People Explain Which Foods Taste Worse The More You Eat Them

People Explain Which Foods Taste Worse The More You Eat Them
Image by Jorge R Martins from Pixabay

You would think eating should be an enjoyable experience. After all, it is a daily necessity.

And while some foods like a juicy burger and fries really do please the palate, they tend to make us feel bloated and lethargic. Good times, I know.

In an unusual twist, the flavor of certain things we crave tends to get worse the more we eat them. Have you ever experienced that before?

As it turns out, It's an unexplainable phenomenon that is quite common.

Curious to hear from the experiences of Redditor RaineHollow asked:

"What tastes worse the more you eat it?"

Guilty pleasures are aptly named, and these are the usual suspects.


"Greasy foods. So damn delicious when hungry but it gets to a point where youre not exactly full but you just want to stop cause youre sick of the greasiness."


Sodium-Filled Delight

"Really salty bacon, it's good at first but the more you eat it the more you taste the acrid sodium numbing your taste buds."


America's Favorite Addiction

"I feel like Doritos are the ultimate use case here. Like, I can't stop eating them, but after a certain point, they just start tasting like sh*t and making me kinda sick."

"Not that I stop at that point, no. I don't stop until I've eaten enough to burp Doritos for at least 48 hours."


Sure, fast food is convenient, but the feeling after scarfing down a Big Mac or Whopper is not so rewarding.

When You're On-The-Go

"I love a good fast food once in a while but I regret the meal before I've even finished it. It feels good until it doesn't and the heaviness of it all seetles in your stomach. That's why it once in a while. Till I forget how I felt like after that burger."



"I'm that way with McDonald's. It's delicious when I haven't eaten anything all day, but sometimes when I'm eating I'm like 'what the f'k am I putting in my mouth this gross.'"


Curses, Colonel!

"Kfc for me. It smells so good and then I take a bite of that gross lukewarm chicken that's been sitting under a lamp for 3 days."

"This goes for kfc in the US and Australia. The kfc I had in Argentina was legit the best chicken I've ever had, and I tried it in multiple regions of the country with the same result"


Got a sweet tooth? These are guaranteed to satisfy, but only for so long.

A Sweet Temptation

"To me the first bites of sweet foods taste amazing but the more I have the less enjoyable they become."


Does Snickers Really Satisfy?

"I remember being in high school and eating 2-3 full sized candy bars back to back for a snack. My god, now I get just 2-3 bites into a Snickers and am totally sugared out for a few days."


These Have Holes

"Doughnuts start off the best thing I have ever stuffed in my face, but then quickly degrade into 'wtf am I doing with my life' after only 2 or 3"


Dreaming Of A White Chocolate

"White chocolate. A little is great, but having more than that leads slowly but surely towards nausea-ville."


One surprising item sparked a thread that took on a life of its own with tons of comments.

While colonoscopies are recommended, the actual procedure is not the worst part, as these Redditors can attest.

Necessary Evil

"Prep solution for a colonoscopy."

"Guess how I know?"


"Foulest sh*t I've ever drank in my life. The only thing I've ever had that made me start dry heaving at the thought of having to drink more. Lemon lime flavor?!?! My a**...."


Gotta Chug It Down

"Came here to say this! The first sip is actually ok but it gets grosser and grosser until you feel with the next sip you gotta puke. But you have to drink the whole damn thing."


Lemon-Lime No More

"Moviprep has ruined lemon lime anything for me. I happily pay extra for low volume preps."


So there's this Japanese candy called, "Milky."

Milky and I go way back to my childhood. I used to eat a whole bag of 20 pieces of the gummy candy that is, as the name of the treat suggests, tastes like condensed milk.

I always tend to grab a bag of these dairy dreams whenever I'm stocking up at the local Japanese grocery store, but I almost always wind up feeling queasy after having a few pieces.

The sweetness of Milky makes the roof of my mouth crack, and it starts tasting chalky. Yet, I'll probably be grabbing another bag of them on my next trip to the store.

They're dangerous, I tell ya. And I couldn't recommend it enough.

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