Hilarious People Joke About What Skills Become Suspicious If You're Too Good At Them

Hilarious People Joke About What Skills Become Suspicious If You're Too Good At Them

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You have to have skills in life in order to sustain. And everybody has skills. Some skills are obvious and others kept on the DL. Of course all skill, even when just inherent, becomes perfected through practice. Sometimes though too much practice can lead to trouble. You want to make talent look natural and learning skill does attribute to one's talent but you don't want to make it seem too easy.

Redditor _Jarhead_71 asked the internet to reveal... What everyday skill becomes suspicious if you're TOO good at it? Maybe dumb it down for the outside eye just a smidge.


Weighing small quantities and knowing convenient reference weights (e.g. the weights of currency). Identifying off-white powders.


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Being able to tell who is in the bathroom with you at work.



I almost always know..

There's 1 bathroom.. and the way to that bathroom is like a 3 way intersection where my office door is.. people walking towards the door would only be coming from the back of the building, and that's only going to be one of two people.. It's easy to tell which way anyone came from just by listening when they walk by, and the sound and speed of their footsteps.. The other way is on the opposite side of the building, and again, I would hear them coming from that direction before they pass by my door.. 90% of the time anyone in the bathroom is gonna be the guy with IBS that poops 20 times a day.



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Recognizing people's smells can get kind of weird when you're good at it. When I was 10/11 in school if someone left a jumper on the playground and it didn't have a name in it I would just smell it and give it back to whoever owned it. Once I grew up a bit more I realized it was weird to smell people's clothes so I stopped; but I can still recognize someone's possessions just by their smell.


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Dealing and shuffling cards.


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Guessing passwords.



Its kinda sad the amount of people whose passwords are 'password', 'password123', etc.


User: Buffalo Wild Wings

Password: BuffaloWildWings



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Getting stains out of carpet.


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Every place I've worked I always memorize each and every person. Names, physical features, and vehicle. Usually in case of an emergency because you never know. It takes time but you learn a lot.


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Knowing who someone is by the sound of their steps.


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My boss was setting up my time tracking account and it didn't work. He had to try to log in with in. I told him the shortcut to open an incognito window in chrome (ctrl+shift+n).

But thinking about it the shortcut is much more useful to a developer (who has to test logins or unauthorized access occasionally) then to your average masturbator.


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Memorizing names, phone numbers, favorite colors, credit-card numbers, people's daily routines, usual whereabouts.



What they had to eat last night, how many times they went to the restroom, how many times they walked past your tree etc...


See, I know it's seen as creepy so I make an act like "Oh yeah! I remember now..." or if I learn information about a person before they can tell me on their own, I pretend not to know until the person says the information themselves. I really do just remember a lot of stuff about the people in my life, though. Then on top of that, I suppose I connect dots more often than other people too. Like if someone I'm talking to says, "Oh yeah, Tommy and I grew up together!" I remember that, and then even weeks/months later, that same person says, "I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio" then I know that means Tommy probably also grew up in Cleveland. But if I say this to Tommy, I'm gonna come across as creepy.


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