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"Fun facts" come in all sorts of flavors. There are the truly fascinating tidbits, the scary facts, the unnerving elements of animal behavior, or maybe some rampant, unchecked societal issue bubbling under the surface.

But there is another class of facts: the comforting facts.

These brief informational gems are just nice to think about. They warm the heart and make us feel small in all the best ways. Unfortunately, they're not always the easiest to track down.

Lucky for us, Reddit exists.

JennyAndTheBets95_ asked, "What's the most comforting fact you know?"

Many people chose to share facts that improve self-esteem and mental health. These small mantras put things into perspective and remind us that we don't need to focus on everything all at one time.

In fact, we shouldn't even try.

What Thing 

"No One Cares, so that embarrassing thing i did 10 years ago yeh don't have to worry about that" -- AppropriateWasher

"Yes. I mean, I can't even remember anything embarrassing that someone else did. So chances are they're not remembering my embarrassing moments either." -- miss_archivist

You Don't Know Your Own Strength

"Cognitive science fact - humans underestimate their ability to deal with untoward events."

"Helps me convince myself to worry less about the future."

-- Prestigious_Tax_2743

Always With You

"You can lose your job, your property, your freedom, your good health, but as long as you are alive there is hope. And as long as you're alive they can not take away your reasoned choice."

-- EverGreatestxX

Things Will Line Up

"There are lonely people out there wondering where I am and when I'll finally show up in their lives."

-- Echospite

Inching Away


"One of the most comforting facts for me is that every day that passes, the past gets a little further away. Every mistake, every time I've been wronged or wronged someone unfairly, every worry, my bereavement - it all fades slowly."

"New worries will come and old ones will grow - but the past is the past."

-- QuakrThrowaway

All Is Flux

"Nothing is permanent"

"So even if you have no hope, everything sucks, or you've fu**ed up, nothing is permanent."

-- jodeda3878

It Keeps On Turning 


"One of the most comforting facts for me is that every day that passes, the past gets a little further away. Every mistake, every time I've been wronged or wronged someone unfairly, every worry, my bereavement - it all fades slowly."

"New worries will come and old ones will grow - but the past is the past."

-- QuakrThrowaway

The Best Way Forward Is to Celebrate

"People in my life that pass away wouldn't want me to be sad forever" -- Conscious-Bedroom-53

"A kid from my school died at 17 or 18, I always remember his mum saying 'it doesn't do my son any justice to die with him' " -- LurkieMcLurkerson

"Me and my friends have an agreement that the last one alive has to pay our tab at the pub. It's a race to the grave at this point lol" -- Doodle_Brush

Others went with the animal facts.

With so many various species crawling the earth, there are plenty of wonderful attributes that warm the heart.

It Takes a Village 

"If a baby manatee is orphaned other manatees will raise it." -- Littlemisslarvae

"The simple fact that manatees exist makes me happy tbh" -- AlisConnor

"sighs in relief good... good." -- tpootz

The Rumble

"Cats purr at a frequency that can improve their bone density. I'm not entirely sure how accurate it is, but I love it."

"Now when my cat purrs my sister says how she (my cat) is improving her bone density and I find it super wholesome"

-- Fun_Molasses_4


"The military in Turkey built little barracks for stray cats to protect them from the cold." -- Paginmin949

"TIL Turkey gets cold." -- EverGreatestxX

" 'We fight our battles differently than other countries. We train stray cats to fight for our country, and do spy work for us on the other side' "

Always Best Friends 

"Dogs most likely dream about their owners. Either playing with them or annoying them. They're all good boys and girls." -- jodeda3878

"My dog dreams really dramatically all the time, legs 'running' and muffled barks. It's never occurred to me she might be dreaming of playing me. I love this." -- Lacarac

We're Like Puppies to Them

"Elephants think we're least something likes my looks cries"

-- Man_in_the_top_hat

Finally, some chose to think about science and the universe. This understanding even verged on the spiritual and religious dimensions.

Again, it was all about perspective.

Arranged and Deconstructed 

"The first law of thermodynamics. It's my agnostic idea of life after death—the energy we and all the people we love are made of isn't destroyed when we die."

"We simply become less organized, but all that energy sticks around."

-- arkygeomojo

This Will All End 

"Eventually the universe will die. Everything you've ever done, every humiliation you've received, every person you've hurt, all gone. Nothing will be remembered and neither will your mistakes. So enjoy life!"

-- FumazDev

Constant Community 

"There is always someone looking at the moon somewhere, so if you're ever feeling lonely, just look at the moon and know that you have something in common with someone."

-- jkhelco

So next time you find yourself asked to share a fun fact during an ice breaker or team building activity, go with one of these. And be prepared to hear a relieved sigh from around the circle.

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