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One of my favorite things to do is imagine myself living my best life as a citizen of some fictional world.

What would life be like if I had super powers? Or magic? Or could water-bend?

But with my luck I'd just be a regular-degular-shmegular person surrounded by supers...

Reddit user aggravated_rub_3575 asked:

"If you could choose to live in one fictional universe/world, which one would you choose and why?"

and obviously I'm not the only one to spend time daydreaming about this sort of thing. I'm also not the only one who's pretty sure they're NOT getting whatever fictional world bonuses exist.

Even we power-pessimists have some pretty dope options, though. Take a look!

The Shire

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"Middle Earth, so I could be in the Shire (except for during the Scourge of course). Seems so unbelievably peaceful to be a hobbit"

- novascotia3898

"Being a hobbit would be great. You live longer, only have to deal with superficial stressors, wizards roll into town like the circus"

- TheExtraMayo

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

- Babstana

"I'd love to party with hobbits in the best years."

- DuncanDickson

"The Shire."

"You farm a little, eat seven times a day, drink ale, and smoke the Hobbits Leaf."

"Maybe have a run in with a wizard, but otherwise, life is peaceful and calm. Your house is built into a hill that's covered in soft, green grass."

- Qu33nM4ry

Statistically A Peasant

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"Depends if I can choose my role in that world."

"The vast majority of options mean that statistically, I'd be a peasant in terrible conditions worse than my actual life lol."

- dizzlefoshizzle02

"Exactly, I'm loving the super power worlds but would suck if I'm the civilian person"

- NuttyDuckyYT

"Everyone always assumes they get to live like the hero of he story they are entering, but in reality they could get to live as a peasant."

- Hutch25

Only One Answer

Picard Role Model GIF by Star Trek Giphy

"There is only one answer: the Federation in Star Trek is as utopian as it gets (I ignore JJ's Mirror Universes wherever I can)."

"There are little real threats for the federation itself. If you live in a nice place, probably a metropolitan area on Earth or someplace else nice, it is probably as good as it can ever get without becoming a god or something in some other Universe."

"Even if you go to a rural place you have locally so much advanced tech (even in your cottage!) that you're probably far better taken care of than anything we might even imagine today."

"Free time for hobbies en masse, Holodecks, nature, lots of cool people, free high-tier education of all sorts, replicators, spaceflight if you want to go somewhere, absolutely stunning medical care, teleporters connecting major places even cross-continent on a planet, nearly no serious crime, no major wars that threaten the core of it..."

"Sure, it is also not 100% perfect, but probably as perfect as it can get."

"And the important part: it is that for LITERALLY EVERYONE, not just 'Live at Universe X and if you are one of the few Chosen Ones it is awesome.' "

- Deals_With_Dragons

A Peaceful Valley

stardew valley steam GIF Giphy

"Stardew Valley. You get a house and a farm and apparently no bills to pay, which is pretty nice."

"You can work as much or as little as you want. You can fish, farm, mine, or just wander around talking to people. You can even just forage or raid people's garbage cans and sell the items for cash."

"There are monsters and such, but you never die. At the worst, you get knocked out and wake up at home minus fifty coins because I guess they have socialized healthcare or something."

"There are even festivals you can go to. You can even get a pet for free."

- eddyathome

The Last Airbender

Animated GIF Giphy

"Avatar: the Last Airbender. I think infrastructure would be a lot better, and being a bender would be cool in a boring dystopia."

- retinasearedliketuna

"Considering even non-benders can train to be anime character running up walls and doing all sorts of crazy sh*t, I'd still think of it as a complete upgrade."

"A setting where I can literally abandon all human interaction to learn with a sage sounds amazing."

"I wish I could do that in real life sometimes. I'm not religious, but I've seriously considered becoming a friar or someone who lives at a church and leads a very modest life of just helping people."

- Darkwoth81Dyoni

"Just don't become a cabbage merchant."

- Bamboozle_

"My cabbages!"

- Dinokkid

We're Wizards, Harry! But Do We Want To Be?

Sad Harry Potter GIF Giphy

"As a kid I always thought about Harry Potter and the Wizards World it would be fantastic to be a part of it and experience the magic"

- ObjectiveSquirrel820

"Why the hell isn't this the top answer? I had to scroll down so far to find it, because this is obviously the right answer."

"Sure, others sound cool too, but we grew up watching/reading these and it's one of the most popular series in the world because people adore it so much."

"I still hear adults talking about their Hogwarts house, there's a whole ass Harry Potter World, and they even recently built a huge ass multi level store in New York City that sells only Potter merchandise."

"Come on now. We know this is the real answer."

- RynnChronicles

"Oof no thank you. The Wizard world is f*cked up."

"A school, next to an evil forest, where children are regularly killed? Check."

"An inept, corrupt government thoroughly infested with dark wizards, who is the primary employer in the region, with no system of checks or balances other than regular elections? Check."

"A broken legal system with a prison that literally drains your soul, where you can be sent without a trial and without bail for any reason? Check."

"Everybody has easy access to rape drugs and it's perfectly legal to use them? Check."

"Everyone has access to polyjuice potions and can easily impersonate anyone? Check."

"A world where innovation has stagnated because magic solves so many problems, and therefore there hasn't been any real technological progress since the 1700s? Check."

"I mean shit, so many of the problems in Harry Potter could have easily been solved if they just had cell phones. Or, as the meme goes, a freaking gun."

"I could go on. Have fun in the wizarding world, I'm happy being a muggle."

- livious1

The Matrix

Keanu Reeves No GIF Giphy

"This all seems hard, I'm going to stay here and be an accountant."

"Screw it, my fictional universe is The Matrix. But I don't do anything, I just go to work every day in a modern but pre-9/11 world."

- burn-babies-burn

"Lol great answer. We choose the Matrix thinking we will be the next Neo but instead it's just life as usual. I'm laughing too hard at this, thanks for that imagery."

- tykogars

"Can I just be put into the Matrix and not deal with the robots? A peaceful simulation would be nice."

- SwingSoHigh

Well... There's The Whole Dragon Thing...

time feels GIF Giphy


"I know everything that's going to happen in almost every quest, I know lore tidbits and facts about Tamriel that even the most learned scholars wouldn't know."

"I've been every type of character from thief to noble warrior, I know how to talk and how to say the right things to the right characters."

"Plus if mods are allowed I have the cheat room, impossible armors, I can save Miraak, I can give myself horns and wings and the character editor would completely eliminate my body dysphoria."

"I use Skyrim as an escapism because I can control almost everything in that world but can control next to nothing in this life so yeah :) "

- SapphicsAndStilettos

Nice, Even As A Regular Citizen

elated twin peaks the return GIF by Twin Peaks on Showtime Giphy

"Anno 2205."

"Life would be great even as a regular citizen. The only things that there really is to object to is a corporation having a private, armed navy, and this same corporation having essentially as much power and influence as a government with its ability to build entire cities and establish colonies on the moon."

"Having said that though, the reality of the situation seems to be that despite all this power and influence, the corporations of Anno 2205 have nothing but utmost respect for the environment."

"They fully embrace automation but create lots of highly skilled jobs and build enormous, aesthetically pleasing (to me anyway) and environmentally friendly cities. They have near limitless ability to abuse and exploit to create the worst cyberpunk dystopia you could ask for, but they have gone in the opposite direction by actively caring for their environment and people."

"The big unknown is what the social and healthcare services are like in these corporate cities and it could go several ways."

"Best case is there is a full social safety net paid for by taxes diligently paid by these megacorps to the remaining governing body due to lessons learned from the previous centuries."

"The worst is that its completely sink or swim. However, it can be assumed that by living in these cities you are guaranteed to have some form of job, but we'll never know for sure."

"The population seems healthy, happy, professionally fulfilled and has come off the cusp of near apocalyptic environmental disaster (from 2070). They've finally cracked Fusion power as well, so from there its only a matter of time (and in fact well within their capability) before they start building starships to build colonies on Mars and the rest of the solar system."

"The main barrier is propulsion technology, but if they can figure out some kind of working EM Drive or even FTL travel then the galaxy is theirs for the taking."

"Being a citizen in Anno 2205 is to be part of a future of incredible technological development and optimism, with plenty of work to be done and no real military threats to worry about as Orbital Watch as a terrorist organization are pretty pathetic."

- Crembels

What's Up, Aslan?

the witch narnia GIF Giphy


"I'm a zoologist and my job would be a Helluva lot easier if animals could talk."

"Like instead of observing them for months to figure out why they're doing something, I could just go 'Yo, why you doing that?' and they could tell me."

- Frantastic79

I'm not even about to try and lie. My answer was the Shire, but I'm 4'9" (almost 4'11" if my hair is being amazing that day) and I really like plants and food, so I'm pretty much a hobbit already.

Of COURSE I said the Shire.

What about you?

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