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Many people would rather focus on the scandals associated with celebrities notorious for bad behavior.

This is a shame since many of their phenomenal talents are overlooked in favor of a juicy tabloid.

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Celebrities hold a special place in our hearts. We see them on screen, we read their books, we listen to their music and podcasts, and we hold them in a high regard.

Our societies celebrates celebrities, as the name suggests, so as we see our hero's lives come to an end, it can feel like a huge loss.

Reddit user aliensockmonkey asked:

Which celebrity's death actually made you cry?

In this thread of emotional comments, people shared their fondness and influence of those no longer with us and celebrated the lives they lead.

This article does contain mentions of suicide and death.

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In the age of the internet, sometimes it can be very cool to hate on things just because other people do. Bandwagons can be fun, right? But honestly, not all of the things hated on actually deserve it. Save your hate for things that actually call for it.

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Meeting your idols and favorite artists is a slippery slope. We always seem to forget that they are just normal people, who just happen to live fabulous and glorious lives; through the lens of the media machine of course. We don't know them personally, we just think we do. So it can be the greatest moment ever, or a soul crushing disaster when we finally come face to face with them.

Redditor u/TheBreadMan42069 wanted to hear about the famous faces they've encountered by asking.... What celebrity have you met that was surprisingly nice/rude?
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Meeting a celebrity is a dream come true moment. We think about these people even when we don't mean to. It's al part of the fantasy. Celebrities are the illusive finds we want to understand and study. However, they are just simply mere mortals, but often it takes meeting them face to face to understand that. They always say... "never meet your dream fantasy!" It can be a tricky situation but it can also be a life highlight... especially when they are great people.

Reddior u/willis1988 wanted to know from everyone about all the times they've met those who live in the world of fame by asking.... What celebrities have you encountered that were either really nice or really horrible?
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