People Divulge The Most Disturbing Thing The Popular Kid In Their School Did

Just because someone is popular doesn't mean they're nice or even sane.

We all learn that lesson the hard way. Everybody has their secrets, especially the people we think have it all.

School is a very emotional and frustrating time. And nobody truly knows how to properly deal.

The 'popular kids' are full of surprises.

So keep an eye on them.

And not for envy, for your own safety.

They're probably plotting something.

Redditor K2TsU-wanted to hear tales about the kid everybody knew in school, and maybe not for the best reasons.

They asked:

"What was the most disturbing thing the popular kid did?"

The popular kids in my schools were pretty chill.

I mean they were elitist and rude alcoholics, but not violent so there is that.


"Freshman year in high school the jocks pooped in their hands and smeared it all over bathroom walls of the place we were staying, on a school trip. As well as a lot of other weird crap." ~ IskandarSingh


The Shooter

"Popular kid lived in other friends house with other friend and his girlfriend. Popular kid was always careless and weird around guns. After the bar other friend and girlfriend were laying in bed and popular kid came in and shot other friend in the head. The girl involved was faithful to her boyfriend and never showed interest in popular kid but all involved had known each other most of their lives." ~ Brainlessthe2nd


"Pinned a girl down, with help of her mates, and forcibly shaved her eyebrows off in the middle of lunch. Teachers went ballistic, obviously but the poor girl got sent to school as normal by her mum the following day.Thankfully one of the girls that’s great with make up did her brows for her everyday until they grew in."

"The final straw was stealing a freaking huge knife from food tech. It was never locked as the school was old af, and the doors were crappy. She had a fight planned after school with the new girl, she has issues with prior to her starting. Thankfully, the police were quietly called after most of my year group told the office asap. She was marched out of class, soon after." ~ charlottee963


"Oh man, I’m just now being reminded of how this one very popular, good looking kid used to masturbate in class. He would wear very baggy sweat pants and use tissue that he threw away in the classroom. Everyone knew he was doing it and I’m sure he knew that we all knew."

"Come to think of it, why the heck didn’t I think this was more weird when I was a kid?? I mostly just remember thinking 'there goes Cohen, throwing away his 'stuff' rags again…' ~ UptownShenanigans


"Nothing as crazy as the other ones here, but he got into a fight with a kid and ended up breaking the other kid’s ribs pretty bad. he got expelled and charged with assault." ~ Pi-s


See crazy shows signs early.

Start your people survival kit now.


"Rubbed a peanut butter sandwich in the face of a girl that was allergic. Oh and threw a pen at someone's face and they ended up in the eye infirmary." ~ melonsmcgee93



"A football player at my school bullied everyone. One kid tried to fight back but the bully beat him almost to death. That kid is now in a wheelchair and needs 24/7 care. He has severe brain damage and is unable to take care of himself. He lives in a nursing home. Has been there now almost 20 years. The kid that beat him got 1 month in juve and now is the fire captain for a big metropolitan area." ~ tayvia99


"Science teacher at my school used to keep fish in her class room. A girl in my year thought it would be hilarious to poison them by tipping acid into the tank. Thus killing all the fish. Kids are horrible, why would anyone want to be a teacher is beyond me." ~ oublieternel

Bunch of Heathens

"Got beaten up, dragged down the street until my trousers ripped off and my birthday presents stolen by a couple of bullies on lunch break. After going back to school to report the incident and get some clothes, I was in a toilet cubicle and heard the bullies come in and remove their earrings and start pushing them into their faces to make themselves bleed so they could blame me for starting a fight. Luckily I wasn’t the only person that overheard and they got suspended. I also got suspended for leaving premises without a lunch pass." ~ Jazzlike-Bee-6284


"One of the 'popular kids' in my 5th grade class crushed a poor turtle to death at recess. 10 years later, he was arrested for shooting and killing someone during a home invasion." ~ CozyLemonade


What in the world?

If I were a teen today, I'd homeschool.

What a hot mess.

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