This past June, America's eyes widened in disbelief when the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, the landmark decision which gave women the legal right to an abortion.

Members of all political parties were astonished that the Court put mandates on women and their bodies, while certain states swiftly implemented abortion bans.

A definite low point for the United States and the U.S. government.

But was it the lowest point?

Hard as it may be to imagine, the overturning of Roe V. Wade was only one in a long list of shocking mandates and cover-ups and actions the US government was responsible for.

Some have been long forgotten, others which certain elected officials and civil servants are hoping people will forget.

Redditor BEnnETT103 was curious to hear what people considered to be the most unforgivable actions of the U..S government, leading them to ask:
'What’s the most f**ked up thing the US government has done?"

Too Many To Name

"You want this chronological or alphabetical?"- Thelegendarybros2

Human Experimentation

"I mean, there was the time the national guard shot and killed coal miners and their families who were being horribly exploited by coal companies so they were striking."

"See also: the Ludlow massacre."

"And the time they decided to routinely sterilize native American women."

"And the Guatemala syphilis experiments."- DandyWarlocks

Weapon Tests

"Back in the 50's and 60's, the US military tested several different biological weapons on and unbeknownst to the public."

"They specifically targeted low income and poverty-stricken areas."

'They tested things from chemicals to viruses."

'It wasn't declassified till 10 years ago."

"Why would they declassify it?"

"Freedom of Information Act required them to disclose this."

"For years, so many people were arrested, disappeared and even dismissed as conspiracy theorist through this."

'I can also say that chem trails aren't a thing."

"I work aerospace and the altitude that these planes are flying, wouldn't do anything."

"Planes would be flying much lower like crop dusters in order to make any effect."

"It's literally vapor and exhaust coming from the planes and some stay longer because of the different altitudes, temps and RH that they are flying."- zismahname

Non-Consensual Is An Understatement

"The CIA testing birth control on unsuspecting women in Puerto Rico."- nikolasmaduro

We Have No Idea...

"The things they haven’t been caught for."- Happysunflow3r

Deep Rooted Problems With Immigration...

"Operation Wetback."

"Along the lines / same ethics of the Japanese internment camps, but not as well known."- TautNeckSkin

Forgotten Elements Of The Cold War

"The involvement in various Latin American countries during the Cold War was pretty f*cked up."- Playstation_Tea

It Never Ends...

"The government has been trying to take away all privacy."- Shattered_Mind0rigin

Too Many To Name

"The Dred Scott Decision, involvement in the Vietnam War, Agent Orange, and slavery are the most f*cked up that I can think of."- TVStankee

There are certainly numerous advantages to living in the United States, which all of us lucky enough to do so should not take for granted.

Though when we look back at some of the things our country has done, and continues to do, it can be very difficult to be patriotic.