That devoted crustacean wasn't kidding when he told Ariel that the human world was a mess. But it doesn't mean you can't tie it up nicely in a braid and keep on keeping on.

A mother channeled The Little Mermaid as inspiration to style her youngest daughter Atlantis's hair to slay a "crazy hair day" contest at her school.

The four-year-old's older sister, Ariel, proudly posted a photo of the result that was no contest. Not only was Atlantis's fish tail braid green to mimic the mermaid's tail, but the incorporation of the ultimate prop was the icing on the cake, and the look is making waves on the internet.

Take a look at her hair-did.

"My sister had crazy hair day at school today and my mom was not playing games and really wanted her to win," Ariel wrote about her mom's sink-or-swim determination.

Ariel explained to Buzzfeed News how her mother, April Castillo, arrived at the winning look that took 25 minutes to achieve.

"My mom picked the hairstyle. She had seen people use a paper doll and wasn't really feeling it, so she went the extra mile and added a real-life doll."

So what inspired the Little Mermaid look? The answer lies in the fact that the seaweed is always greener on somebody else's head.

"My parents have always had quite an obsession with 'Under the Sea', so my sisters and I have always loved mermaids."

Ariel added that their dad, Miguel Castillo, had a huge role in completing the look.

"What no one has noticed is that the bra Ariel is wearing is homemade. My dad made it out of tape because she was a topless doll, but my mom couldn't let my sister go to school with a topless doll."

It's no surprise who swam their way to the top of the competition.

People were so impressed with April's mad skillz, they hoped for a tutorial to duplicate the look for themselves. Ask and you shall receive!

Stay tuned. A YouTube video is on its way soon.

Others shared their impressive "crazy hair" ideas.

Future moms were inspired to do great things. Just remember that when you come up dry for creativity, hope floats. Keep on swimming.

Crazy hair day is a thing, and the world is better for it.

Sometimes, the internet is a happy place.

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