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Think of all the various foods you eat. Picture all the fruits and vegetables, the animal products (if that's your thing), the grains, oils, and fungi.

Would you have eaten any of those without knowing others did before you?

That was the question on peoples minds throughout a recent thread on Reddit. They imagined what it must have been like to decide to try all these foods for the first time.

Were people bored, starving, stupidly courageous, or winning a bet? Maybe all of the above.

Redditor DreamedJewel58 asked:

"What food makes you go 'how the hell did they find out this is edible?' "

Many people immediately turned their sights to the foods that, besides a particular sweet spot, are completely toxic. What went in to finding that sweet spot?

Trial and Error

"Cashews are hilarious. Literally every part of the plant is poisonous, but the nut isn't once toasted."

"At least a half dozen dudes probably died figuring that one out"

-- DeanWarren_

Know the Lay of the Land

"That one tiny sliver of the fugu fish that won't kill you. . .hopefully. . ." -- Kepheo

"Yeah and it numbs your mouth still or something I heard. That's way to sketchy for me. I'll stick with regular ole tuna rolls and eel I think." -- appleparkfive

Let Water Do the Work

"Cassava" -- Tingusspinguss

"Yeah like this thing right here is super poisonous, but if you soak it in water for a few days and cook it you should be good, also don't use the water it soaked in it's now full of cyanide. Who figured that out?" -- Coolnessmic

Others were more amazed by the bizarre preparation methods that go into some of the foods we know and love.

Deliciously Spoiled

"Cheeses: Blue cheese, Linberger, and 'head cheese'. 'Oh theres stinking, rotten milk in the bottom of the milk bucket? …I'll taste it!' "

-- bleuberypi

Assumedly Just Didn't Want To Waste It

"Gumbo. What person burnt flour for two hours on purpose?" -- Wooden-Discount7884

"A genius (or someone like me: formerly known as "smoke detector man" by my roommates for liking things too crispy)" -- Czernobog243

Rotting Right

"An Icelandic delicacy, it's 'fermented shark meat' "

"Now, it's reasonable that people would figure out that sharks were edible. But what thought process led to digging a hole in the ground, throwing the dead shark in, pissing on it, covering up the hole, and leaving the corpse to rot ferment for several months before digging it up and eating it?"

-- AdvocateSaint

I Have No Words

"Kopi Luwak, the coffee bean that is fed to civits, digested, shat out, and then brewed into coffee. Hey Jim we're out of coffee! ….hold my beer"

-- gharr87

And others offered up examples of foods that they simply couldn't understand.

Why? Just why?

Scooping Out Slime

"also oysters 'hey i found a rock with snot in it let's eat it' " -- HurricanRocker

"Feel similarly about sea urchin."

"A long time a guy some dude saw the spiky little thing and thought, "Hm. You know what? This probably tastes amazing." -- BigBaldPurpleTitan

Worth the Stings


"the first guy to think to himself 'them bees must be hiding something, I just know it.' " -- shroomheadfloridaman

Layers to Penetrate

"Coconut…how hungry and desperate were the first people who managed to find those edible? I'm surprised they weren't used as a weapon tbh." -- Plantayne

"Definitely this. A coconut in the store isn't like a coconut on the tree. There's a big, tough fibrous husk outside the fruit that requires sharp tools and/or a lot of effort to get open. I've done it and it takes a sh** ton of work. Don't know why anyone would go to that effort just to see what's inside." -- bdbr

However weird and ill-advised these early experiments with food were, all I can say is thank goodness those bygone ancestors put in the work instead of me.

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