The Funniest Times People Got Confused Between Items In Different Hands

Spilled ice cream
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As humans, we are far from perfect, and sometimes, the mistakes we make are utterly hilarious, if not also embarrassing.

The worst part is how unexplainable some of our mistakes tend to be, especially when we're holding multiple items in our hands and manage to mix them up.

Redditor DanielMichels decided it would be fun to collect stories of these mix-ups:

"What is the worst thing you have done because you got confused between items in different hands?"

Just Go With It

"​I grabbed my banana instead of the conductor's baton on the music stand as I began conducting the orchestra and chorus during a rehearsal."

"The musicians followed the banana very well as if it were intentional on my part (some thought the curve aided in making the performance more expressive)."

- Back2Bach

"This was my brother, but I was on the receiving end. We were at a country club for a wedding one evening and there were various backgammon games set up. This happened so long ago that I don’t even remember how to play backgammon anymore."

"But it was my brother's turn and he was excited. So excited he slammed his glass of bourbon down on the game board and thrust the dice cup full of dice into his mouth."

"It was totally worth being covered in watered-down liquor to witness such buffoonery."

- theWildBore

A Beautiful Creation Until...

"I drank paint water and whilst washing my brush in my cup of tea."

"Two simultaneous f**kups."

- ScoutManDan

"I was drinking red wine and painting with a container of red paint the same size as the glass. I DRANK THE PAINT!"

- NikkiSnippets

The Things That Have Been Thrown Away

"I threw my keys into the recycle bin and attempted to start my truck with a crushed Monster can."

- DevilWitcher128

"My husband cleans the cat litterbox and puts the gleanings in a tied-off plastic grocery bag. He also puts his lunch in a tied-off plastic grocery bag."

"When he goes to work he takes both bags outside, one to come with him and one for the trash can. Mistakes have happened."

- AoiRenga

"I cracked an egg, poured out the egg into the trash, and put the shell into a bowl."

- BanjoBroseph

"A friend of mine once put the remote control in the oven and then wondered why he found himself in the living room holding a sausage."

"The remote control was destroyed. And it had previously spent several days in the back of a freezer because of a similar incident."

- ledow

"A couple of minutes ago, I unwrapped a stick of gum, stuck the wrapper in my mouth, and threw the gum in the trash."

- StylishSundae

Hilarious Mental Glitches

"I once picked up my toothbrush and then instead of picking up toothpaste, I picked up a tube of cortisone. I luckily caught myself. I also once picked up a razor instead of a toothbrush and just stared at it."

"Another time I poured water on the floor instead of in the sink. Just imagine someone standing facing away from the sink, angling their glass of water downwards and just staring at the stream of water hitting the floor."

"My mom has done the same but poured the glass of water into a dog cage my cat was chilling in. Cat didn't move but stared at her like, 'What the f**k?'"

- FavouriteParasite

"Lol (laughing out loud), I was writing and eating French fries and took a bite out of my pen."

- inglorious_tardbas

"When I was 10, I was watching TV and had the remote in one hand and a cup of hot tea in the other."

"My dad came in and asked for the remote. Instead of tossing him the remote, I threw my cup of tea, and it when all over him."

"The next morning his chest and legs were red."

- Firewolf_anna

So Many Coffee Woes

"I had a cup of coffee and a little single-serve container of coffee cream. I opened the cream container, poured its contents into the trash, and then dropped the empty container into my coffee."


- CalgaryAlly

"Before-coffee fugue is a real problem. The other day I tore open a packet of sweetener and almost poured it into the trash. Then I took the milk out of the fridge, got coffee in the mug successfully, and went to put milk in the fridge without pouring any."

"I realized and then opened it and almost poured milk into the bottom shelves of the fridge."

- SusanCalvinsRBF

Always Check the Fridge

"Why is it that so much stuff ends up in the fridge? My boyfriend starts there when I'm looking for something. I've placed toothpaste, empty milk jugs, keys, and way more in there."

- ElfjieTinkerbell

"The fridge is my default place to look for missing items. I put my baby’s powdered milk in the fridge by accident I couldn’t find it anywhere and my cousin had to fetch me some more so I could feed the baby. I found it the next morning when I was making myself a coffee. I also find the tv remote in there too sometimes."

- B***h_Is_Taken

Some of these were gross or painfully hilarious, and some were just funny.

Either way, it's a reminder that we're all human, we all make silly mistakes, and it's totally okay to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Has this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comment below!

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