Foreigners Explain Which Stereotypically American Things They've Always Wanted To Try

Foreigners Explain Which Stereotypically American Things They've Always Wanted To Try

Most Americans think nothing of their humdrum daily activities or amenities available to them.

However, others with a different perspective might romanticize the things that are otherwise commonplace ideas and concepts for US citizens, like going to a diner or riding the school bus.

One Redditor looked to foreigners to hear of their American desires to respond to the following:

"Non-Americans of Reddit: what is an American thing you have always wanted to try?"

The things depicted in film really captivated foreign audiences.

Casual Dining

"To visit a diner like in the movies. In the middle of the night, it’s raining and just a few people there with great music from a jukebox."

– TotalAd6225

Iconic Student Transport

"Ride a yellow school bus even if I'm too old. Growing up I always loved seeing them on TV."

– infiresemo

Just Like The Ones We Used To Know

"A white Christmas."

"Living in an Australian state where I've never even seen snow in our winter, let alone experiencing that classic Hallmark movie moment of waking up to a street full of it and sitting around a fireplace while opening gifts/preparing a feast."

"Guess it's not strictly American, but the imagery and trope is something I've only really seen from American Films."

– Stoibs

They may be uneventful for us, but they sure seem to be novel ideas to foreigners.

Let's Be Frank

"One of the hotdogs from those little street cart things."

– Who_is_lost

Kitchen Marvel

"A friend of mine from Indonesia said, 'the food chewer in the sink.'"

"Garbage disposal."

– Mnemonic22

American Pie

"Apple Pie made by white-haired grandma, placed near window, who says 'oh dear...' as I levitate towards it."

– MegaJoltik

Pre-Game Ritual

"Proper tailgating before a ball game, the kind where there's ribs and stuff."

– SpiralToNowhere

Fried Delicacies

"Deep fried foods at a state fair. I'm from Scotland and we love to deep fry everything and I wanna know if it's just as good or better."

– fenrisulfr94

Ultimate State Fair

"Come to Minnesota - 2nd largest state fair only behind Texas (little known fact) and the deep fried food is as advertised. Also, Minnesota is nice."

– UnionThugg

Begging For Candy

"Trick or treating at Halloween."

– IvanaHug

Sandwich-y Things

"Smores, Lobster Rolls and Philly Cheesesteaks."

– Select-Run-2394

Batter Up And Chow Down

"Corndogs, I don't understand what it is but I want to try it."

– AFowlWaterfowl

There are places to see!

Backyard Tourist

"National parks."

– nhungoc1508

"America’s greatest invention!"

– nhungoc1508

Backpacking In Nature

"I always wanted to hike The Appalachian Trail if that counts. Or see Yellowstone."

– EphemeralRemedy

Dry Destinations

"Would love to see some of your nature in real life. The New Mexico/Utah/Arizona/Colorado desert area seems amazing."

– ipakookapi

New Chapters

"Being able to start a whole new life 'elsewhere' without having to leave my country and going through an arduous immigration process."

– Gmtfoegy

My cousin told me she looks forward to visiting a Trader Joe's someday when she visits America for the first time.

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