Women Break Down The Least Attractive Qualities That Men Actually Think Make Them Hot
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Like male birds with vibrant feathers and complicated mating ritual dances, straight men will go to absurd lengths to win the attention of women.

Go to any bar or club. Scan the room and undoubtedly come across bicep-clenching shirt sleeves and loud male voices screaming into the ear of a less-than-enthusiastic listener on the dance floor.

That's not to say there are plenty of wonderful traits that draw women to men. There's a reason marriage and procreation continues.

But for all those success stories, there are so many instances that involve a man trying to win the heart of a woman using means that are antithetical to what she actually values.

Redditor Londoner421 asked:

"Women, what's the least attractive quality in a man that they usually think is attractive?"

Many women responded by describing the men who apparently feel the need to convince others that they're worthy of attention.

But nobody likes a sales pitch.

Call Now!

"Treating dates like an informercial for themselves." -- zazzlekdazzle

" 'But wait, there's more! Have sex with me within the next 90 minutes and you'll get not one, not two, but THREE extra orgasms! Be the envy of all of your friends with this limited one-time-only offer!' " -- nubsauce87

Wall Flower Opposite

"Over-confidence or the need to show off" -- Glasswall1

"*Famous last words: 'Hey guys! Look what I can do!!'*👍" -- AndringRasew

"TLDR: insecurity" -- lipcrnb

Nobody Cares, Dude

"Bragging about having money" -- lockdownhype

"My love will take you around the world, but my bank account won't get us past the airport." -- InternetKidsAreMean

"Nice. I'm broke af" -- RogueDeku

A Fine Line

" 'Knowing' everything. Sure, intelligence is nice, but it's fu**ing transparent when you start bullshitting just so you don't have to admit there's something you don't know. Especially if I do know it."

-- vikraej

Other women talked about the more toxic elements of masculinity.


"Being overly aggressive with other people. Like, you are out at a club with him and he is ready to pick fights with anyone who (he thinks) looks at him or me wrong."

"I think it makes them feel macho but it's a huge turn off for me. It's happened a few times, and the last time I just turned around and took a car home."

-- GTmakesthepaingoaway

Pure Rage

"Expressing the need to be violent without any real cause or hint that they enjoy being violent. It just outright frightens me being anywhere need people that do that."

-- Artistic-Society8046

We Are Not Apes

" 'Alpha male' 🙄" -- justputonsomemusic

"An unstable, early iteration of male. Needs further development and testing before public release." -- DoomCircus

And other women lamented all the men that seem to think attraction is a zero-sum game. These guys apparently felt that the only way to look good is to push a possible "threat" away.

Just Be Nice

"Putting other people down, to make themselves look better."

"No, you are not making yourself look better. You're being a di**."

-- maszah

Again, Nobody Cares.

"The one up man. Almost always dominates the conversation and one ups everyone else's experiences and replies. Shows me you're immature and can't hold a conversation without the focus being on you."

-- geocentric-jujube

Just Sloppy

"Guys and/or girls who pride themselves on being able to out drink or outsmoke everyone until they're a blubbering mess. Or doing a bunch of drugs."

"They think they're so epic but it's honestly embarrassing when it's a constant and people have to babysit you during a get together."

-- Bitter_Theory5467

Hopefully, at least a few men will come across this list and check themselves the next time they feel a fight or a boast welling up.

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