Kids. Amirite?

No one can ever discount the wisdom of children. Their young minds aren't weighed down by rules or societal standards or manners. Since they haven't learned that you're not always supposed to say what's on your mind in any given situation, that means you are getting the most concentrated, pure version of life when they speak to you. Open your ears. You might learn something.

Even if it hurts a little bit.

Reddit user, u/AbsolutelyNotASpider, wanted to know:

Children are the most innocent and yet the most brutally honest of all people due to their age. What's the most innocent, and yet hurtful thing a child said to you?

Use Your Words


I worked with a child who was nonverbal, and one day he showed me a picture of him at the dentist. Pointed at my mouth, pointed at the dentist and pretended to yank out a tooth.

I then asked him "You want me to go to the dentist to fix my teeth" and he nodded "yes".


Laughing At Your Crying

A child once pointed at me and cried "Mommy, it's a monster!"

Also I made my little cousin cry just by smiling once because in his words one side of my face is "crushed" and the other is not.


There Could Be No Other Reason

I'm a big guy with size 15 feet. At that size there's not a lot of selection at the shoe store. I generally just walk in, ask if they have anything in my size and either get turned down flat or they have one or two shoes and I'll usually buy both just cause they're that hard to find.

So here I am at the gym wearing some bright blue and yellow size 15 basketball shoes, minding my business at the bench press, when the 8 years old son of someone who works there comes up to me looking confused and asks:

"Are you a clown?"

"No" I said

"Then why do you have clown shoes?"

I wish I could tell you I stopped wearing the clown shoes after that. But comfy size 15 exercise shoes are hard to come by (the pair I use now is literally disintegrating with lots of holes in them but I haven't found a suitable replacement yet) so from thenceforth every time I left the house in those shoes I knew: I straight up look like a f*cking clown.


What Else Could Be In There?

Pointing at my stomach, "is there a baby in there?" There wasn't.

Edit: I think next time I'll respond with "Yes. A food baby".


Happened to me in line at Target a few years ago. I was in front of them, but turned to see if my husband was near because he had to get something. A little girl looked at me, points at my stomach and asks me that same question. I was embarrassed because I wasn't. I told her no, and her mom looked at her and told her that is impolite to ask that. Then the mom apologized to me, looking embarrassed as well. To be honest, I did need to lose weight though. Still hurt.


Said Everything By Saying Nothing

I was hanging out with some of my friends when a little girl comes up, and tells one of my friends that she thought they were very pretty. The girl proceeds to go around the circle telling everyone how pretty they are, then she gets to me. She just kind of looked at me, then ran away.


Looks Can Be Deceiving


I was helping my 5 year old with his homework.

He suddenly blurted out "Wow! You're really smart, even though you don't look it."


At Least She's Caring Enough To Notice?

A girl at school, with only the best of intentions, gave me her brand new winter coat at recess.

I said "Thanks, but why are you giving me this?"

She said, "You need it more than I do because you're so poor."


A Little Insult To Take The Edge Off

When my little brother was 6 or 7 and i was 21 i was living with my then boyfriend at the time. He and i got into a big fight and at the end of the fight he told me he had all of his bros coming over and some of their girlfriends. I was still super mad but wanted to hide the fact that i was crying so i went into the bathroom to try and put on makeup but was still mad so it wasn't working and just made me more pissed off and i started crying again.

My baby brother then called me and i answered. I tired to act like everything was normal and he asked if i was okay. I said no...and was about to speak but before i could he said , "are you crying because you are broke?" And I was quiet for a second and said.."No, I was crying because I couldn't get my makeup right but now I am crying cuz I'm ugly and broke!" He laughed and asked if he could by me some candy because mom gave him 20$. So he's loaded!


Goodness. FATALITY.

Slept over at my ex's place.

He had a niece, around 6.

She saw me as I woke up, makeup-free. And asked me, "Why aren't you pretty anymore?"

I'm someone who had sh!t self-esteem for a long ass time, and learned to be confident with great difficulty so this was kind of a slap in the face.


...Is It Really Him?


A wide eyed wee girl pointed at me and asked her mother something. Mom smiled and shook her head no.
2 weeks before christmas.
I went home and trimmed my beard short. And realised i was getting very grey.


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