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"I'd rather be thin than famous." So began one of beat poet Jack Kerouac's poems in his iconic volume, Mexico City Blues.

Everywhere you look, people are dieting, juice cleansing, intermittent fasting, and dumping their 401k into monthly fitness app subscription fees.

All that hubbub tends to leave us thinking that the holy grail of life on earth is to be skinny.

And it's hardly a surprise. An overwhelming majority of clothing advertisements and Hollywood films features beautiful, thin people.

So it's usually quite annoying when a thin person complains about their shape and size. After all, haven't they achieved the supreme goal?

A recent Reddit thread challenged that assumption with some fresh perspectives. Anonymous skinny folks dropped in to share their biggest complaints about the bean pole life.

Mad_Chemist asked, "What are some skinny people problems?"

PSA: Do Not Go to the Gas Station for Medical Advice 

"My personal favorite: 'You can't be diabetic, you're skinny!'"

"Oh, thanks random man at the gas pumps! I'll let my pancreas know immediately."

-- BackAlley_Burlesque

Sandwiched Again

"always having to sit in the middle seat of the car" -- autumnfaithd

"Ugh. I'm average height, but slim. My legs have nowhere to go and the assumption is that I take up no space, so I can't even wrangle my feet into the spaces on either side of that middle bump without hassling the people to give me room."

"If you get into a head on crash and your feet are up on that bump, your knees will smash into your face."

"It also doesn't really 'make room', it just makes the larger people safer." -- AptCasaNova

A Kite in a Head Wind 

"I have no momentum" -- TheFlamingLemon

"But we can accelerate faster." -- vizthex

"When you try to push a door quickly (you know those which can swing back and forth) but the door says 'nope'" -- thedarkem03

"Thats the weirdest thing about being one of the bigger college students. I have to be really careful when walking around campus because if a skinny boi/girl came around a corner too quick, the odds of them being able to stop me were low." -- Krosyss

Always Swimming

"If you don't like baggy clothes good luck finding something that will fit you" -- Felis-Catus_

"All the shirts that look good on the mannequin turns out to have pins in the back." -- yaolilylu

"And the shirt on the mannequin is the last/only small size they have in stock , leaving none for you to even try on." -- RedQueenWhiteQueen

The Subtleties of Bony Life

"being bony and sharp when being hugged" -- gamers_gamers

"It hurts to sit too long." -- oldandjaded1

"Pinching a nerve in my butt because of my boney a** sitting down all day" -- DreamsOfCleanTeeth

"If I hit my hip on a table or something as I'm walking by it hurts a lot and leaves a bad bruise. My ass hurts after sitting for too long. That's about it." -- Kraphtuos968

"Can't sleep on my side because my boney knees touch each other and it hurts too much. To sleep on my side as have to wear thick, thick sweatpants or put a cushion between my knees." -- nava08al

An Impressive Title

"My grandmother calling me the Ambassador of World Hunger." -- Seasergeant

"Damn, Grandma! That's cold." -- teamcilantro

"That's hilarious. My grandma would bribe me to eat more food. She was convinced I was wasting away to nothing." -- stdgy

Lacking Blubber

"I used to be fat as f***. Now I'm skinny and the most apparent difference is I get cold MUCH faster. Doesn't matter how I layer up." -- Whiskey-Weather

"PLEASE tell me this is true bc I've been sweating to death my whole f*cking life even in winter. I just started my journey and down like 22 pounds so far. I'm losing 100 pounds and will be trim. Please tell me I'll actually be comfortable in my cute sweaters, scarves and hats."

"Or I'm shaving my head." -- pumpkinpatch6

Demoralizing Middle School Behavior

"People making a circle with their fingers around your wrists" -- randomrocketsfan

"Nothing in elementary or middle school made me feel more self-conscious than that sh**." -- DimAllord

"I can do it around my own ankles. It profoundly worries me." -- thisnamesnottaken617

Tug Boat Logic

"I'm a skinny guy in the trades. I'm not heavy enough to do a lot of stuff :(" -- mychickenscreams

"Yes but when someone has to crawl into a crawlspace or attic, then you become the hero!" -- PhysicsDude55

"Bro for the longest time I wouldn't activate the passenger side airbag lmao" -- MuchachoMunch

Life as a Cardboard Cutout 

"Friends lifting you to show how easy it is to do so." -- veniato

"I was walking through the mall once and this dude I only kinda knew (shorter, but a lot a muscle) just picked me up and carried me half way to the other end of the mall."

"I laughed it off but it really made me uncomfortable. I'm a dude, btw." -- OgelEtarip

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