People Explain Which Double Standards Need To End Immediately

Double standards are something we all live with and, quite likely, find extremely annoying. Things like men being expected to hide their emotions—or not have them at all—or women being expected to stay home and support a couple's children, everyone is generally harmed by double standards.

This is especially true when the double standard isn't clear until someone violates it and then has to deal with anger, ridicule, or sometimes even violence as a result.

Content Note: this article mentions suicide and sexual assault, reader discretion advised.

Reddit user RichPesaventoum asked folks on AskReddit:

"What double standard needs to end NOW?"

Politicians aren't perfect, even the ones you like.

"Ignoring character flaws in politicians you support while demonizing ones you disagree with over the same thing and similar flaws."


"I hate when people assume that because you are in support of a certain party that you blindly agree with every policy, every speech, everything they do. It shouldn't be that way. We're allowed to be displeased or hate things and yet still support the majority of what they do, or at least see them as the better candidate."


It's normal for guys to like kids too.

"That guys that like kids are pervs but women can love kids. I am a dad to a 3 year old girl and think kids are a ton of fun, but society thinks if I like kids I am a perv or something."


"I had trouble with this when mine were young. Some parents would totally trust me with their kids for a play date when my wife was somewhere, so I assumed other parents would too and got answered with awkward silence."

"Kind of nice to have high schoolers now instead."


So should I care, or...?

"Parents: You need to stop what caring what other people think about you!"

"Parents: Look at you! Imagine what other people must think about you!"


"'why don't you come out of your room and talk to people?'"

"'Look who finally decided to show up!' Tells another embarrassing and degrading story about you"


Everyone deserves rest.

"That poor people are basically not allowed leisure. The scion of some billionaire industrialist can lounge around all day, throw parties and wreck fancy cars and everyone is just sort of okay with that. A poor person wants to sit down for a second, and out everyone comes, pitchforks and torches in hand, demanding they surrender the right to free food for their children or whatever."


"The upper-class advice for struggling people is always 'just give up everything that keeps you from blowing your brains out, and work harder for me'."

"At some point, even luxuries can be a necessity."


Assault is assault, regardless of gender or sex.

"Celebrating teenage boys being sexually abused by an attractive older woman. It's statutory rape, but there will always be scores of men saying things like 'wish that happened to me when I was his age' or similar statements."


"I'd go further, that double standard is part of a larger more inherent double standard."

"Male sexual assault, rape, and victimization being treated as a joke (often times literally if you watch enough tv or movies) if the aggressor is a woman. Underage boys being victimized is terrible don't misunderstand but it's a fundamental part of the wider double standards that enable it."


Girls need armor too.

"Games with male characters in practical armor and female characters in armor-colored lingerie."

"Yes, yes, I know, oversized bosoms draw a lot of male attention. But it's a huge red flag that women aren't part of the target audience."


Just don't hit people.

"'No man should ever hit a woman but if a woman hits a man then obviously he must have done something to deserve it'. Abuse is abuse and nobody deserves it."

- woozywhatsitnow

It's irritating when you do it, too.

"Hating certain behaviors in someone else but making excuses for the same or similar behavior in yourself."


Greed is always a character flaw, no matter how much money you have.

"Being greedy is seen as a character flaw, but being a billionaire is seen as a great accomplishment."


"Such is the great contradiction of a society that is obviously built to reward selfishness but shames people for being selfish. It's almost like that messaging exists to keep the poors in their place."

"The right people get to be selfish, you don't."


Everyone has emotions.

"Probably that it is okay for a woman to be emotional, but if a man does it he needs to 'man up'. Drives me slightly insane."


"Unless that emotion is anger, then it’s reversed."


Double standards hurt everyone. It can be hard to notice them if you're on the side that benefits from them, though. If you take a look at your own life, you might be surprised to see how many double standards we're all affected by every day.

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