Freaked People Share The Most Horrific Things They've Woken Up To

Freaked People Share The Most Horrific Things They've Woken Up To

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Waking up is a struggle. Being forced into a new day from a restless Nirvana can be daunting enough let alone waking up from a restless slumber or a horrifying nightmare to some sort of living torture. Imagine that lawnmower, construction or a one night stand who's name you can't recall.

Redditor _dibella55 asked strangers to divulge... _what is the most horrific thing you ever woke up to?


I was a little kid and had a dream that I was in an earth quake. When I woke up, my room was shaking. Like bed moving across the floor shaking. I ran into my parents' room and woke my mom up. She told me it was just a dream and to go back to bed. I was scared to go back to my room bc if they hadn't felt it, why was my bed bumping across my bedroom floor? It wasn't against the wall when I went back in where it should've been. It was maybe 9" away. I thought I was going insane or there were ghosts. I barely slept.

Next morning Mom apologized bc there had been an earthquake.


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My roommate was selling meth, without my knowledge. I woke up to screams of "POLICE SEARCH WARRANT." They threw me off my bed, and then ripped my room apart, but found nothing, because I didn't have anything.


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A kitten gnawing at my nipple trying to get milk out, while staying at my girlfriend's parents.

Clearly hadn't been away from its mother long enough.


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Woke up to my family panicking because my dad didn't come home from work the night before. About an hour later a cop came to the door and told us he had died in a car accident. My dad sometimes went out after work with his friends and came home late, so we didn't think anything him being late.


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~8 years old: Not being able to open my eyes. Had an infection or something and a bunch of gunk glued my eyelashes together. I thought I was blind.

19 years old: An empty apartment I'd never been to before. Got super drunk for NYE and got a ride to a different party with people I'd met that night. Woke up while they were out eating and remembered nothing. Looked at the pictures hanging around and recognized nobody in them.


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The sound of EMS/firefighters running down the hall to rescusitate my stepdad.

I was having a sleepover with two friends, when one of them tapped me awake. I sat up to see down the hall several firefighters. My two friends and I were huddled on my bed, wondering what was going on (we were 13) and they came down with a stretcher with my stepdad on it. My mom was dressed in her rather revealing nightie and no bathrobe. She was so stressed and frightened that she didn't even realize this.

My friends were totally freaked out. Until that moment they did not realize my stepdad was dying of a terminal illness because we didn't talk about it outside the family. Two weeks later, my mom and stepdad were killed in a car accident, day after Xmas.

Sad times, man, sad times.


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I slept wrong on my arm and my hand went to sleep. My t-shirt had scrunched up exposing a lot of skin. I rolled over and a mysterious hand slapped my bare belly. I may have screamed.


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The stupid emergency alert sound on the radio.


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Two things: 1. Ambulance lights outside of our house in the middle of the night & my mom waking me up saying, "Hey, we're leaving to the hospital. Your father had a heart attack."

  1. During a particular hurricane a while back, I was asleep (must've been 3am or so) when my phone's emergency weather alert (super loud) went off with large text saying "Warning! Tornado sighting in your area. Take cover now!"


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My husband busted through the bedroom door screaming hysterically that his mom was killed at work. I was thoroughly confused and then went into a kind of shock. Drove 80mph half asleep to the site where she was killed and she was STILL THERE. we didn't know. The coroner was just putting her in their vehicle.

We get around the side of the truck to get her things out and I see this HUGE puddle of blood on the ground. I don't think I've ever been so heartbroken. Worst way to wake up by far

She worked at a paving company and one of the things she had to do was dump the trucks at a dump site. The truck she was driving is not a dump truck but similar. The back lifts up and the door swings open and rocks and such fall out. Well, her truck was broken. The latch didn't work correctly and her boss and coworkers knew. She said she didn't want to use the truck and her boss said she had to. Earlier in the day they had to use another piece of equipment to close the door on her truck.

So now to the accident part. She dumps her rocks and gets out of the truck to make sure she's empty and such. Walked around the truck and peaked inside right when the door latch broke. The door latch breaking cause the door to slam down and smash her head between the door and truck. She was killed instantly.

Without going into much more detail, OSHA was involved, the company paid for her entire funeral and burial plot, and now we're suing them.


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I was 17 or 18? It was 2am my mom came in my room and turned the light on. I had no idea what was going on. She said to pack a few things we're leaving. I was really confused so I asked her what's going on? Before she could say anything I heard the front door slam upstairs. I heard very heavy footsteps and a very loud crashing sound and then i heard my step dad yell my moms name in the loudest shreik of anger. I looked ar my mom and saw the fear and honestly I felt the same thing. I was frozen and my mom stepped just outside my door. I heard booming footsteps reach the bottom of the stairs. My mom sounded scared and like she was crying and he was saying some awful things I cant remember anymore. I was scared. I just got my school bag and filled it with clothes and left the school stuff. (I was planning on going to school the next day.) The yelling got crazy and i got my stuff. They argued upstairs and i got with my brother who was also scared. My step dad yelled he's driving away and me and mom begged him not to drive (he was drunk af.) He left and i asked where we going? He came back and lashed out that we let him drive drunk. Me and my brother stayed in my room scared. Then mom came said go to bed and it was quiet after that. I got on the net talked with friends and sobbed. Ive never been so scared before that.


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One time my mom woke me up to tell me that she was going to the hospital because she cut her finger off. (Lawnmower accident)

Thanks for the reminder!


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Waking up in a pool of period blood.I was 8 and I thought I was dying.


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Dog bleeding all over the bed. She pulled her outer and inner stiches the day after being fixed.

After emergency surgery, new stitches, Staples, and the cone of shame, she ended up doing great.


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Back when I was in college I had a habit of sleeping odd hours because of the weird times I would do my homework in. I would go in around 7 in the morning and then come back around 1/3/5 and promptly pass out on the couch/my bed to take a nap. I got a lot of grief from my mother from napping too much (and I still don't car, so there's that).

At the time of the story I had been feeling under the weather since I went to class, so the nap was well-deserved. I opened the window a crack for fresh air and tucked myself in; my head where I usually put my feet right next to the window, what I did when I was sick.

I remember being in the depths of sleep when there came a tickling at my lips. Unconsciously, I rubbed at it with the back of my hand. Looking back that was easily the WORST mistake I've ever made.

In seconds my mouth was FILLED with the most INHUMANELY NOXIOUS TASTE imaginable. I spit, and GAGGED, jerking out of my blankets and wiping my face off. In the throes of my blind panic I see a tiny shape in the corner of my vision crawling along my blanket. My stomach dropped with horror and recognition. A CHINESE STINKBUG had made its way into my room via my window, and had sprayed INTO MY MOUTH when I touched it as it inched along my lips.

I CONSUMED mouthwash that day like I was a sorority girl doing Spring Break shots in Miami Beach. I scrubbed my teeth and tongue with my toothbrush so hard you would've thought I was trying to clean up a bloody crime scene. The aftertaste lasted for hours and my tongue was practically numb.

To this day I have a hard time blocking out the memory of the taste whenever I see one. People complain about the shitty smell, but the taste is something to be feared...


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A cockroach on my hand. i almost died of a heart attack that morning.


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My mom waking me up at 3 AM when I was 10 and saying "dad got in a car crash."

My heart sunk.

Luckily he was ok. He was driving home at 1AM when a most likely drunk driver hit him at 90MPH and drove him off the road.


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The retching sound of a cat puking near me will always haunt my dreams.


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When I was a kid I woke up to the trees and sunrise aligning perfectly to make a perfect shadow of a T Rex on my wall. I don't think I could ever be so scared ever again.


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A feeling of a cool draft and my room being unusually cold. I woke up and began thinking why is the house so cold. I screamed in shock as I found the front door to the house blown wide open due to wind from a really bad t-storm that was happening outside. I ran across the cold and wet floor to close it while frantically trying to keep my breaths under control.

It turns out the mechanism that keeps my front door secure was loose due to being improperly screwed and prone to not keeping the door locked when my mom and I thought the opposite.

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