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There is a mallard duck that visits a particular spot at Thompson Health, a University of Rochester Medicine hospital in upstate New York, to lay her eggs every year.

After those eggs become adorable baby ducklings, she leads them on a tour of the hospital.

After Mama Duck taps on the glass to let hospital staff know she and her brood want to get out of the courtyard (the babies can't fly yet, of course), staff let them in and direct them through the hospital safely.

They parade their way through the M. M. Ewing Continuing Care Center, the hospital's long-term nursing and rehabilitation facility.

North American Mallards building nests near human construction is actually fairly common.

They are comfortable being around humans, and our structures often provide convenient nesting sites.

The hospital shared the event in a Facebook post, and people are loving it.

This year, she had an enormous brood of 13 little ones to lead on the annual trek.

Hospital staff guided them through the facility with large pieces of cardboard to act as walls.

Then a nurse, Assistant Nurse Manager Betsy Willard, held the door for the group to exit.

CNA Mollie Dey and resident Wilma Gibson followed the ducks out and watched them make their way away from the hospital.

Wilma's family and friends thanked hospital staff for the mother's experience on Facebook.

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Reactions to the hospital's Facebook post were overwhelmingly positive, with many fawning over the adorable little duckies.

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Some were astounded by the number of ducklings.

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Others were thankful for the hospital staff taking time from their busy days to help the ducks out and give the elders living in the facility the chance to see them.

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Ducklings are always cute, but seeing them parade through a hospital with the help of humans is just heart-wrenchingly adorable!

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