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When you wholeheartedly believe in something enough to bet your own life on, people call it the hill they are willing to die on.

The etymology stems from the military practice of holding the high ground at all costs, as in Battle of Hamburger Hill or Last Stand Hill.

According to the Grammarist, the phrase is typically posed as a question, like, 'Is this the hill you want to die on? ' This question "may be considered a warning that taking a certain stance will probably result in defeat of one sort or another."

Now that we've learned more about the idiom, strangers were challenged when Redditor Imm0lated asked:

"What is your hill that you're willing to die on?"

Just because you don't believe in something doesn't necessarily make it untrue.

"Nowhere is it specified that Humpty Dumpty was an egg. He just sat on a walls and had a great fall, which sounds like a ton of different people in human history."


Purple Is A Flavor

"Grape flavored stuff is actually just purple flavored."


"Sugar, water, and of course, purple."


These involve rules and behavior.

Responsibility Of Pet Owners

"If you don't have the time to take care of a pet, do not get a pet!"


"Same thing with other living things."


Same Rule Applies

"If you're going to demand I follow a rule, I'm going to demand you follow it too."


"Oh man, this would f'k over so many bosses in America."


Parking Lot Conduct

"Put. The. Cart. Back."


"I was a grocery worker until about a month ago. I've seen people look directly at me while leaving their cart in the middle of the lot. How the hell do you get to be that insensitive?"


The High Life

"Marijuana is not a substitute for having a personality."

"I'm all for legalization, but I see people all the time who only think about weed. They are high all the time, the only thing they talk about is weed, they only wear clothes with marijuana leaves on them, etc.""

"I get that marijuana does have benefits, I take gummies to help me sleep. But when your entire life revolves around weed, you don't care about the benefits, you're an addict."


Working For A Living

"Anyone who works 40hrs or more a week for a living deserves a wage that can afford them a dignified living, regardless of occupation."

"No one is 'beneath' anyone else just because they wash dishes, work as a cashier at a convenience store, or cleans toilets at a high school."


These apply when it comes to interacting with people and our behavior towards them.

Conditional Forgiveness

"That you are allowed to hold onto sh*t that hurt you. It's not being bitter or 'holding a grudge' if you don't want to allow toxic people in your life."

"Edit to explain a bit better: you absolutely can forgive the person/people and shouldn't hold on to anger, but you also don't need to keep or allow toxic people space in your life if they hurt you."


World Without Social Media

"We can live without a lot of the sites social media has birthed within the past 15 years. We've been running in place about 'staying in touch' with family and friends for so long, that nothing you can do now was any different than what you could do during the era of messengers in the late 90s."

"Social Media is just a platform where it's the biggest stage of everyone's Show and Tell."


Funnily, I mentioned Hamburger Hill as an example of the military etymology for the idiomatic phrase.

My hill is a hamburger, but it has nothing to do with the battle of the Vietnam War during Operation Apache Snow in May 1969.

My hamburger hill is about a battle between burger chains. East Coasters love Shake Shack. Sure, if a plate of Shake Shack burger and fries were presented before me, I would reject it.

But if the West Coasters' champion of all burger franchises, In-N-Out Burger, entered the ring to take on Shake Shack, I'd bet my life on In-N-Out to annihilate Shake Shack.

In-N-Out will always reign supreme in quality and taste. It is far more superior than Shake Shack. And that's my hill on which I choose to perish.

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