People Share Facts That Absolutely Blew Their Minds

People Share Facts That Absolutely Blew Their Minds

As a "high achieving" student, the biggest mind-blowing fact I have ever learned has been the sheer amount of straight-up lying that happens in formal education.

It's a lot. Like a lot a lot. History class lied so hard.

Like to this day the amount of lies we were fed leaves me angry and stunned - and not just in history class. Did you know several states are legally allowed to straight-up lie in the curriculum of sex ed classes? There is no requirement that the information taught in multiple states has to be medically accurate.

One Reddit user asked:

What's a fact that absolutely blew your mind?

My one fact is that the educational system is a whole ass purposeful lying liarpants. Let's see what Reddit had to say.


Oxford University was founded in 1096 and is several hundred years older than Machu Picchu.

- GParkerG93

Oxford was founded 300 years before the Aztec empire

- AnduBandu

Wai..wah wai wai wiai, WHAT?

- CosmicSnowball14

On Trial

pet sleeping GIFGiphy

In the Middle Ages, European countries would put on real trials for animals. They were legitimate, with real defense attorneys.

A sow and her piglets were put on trial for killing a five-year-old kid. The sow was found guilty and put to death, but her piglets were acquitted because there was no evidence they took part.

- natsugreyzera

They did this in Tennessee in the 1900's where an elephant was tried and hanged for murder.

- TheoryPlane


Sharks have existed 100 million years before the first trees.

Sharks first showed up on the scene 350 million years ago and 250 million years ago. Also, sharks have survived 4 of the 5 mass extinctions. They didn't exist for the first one.

- Stayathomedadof6

Room To Spare

All the planets in our solar system can fit between the Earth and the Moon, with a little room to spare.

- Imajica0921

Whaaaa? Oddly this one hurts my brain the most.

- dmbf

There's a lot of space in space.

- madgietoyousir

Clean Bones 

That when you brush your teeth you're actually cleaning your skeleton

- maidenHELL6669

Gotta keep your bone mech clean. That flesh armor only guards so much.

- Shumatsuu

Gross, thanks!

- ppity_pangolin

Light Horizon

There is a light horizon in the universe, and we will never know what's beyond it

- Money_Display_5389

The funny thing, (or maybe just terrifying thing), is that at some point in the far future, the light horizon will actually get smaller over time.

This is because the universe is expanding faster then light can travel, and so that light will never make it to us no matter how much time passes, and this phenomenon will only become more relevant.

- ZanyThings

The Beatles

the beatles GIF by US National ArchivesGiphy

The Beatles were only together for 7 years. Well, technically for 8 but they released all of their albums in a seven year stretch, releasing two albums a year for many of those years.

- VikingWithGuns

Even crazier- when they broke up, Paul McCartney was 28.

Think about it- all that genius, the music, the success, the greatest band ever to exist- and he wasn't even 30.

- YourlocalTitanicGuy

They Have To Die For My Survival

Diseases are caused by micro organisms.

Organisms. Germs are organisms.

It totally blew my mind that the thing screwing my internal organs was a group of sentient living beings that have to die for my survival.

- CrimsonMarksman

Ice Age

Cleopatra lived closer to the invention of the iphone than the completion of the Great Pyramid

- jfaissalesmfe5

Woolly Mammoths still walked the earth when the Great Pyramid was being built.

- Volkspanzerisme

So by correlation, Cleopatra lived closer to the release of the movie Ice Age, than the actual ice age.

- BurritoBandito5

Flaunt It

Jumping spiders have basically the same vision we do, they can see us and know when we're looking at them and like to show off!

- kikaf32645

Ugh I hate those spiders. We had one in the house once and it kept waving its arms around.'

- Cyannotsus

Jumping spiders are the only kind of spider, that I as an arachnophobe like.

They're fluffy, cute and this fact cements that.

- HelluhTrill420

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