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There's nowhere to go but up––or so we're told.

No, some people go down. All the way down. It can happen fast, and it's scary on top of it.

Redditor Aodhan88 asked: "What's the fastest way you've seen someone ruin their own life?" and we quickly discovered that these stories don't satisfy the desire for schadenfreude at all.

"Couple of guys..."

Couple of guys in my hometown were looking for something to steal so they could sell it to buy drugs.

They come to a house where no one was supposed to be home and one guy gets out of the car and goes to the house to steal a grill. A friend of the homeowner happened to be there and came out when he stepped onto the porch. He tells the friend that he is looking for his dog so the guy walks out into the yard to help look for it. The would be robber panics and pulls out a gun and shoots the man in the back of the head. At 21 he started a life sentence for a really stupid murder.


"My college buddy..."

Huffing Paint. My college buddy was an affable stoner type who liked psychedelics, weed, and drinking.

He was broke so he got into huffing paint over the summer, he passed out with a plastic bag full of spray paint over his face and ended up depriving his brain of oxygen and is now mentally disabled due to brain damage. Like, drooling slurring can't tie his own shoes or perform basic life tasks level disabled.


"Saw a guy..."

Saw a guy slide down a stair-rail and fall backwards 12 feet onto a concrete floor. Died at the hospital less than 24 hours later. From college student to dust in less than a day, pretty quick.


"Guy from my school..."

Guy from my school went to rob a corner shop at knife point.

He pulled up with his push bike, went into the store and threatened the shop keeper with a knife to give him all the money in the register.

The shop keeper refused and the robber was too p*ssy to do anything so he grabbed a pack of gum and ran out.

Twenty minutes later the robber realised he left his bike behind in his panic, so he went back to get it.

This was at the same time be police were questioning the shop keeper on the incident. They swiftly arrested him there and then.

Think he got 2 years...for stealing gum at knife point.


"My half brother..."

My half brother decided it was a good idea to try and rob the restaurant he worked at. Didn't wear a mask or try to hide his voice in any way. At the time, he was hopelessly addicted to crack so he obviously wasn't thinking straight when he convinced his dealer's gf to help him out. She secured a "gun" for him and he was dumb enough (or desperate enough) not to check it and didn't realize it was a bb gun.

They did manage to get out of the restaurant with $7,000, but the dealer and his very large friends were waiting for them when they came out. They beat the crap out of him, took the money and left him unconscious for the police. He got 7 years in prison for armed robbery and grand larceny.

He did manage to kick his drug habit in prison though.


"In less than 5 years..."


In less than 5 years, one of my cousins was married twice, to two equally horrible people, and blew through two inheritances. He and his first wife trashed a house my grandmother let them live in for free and got mad when she asked him to pay for repairs. He is now completely alienated from family, including his parents, and disowned.


"Kid I went to high school with..."

Kid I went to high school with used to break into homes in his neighborhood to steal phones with his younger brother. They always did seem to have a couple of screws loose, but never thought they were capable of hurting anyone. Then one night they robbed the wrong house.

As they were sneaking into the kitchen, the owner of the house came in for a late night glass of water and caught them in the act. Unlucky for them, he also was a former Marine. They got into it but one of the kids had a knife, and started repeatedly stabbing the dude in the head. They ran off after that, but the next day they were arrested. One is still in Juvie 5 years later, the other was sentenced to 30 years in state prison.


"This happened to my brother."


This happened to my brother. He's walking home and his buddy pulls up in a new car and asks if he wants to go for a ride. He gets in and they pull into the gas station and the guy said he had to go in and pay. My brother is sitting there when multiple police cars pull in and surround the car, guns drawn. The friend had stolen the car and robbed the gas station and went out the back. Took 15 minutes. Took months to convince the police he was innocent.


"I saw a guy..."

I saw a guy in the highway blow past me in a lifted truck doing about 120-130 mph hit a concrete divider. He was being chased by a state trooper.

If say that was the fastest way I've seen someone ruin their life.


"A few years back..."

A few years back, one of the students attending the university I work at got caught trying to sneak a sh!tload of drugs into a local nightclub. The first we found out about it was when some police officers turned up with a warrant to go through his room, and I was the lucky person chosen to go let them in.

So I opened the door, and oh dear lord there's drugs everywhere. If you've ever seen one of those old-timey pick-n-mix shops with all the sweets in big glass jars, imagine that but with pills and wraps of powder instead.

Everything else was all super neat and tidy and it was one of the cleanest student rooms I'd ever been in, just that every flat surface had a container full of drugs or some other sort of paraphernalia on it.

This student was in his 4th year of a masters degree, and due to finish in three months. He ended up being charged with Possession With Intent to Supply, and since a lot of the stuff he had in there was Class A, is now going to be in prison for a decade or two.

He was also expelled of course, and will still be on the hook for £60k of student debt afterwards.



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