People Describe The Most Horrific Acts They've Seen Someone Commit
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In violent movies not based on the supernatural, we often see people committing unspeakable acts of horror.

A scorned lover chasing down his ex-girlfriend with an ax, or a jealous classmate enacting revenge by offing those closest to them one by one until the climactic confrontation, are all elements torturous moviegoers are used to seeing out of pure entertainment.

But anyone witnessing acts of violence in real life can tell you, it's a lot more traumatic than anything that was ever depicted on the screen–especially when it involves someone they know really well.

Redditors shared their accounts of horrific incidences close to them when frog_without_a_cause asked:

"What's the most horrific act committed by someone you know personally?"

You think you know someone...

The Violent Co-Worker

"Worked with a guy who got done for manslaughter, he bashed someone's head in with a table in a pub, this was after he stabbed a guy in the chest with darts, this was over a darts game. He also served time for beating a policeman into a coma with the policeman's own truncheon after the policeman caught him breaking into a car."

– godca_grema

The Friend With The Rifle

"Guy I considered a close personal friend hunted down his ex, shot her with a rifle and then turned the gun on himself."

"Neighbors reported hearing him say 'You knew this was going to happen.'”

– hurrydeath

Brought To Justice

"A former coworker murdered his friend when the friend agreed to work with the police to bring down my coworker for stealing a shipment of human growth hormone. Apparently it was a vicious murder. They burned the body, iirc, but it's been a while."

"My coworker ended up being on the run for many years, and was eventually turned in after his story ran on America's Most Wanted, his fiancee saw it, and he confessed who he was to her. She waited until he was asleep and went to a pay phone to turn him in."

– -aged-like-wine-

Dark Web User

"Someone I was close friends with till college was raping his wife's daughters from her first marriage for years. He was also filming it and distributed the material, and was teaching other pedos internet security and how to use the dark web. A laptop involved in a sting in the UK undid all his careful trail covering. The investigation revealed over a decade of traceable data of his activities building a CP criminal network."

"I don't like to think about it."

– tacohexadecimal

Growing Up Fast

"One day while we were in school, an acquaintance's father killed their mother and then himself and set their house on fire. Their father was somewhat abusive, and their mother was thinking of leaving him. It completely changed the acquaintance, he was only 13, but had to basically grow up and mature overnight. He and his siblings had to move in with their grandmother with basically nothing but the clothes on their backs. He was able to get a driver's license at 13 because their grandma couldn't drive, so he could help. Somehow, against all odds, he and his siblings are all perfectly normal people."

– powerlesshero111

"Violent Horrible Person"

"I lived down the road from Terry Joe Volner. He rode my bus everyday, and was also a violent horrible person."

"He murdered a 5 year old because he had feelings for the kids mom and I guess she didn't feel the same. So he murdered one of her kids, took a picture of the child's body and sent it to the child's mom and told her he was going to kill her other kids that he was babysitting if she didn't come home right now."

"He got life."

"Then he beat his cellmate to death with his bare hands so brutally they considered the death penalty."

"He got life again."

– PwrtopUltimate

Felon In Service

"I knew a guy in the Marines, he was already a sh*thead, but one day he suddenly got orders back to the US. He was just gone, turned out that the FBI had been monitoring him trying to groom little girls online and sending nudes. The FBI arrested him when his plane landed."

– poopbutt42069yeehaw

You never know the things people are capable of until they snap.

Targeted For Wealth

"I had an acquaintance who owned a iron working shop."

"Some employee of his thought he was fabulously wealthy because he was well off."

"The Dirtball employee went to their house and tortured four of them to death to get their fabulous wealth ( $40,000) Unfortunately the housekeeper was there as well and they tortured her too."

"The junkies ordered pizza and left their DNA to be found. Burned the house. Really very sad, this guy was known to hire guys who had criminal records and give them a second chance. His son was 10 years old."

– KaiserSozes-brother

Why Mum Was Terrified

"I only met him once as a kid, but my grandads brother in law. He approached me and my mum in a cafe, I was 8, and tried starting normal conversational small talk. My mum panicked and asked him what the hell he was doing out of prison, he brushed her question off and he knelt down to talk to me, which made my mum pick me up, sling me over her shoulder, and run back to the car. I just remember being so scared by her sudden moves I quietly burst into tears in the car and we drove half way home. Mum then stopped in a supermarket car park, got in the back, unbuckled me, and we cuddled in the back for what felt like days (most likely an hour tops) whilst we both cried. I had no clue what was happening but mum calmed me down and she kept saying "youre safe. I love you" over and over."

"I found out years later he slit my Grandad's Sister (his wifes) throat and brutally beat her to death. Hence my mums fear."

– Mikatsurie

Gentle Classmate

"Guy I went to school with was real calm, very smart, and everyone loved him. He was a gentle person from what I remember. He had lost his mom a couple years before this, she was a nurse and they found her dead in a hospital room during her shift. Unknown causes."

"Our senior year of highschool, dude is a championship wrestler, dominating his grades, and just doing good. He lived with his dad who was a police officer for years and years. At lunch one day he left school and came back. Everything was normal and the day was finished out. His dad did not show up for work that evening, and the police dept sent someone to go knock on his door. They found the house ransacked and his dad lying in bed with a single gun shot wound to the head, deceased."

"Later that night they called my grandmother in for questioning because she cleaned their house once a week. Not much later than that, the guy I went to school with broke down and confessed they he had come home on lunch to ask for money, and he and his dad got in an argument, his dad laid down like normal for his shift, and he took his dad's service pistol, and shot him, and after realizing what he'd done, he'd freaked out and turned the house upside down to make it look like a robbery, then went and finished the day at school to try to make it seem like he had no clue what had happened. Shocked everyone."


Family dysfunction ran deep with these disturbing cases.

Attacking Mother

"Someone I sorta knew from school hid behind his front door, waited for his mother to come home and hit her on the head with an axe when he was around 14. He probably instantly regretted it and called an ambulance. Luckily, she survived and suffered no permanent damage. I think he went to a mental facility after."

– heyguysitsjustin

The Drownings

"Her 2 year old daughter drowned under suspicious circumstances, nothing could be proved. About 3 years or so later, she had another kid. Also drowned under suspicious circumstances. She was investigated but found nothing, attributed to sh*tty coincidence. Couple more years later, she had a 3rd kid with her man. Father came home early to find that she wasn't in the house, but his son was left alone in the bath tub. He was dead by that point."

"She got slapped with 3 murder charges and life."

– halosos

False Prophet

"Burn a baby alive."

"The story:"

"I knew someone at a music school. She then left, and one day she showed up at the school again because she was stopping music and wanted to sell her instrument. She told me she was living in an isolated community in the middle of the mountains, and looked so happy and radiant that I felt jealous."

"A couple of months later I turn the TV on and there she was. The community was actually a sect commanded by a guy who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus. He had impregnated a woman from the sect and said the baby was the Antichrist and had to die. They burned the baby alive when he was only two days old."

– needtogetcreative

Abusive Dad

"My father beat the sh*t out of my mother and myself when I was a toddler. I have an uneven skull because of it. Until I found out, I thought it was a birth defect. I didn’t find this out from my mother until I was an adult when I had to take him to court because he had opened numerous credit cards with my social security number when I was a kid and had tanked my credit by the time I was 18."

– FutureMarcus

Water Under The Bridge

"A guy I knew killed his father in front of his mother and younger brother trying to protect his mum from severe abuse. After he served his sentence, the family accepted him back and they’ve been living a normal life to this day."

– HectorVK

Selective Hearing

"I have a family member try to go off their meds, they said it was because one of us yelled at them down the stairs to stop taking their meds. We never said that but they thought we did. Pretty f'ked up."

– Snugg_Bugg

These disturbing accounts really go to show that you really don't know what people are capable of when they're under pressure.

In the heat of a moment, most of us have made conscious decisions not to do something completely irrational.

But not everyone has the wherewithal to really think about the consequences of causing violence on another person when they have snapped.

And when that person who did something regrettable–or disturbingly, not at all remorseful–is someone you know, it's all the more tragic.

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