Why can't we just let people be quiet if they want to? Why are so many others afraid of silences?

I'm no introvert, but I have many moments of tranquility. They are precious to me.

So I can empathize with introverts. The quiet time is my time, just let me be.

It's ok to have nothing to say or chose to not share.

Redditor ConstantPlastic100 wanted all of the quiet people to give us all a shout out about how they respond to an oft asked question.

They asked:

"What are some best responses to 'Why are you so quiet?'"

I am a raucous human being.

But I also study human behavior as part of my job, and to do that, I must sit back and just watch.

That is also what my introvert friends tell me they do.

That is how they participate.

Timbre Issues



No Energy

"I say I'm tired. I'm never quiet when I'm actually tired but people seem to understand that excuse and leave me alone about it." ~ jus1tinsuggested this also!

"I don't think I've every had anyone question this one. You're just tired etc. But STILL made an effort to attend a social even is pretty nice I reckon most people would think." ~ ompster

"I have a friend who i often talk with on discord while we're playing video games, and every time any of us want to quit we use this excuse. and since we both use it, we both also know when the other person is using it. and we still keep using 'I'm tired, I should go to bed' every. single. time." ~ pineappletarzan

Coolidge the Comedian

"A woman once told President Calvin Coolidge, 'I bet you I can get you to say more than two words.' He responded: "You lose.'" ~ Hysterical_Realist

"This story is even cooler once you realize that Coolidge stayed completely silent for the entire evening after she said that, and then hit her with that line when everything was over. Man was a G." ~ NoLifeMax


"To quote an answer to a similar question, 'very rarely do you get in trouble for saying nothing.'" ~ Exactly_Sandwich

"I would actually say this is rarely true. It’s hard to make new friends/you lose friends, people think you are being rude, it negatively impacts your job performance, it’s hard to get second or third dates, etc. I dated a girl for like three years who would basically only give one or two word answers to any sort of question my family asked her."

"They all hated her because they thought she was just being insanely rude to them (and she actually was, she was an extremely narcissistic person who didn’t feel like she needed to answer people’s questions or engage in conversation because everyone was beneath her)." ~ Zabuzaxsta


"I was raised by abusive librarians." ~ ILUVMOVIESSS


Y'all are funny.

Maybe everybody should just be quiet to give them a break.

See my Hands

"Respond in sign language “because I don’t have a voice box." ~ Uruk-HiThere


It's just me...

"'I just don't talk much' has always been my go-to. You don't really owe anyone conversation beyond a greeting if you're feeling polite, much less an explanation of your personality. 'I don't know. I've always been this way'."

"Some people can't take the hints and won't accept any answer you give. It starts to feel like they're entertaining themselves by trying to see how long they can keep your mouth moving. It's usually those situations where I end up excusing myself." ~ nehswu

Good Question

“…you can see me?” ~ rrrrrrrrric

"The worst thing is that people who question your calmness won't understand that joke." ~ clint_elijahwood

"Anyone remember that WKUK sketch where you see Darren sprinting down a promenade for like 30 seconds to finally slap a guy, who rightfully freaks out, and Darren just goes 'wait… you can see me?' and sprints back the way he came? Because this reminded me of it." ~ chazfinster_


"Sorry, I didn’t know that was an issue and I will try to correct this. So I would first like to talk about your cars extended warranty…“ ~ KarloReddit

"Hi, it's Dave from Sweetwater. I see you bought a set of guitar strings 15 years ago. How are they working out? Is there any other gear you need?" ~ NDaveT

That's Deep

“I have nothing to say.”

“I’d rather listen.” ~ RevolutionaryShame20


Sit back, relax, listen and enjoy.

Not everybody wants to use their vocal chords 24/7.

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