of the highway. According to the driver, she was trying to climb out of the flipped van when she witnessed my friend trying to push himself up with his arms. An SUV was driving on the lane he was laying in. It hit him and killed him instantly."

"The SUV did not stop."

"They never found out who hit him."

"It sticks with me, 17 yrs later. I try to be grateful for the life I have. I was going to be in his seat. Happenstance saved me. I struggle with feeling like I deserved it. He was one of the good ones, and I was always struggling with my inner demons."

"I miss you man. I hope you're alright, wherever you are. Rest in peace."

– fontimus

Truly Awful

"A month ago I found my girlfriend dead on the bedroom floor after I fell asleep watching tv in the living room. She committed suicide using OTC and prescription meds. When I found her she was in full rigamortis and was blue. Traumatic is an understatement. I still can’t get over how quiet the house is. Now it’s just me and the kitties. It’s getting better though, one day at a time."

"Edit; after the massive outreach I would like to tell everyone that I’m doing ok. I have lots of support and people that love me, I’m not going anywhere. Actually I’m going across the country tomorrow to see my family. I know things will be better."

"I’m on a train somewhere in New Mexico heading east and you all have brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart, and peace to my troubled soul. When people say the Reddit community is toxic and hateful, I’m going to show them this"

– justsmurfythanx

The Worst Kind Of People

"I’m a paramedic. We have a guy who we pick up from the nursing home all the time that has a long medical history. But basically, he breathes thru a tube, eats thru a tube, pisses in a bag, sh*ts in a bag, he’s severely contracted and only has 1 leg. He lives his life in a bed, unable to speak. His paperwork says he has dementia but seems to be alert and oriented if you have him answer by blinking his eyes. It’s so evident that he is miserable. We are constantly getting called because he uses the little bit of movement he has in his arms to pull out his feeding tube or his trach. His wife and son refuse to make him a DNR because he has insurance policies that haven’t matured yet so they are trying to keep him alive for a few more years so they can cash out. A few months ago, he was found pulseless and apneic after pulling his oxygen off. The guys that got there got him back after a few rounds of CPR. Now he lives in constant pain from the compressions in addition to everything else. All because his family want his insurance money. Both his wife and son are total lowlifes too."

– LocoEMT_911

"I work in a LTC/rehab and the number of old people I have seen die long painful deaths because their family members insist on every intervention is staggering."

– WakingOwl1

"A truck carrying 18 to 24 people get blown up about 350 yards ahead of me. Fu*king terrible the lucky ones died in the blast. The rest burnt to death screaming, 10/10 would not recommend."

– gonzo4209

I have no idea what I would do if I saw any of this!

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