People Break Down The One Incident At Their School That Prompted A New Rule To Be Instituted
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Every school has a story.

It's usually a legend, too. Some story of how the school became the way it is.

Some legendary student who broke the trust of the administration forever. Because of them, life for the average student will never be the same.

u/JustABicycle asked:

What was something that happened in your school that caused a rule to be made?

Here were some of those answers.

Turning Into A Pumpkin Has A New Meaning

In the fall, it was always tradition for the seniors to steal as many pumpkins as possible from around town and write their class number in pumpkins on the front lawn of the school. Our grade stole so many pumpkins that local farms and families contacted police and our school had to officially end the tradition in 2008.


It Aint So Silly

In elementary school, when silly bandz (those shaped rubber bands you could wear as bracelets) were popular, some kids wore so many up their arms that they had such poor blood circulation in their hands to the point where it was concerning. So, the principal banned silly bandz :(


Backwards Innuendos

Over the PA system, our high school principal read the following 'Thought of the Day' during homeroom: "A man is not a man until he kisses the lips that do not speak."

After that, they had to be submitted to the Secretary and approved. Up until then, you could just submit them by putting them in his In Basket.


Misogyny In Action

In middle school, a couple of jerks kept making fun of a girl because a tampon fell out of her backpack.

Solution: We were banned from bringing feminine hygiene products to school. You had to go see a teacher to get one.

The rule was gone in under a week.


We Thought It Was Implied?

Someone snuck into the bathroom room during class unscrewed the screws holding one of the toilets in place and stole it it reappeared around a week later in the sports field so they had to pass a rule not to steal toilets.


This Is Honestly The School's Fault

I live in the Alps and it used to snow a lot during winter times. Our school uses gravel (the one with the sharp edges) as road salt.

Because of the snow most of the younger students went out in the breaks to make big Snowball fights.

But one day somebody didn't pay attention to his snow ball and he threw it with a bunch of stones in it at another player. The boy who got hit, got hit in the face and lost one eye because of a stone in the snowball.

Now we are not allowed to let snowball fights happen anymore :(


If You Can Dodge A Wrench...

My class was the one that got all versions of dodgeball banned for everyone. We "invented" a "new version" of dodgeball that was a free-for-all in a field. There wasn't even really a way to lose or win. There was one ball and like 30-40 kids, whoever had the ball just pelted the closest person to them as hard as they could.

And everyone who didn't have the ball ran in and tried to take it. inevitably people got hurt, but no one ever reported it because it was fun. Then one day the embodiment of Randall Weems got a bloody nose and the kid ratted out the whole recess group. There was an assembly and dodgeball never happened again. I'm told that it's still banned to this day, some 15 years later.


Things That Make You Go "WHY?"

A kid from another school snuck in a class by climbing into the bottom floor window and then threw a trash can at the substitute in that class. He then tried to escape through the same window but his pants got caught on the handle and he had to take them off. He was caught by security pretty quickly since he was the only guy walking down the street in his underwear.

Anyway, after that we were never allowed to have the windows open, not even on the 2nd or 3rd floors


The District Wouldn't Have Cared, Dummy

One day in 8th grade a guy asked out a girl during lunch. She said yes and his whole friend group started clapping for him. Soon the entire cafeteria joined in clapping, even though 90% of us has no idea what we were clapping for. 3 minutes later the Assistant Principal comes in and lectures us for 10 minutes about how rude we were, and how much trouble the school would've been in if someone from the district saw that.

Clapping has been banned ever since.


Gang Wars: Rock Edition

No more collecting rocks during recess

In first grade I started collecting rocks around the playground and in the treeline next to it. My friends joined in and soon other groups formed and suddenly we were all stealing these rocks from each other. Kids would even ride their bikes up after school to move them between gang hideouts.

Sometimes the leaders would be invited to the other hideouts to negotiate treaties that would fail anyway. Eventually, the principal stepped in and told us no more of it and at that point, I realized I started a series of gang wars.


Rule Made.

Rule made: Teachers to always allow kids to visit the toilet during class. Reason the rule was made: Math teacher misunderstands the meaning of urgent. A kid poops his pants mid lecture.


Bathroom breaks should be a given anyway, but there are kids who use "but I have to go to the bathroom" as an excuse to get out of something. One of my kids does this at home ALL THE TIME.



Someone once lit a fire in a bathroom stall, the school shut all the bathrooms permanently unless you asked a teacher for permission, the boys complained, but the girls revolted once they realized how their periods would end up.


Bottled Up

People started a big fight where they started throwing bottles at each other so my school banned bottles that contain more than 1 liter of water. Doesn't really stop anyone though.


We had a kid put vodka in her water bottle, so we weren't allowed to bring water bottles to school at all. We were, of course, allowed to buy them from the vending machine.


4 Minutes to save the World 

Makes me think of how my middle school only had a four minute passing period. In these four minutes you had to basically walk straight from one class to the other. You only had time to access your locker if it was on the way (or during lunch) and backpacks weren't allowed so you had to carry all your books and binders in your hands.

They expected us in this insanely short amount of time to squeeze in all our bathroom trips (which were always crowded) or you had to get permission from a teacher. Having a regular pee/poop schedule would get you in trouble for going every day at the same time.

Middle school was stupid.


Empty Pockets...

Almost everyone carried around a banana for a day but by the afternoon the principle had called an assembly and banned people from carrying around bananas.


I remember when the principal was yelling at us in the gym because some random kid kept leaving food there, and for an unrelated reason me and my friends just happened to have sloppy joes on our pockets.



"The Phantom Pooper" - Everyday, for some odd reason, someone in my school smeared poop on the floor or on the wall in the basement bathroom. They then made you have to scan an ID Card to get into and out of the bathrooms. I still wonder to this day why anyone would do this.



Lived in the dorms freshman year and had a friend bring his drum set over to jam. Next year a rule state no large acoustic instruments. Example. Drums.


Fair enough, IMO. Other people don't want to hear you constantly practice an instrument.


Don't Stupid. 

People brought in weapons so they banned backpacks. It wasn't a gun or anything, it was like a pocket knife. I'm from the country it was pretty common to have pocket knives.


What were you supposed to use instead? Carry everything? Stupid rule. You can have knives in your pocket. Ban clothes. You can hide it in your prison wallet. Ban morons. WTF.



I think I've talked about this on other threads, but here it goes. In 1st and 2nd grade my friends and I used to catch spiders and bring them in to school to show them off to each other and see who caught the coolest spider. Our teacher put up with it at first because we were good about not opening the containers we kept the spiders in while we were inside, and we stacked all the containers next to the door away from our stuff.

That all worked well until I tripped while walking through the door. I landed on the pile of containers, which managed to open a bunch of them. Spiders scurried everywhere, an entire classroom of second graders screamed, and then bringing spiders in became an official rule. Whoops.


14/15 is a rough time....

I went to a rough school I guess, because everyone else has cute or quirky stories.

Mine starts with the fact that fights used to happen in the girl's restroom.

They became so frequent and one of the last fights involved numerous girls from both sides, that they made a rule of how many girls could be in the restroom at one time.

Then came the monitor that sat in the hallway during lunches by the restroom.

I can't remember how long this lasted, but it did work.

The fighting would happen at the bus stop instead 🙍

Idk why we were all so crazed and aggressive at 14/15.