People Share The Most Disturbing Theories About Disney Movies They've Ever Come Across

"Toy Story" action figures observe a boy wearing a Captain America backpack.
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Disney films hold a special place in people's hearts.

Iconic animated films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Peter Pan have transcended time and continue to enchant new generations while contemporary classics like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin revived the genre when Disney struggled through an uninspired transition during rough economic times.

All of these films regardless of the decade in which they dazzled moviegoers have one thing in common. They inspire hope through the empowering message that the love of family and friends endure in even the toughest of times.

But underneath all the magic, dreams coming true, and happily ever afters, some plot points may have been more sinister than the conflicts presented to our beloved protagonists in the final cut.

Fans have explored fascinating theories that may have driven the storyline that was absent from the animators' storyboards.

To hear some examples of these, Redditor Marquis_de_Skiatook asked:

"What’s the most disturbing Disney movie theory?"

Identities of certain characters were explored.

The Sales Pitch

"The merchant at the beginning of Aladdin is just making up the story, as he is just trying to sell you a lamp, which is crazy because the Dead Sea Tupperware was a better deal."

– PompeyMagnus1

Who Fired The Shot?

"Bambi's mom wasn't just killed by a hunter. She was killed by a poacher."

"There's a hunting scene right before winter where the whole family escapes. That was hunting season. You don't hear a single gunshot during the winter because it's off season. Bambi's mom was killed in early spring by a poacher."

– lllSnowmanlll

The Little Teacup

"There's a line in Be Our Guest that specifies '10 years we've been rusting...' meaning they've been enchanted for 10 years at that point. Chip is pretty clearly well under 10 when they break the spell and he becomes human. Which means that either the spell also froze their ages in time, or the teapot version of Mrs. Potts both conceived a teacup child (with who/what?!) and gave birth at some point."

"Also, there was a cupboard full of teacup children that weren't given names that also appeared to be under Mrs. Potts's care. What's the deal with those kids?!"

– killebrew_rootbeer

These films may need PG-rated prequels.

Child Was Suspect

"Lilo is responsible for her parents death because she failed to bring pudge the fish a sandwich."

– monorail_pilot

An Egg-cellent Theory

"Gaston was responsible for single-handedly supporting the egg industry of Southern France based on the amount of eggs he consumed, and his death caused a minor economic depression.​"

– BabaYagaOfKaliYuga

Woody's Original Owner

"Woody is Andy’s fathers old toy and it’s the only thing he has to remember him."

– ptepfenhart

Some Disney films may have war commentaries.

A Duck's Origins

"My favorite is Donald Duck being a WW2 vet. Donald is responsible for single-handedly taking an island from the Japanese, but the experience gave him serious PTSD and that's why he acts the way he does. The Department of Defense officially issued him an honorable discharge in 1984, meaning he retired as well."

– No_Improvement7573

Quacked Up History

"this was canon that Donald duck was a sailor but US naval fleet. But not many people know he was also Airborne or a para-marine."

"thats entirely his gimmick from the disney war propaganda videos."

"being in the marines at the time meaning donald duck would've seen pearl harbor from the hawaiian training videos all the way to the dolittle raids which is why he also knows how to fly a plane in the event if the pilot gets shot dead."

"donald duck was an airman in the pacific theater and took over entire japanese gun nests. Due to the time of the video(Commando Duck), the layout on the map and very much the actual role donald duck was a paratrooper in Guadalcanal."

"Donald duck wasn't a reservist or a volunteer since he was drafted so very much he fought all this mostly against his will. So it questions me why we would be there untl discharged in 1984."

"basically there is proof that everything that the previous person said is 100% true by overlooking two videos. Commando Duck 'Donald Duck vs Japan' and Donald Duck gets drafted as the release timing of both videos would match up the which battled and what unit Donald Duck would've fought in canonly. Based on merit he probably retired as a sergeant or e-5 rank. i did too much research."

"Its safe to say that Donald Duck was a paratrooper serving the 11th Airborne division n the battle of Guadalcanal. No only that he served in Guadalcanal but the timing itself means that Donald Duck served in Midway, Coral Sea, Pearl Harbor, Papa New Guinea, and the Philippines, Palau, Okinawa and based on the timing of the US fleet naval movements and as well as the history of the unit. Donald Duck probably seens some of the worst losses in US history and slept under the constant nightmare of a Japanese Air raid, death camps, jungle combat. It is also possible he saw combat in the Korean war since the same unit was posted for Korea but because he wasn't discharged until 1984 its save to say hes been in combat until Vietnam."

– ghigoli

Post-Apocalyptic World

"Cars takes place long after a war where the sapient machines wiped out their human creators."

– brak-0666

Vehicular Genocide

"Cars has a cars pope. Christianity is canon in the cars universe. This meaning there was also a cars Jesus who suffered a cars crucifixion."

"Furthermore the Jeep character is actually canonized as a WW2 veteran. There was a cars WW2 this meaning there was also a cars Hitler who killed scores of presumably Jewish cars."

– funkyjiveturkey

While many of these examples have not been officially substantiated by Disney, they sure do add another level that heightens the stakes for challenges faced by our favorite characters.

But one thing is certain.

You may never look at some of these classics the same way again.

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