Were you ever bullied in school? Did they get what was coming to them, or did they turn their life around? Or, were you the bully? If so, what made you stop?

accordianne asked Reddit: What ever happened to the bully in your school?

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Bullies are often victims themselves and it follows them their whole lives.

The bully was just a kid acting out. He's parents were struggling financially and he had around 7 little siblings. He was probably being neglected and I noticed his younger sister who was about 12 at the time was always taking care of the little ones while their parents worked.

I actually bumped into him and a mutual friend years ago and I felt really bad. He lost so much weight and looked like he was definitely taking drugs - I heard a lot of rumours and it looked like it was true. He couldn't look at me in the eyes I felt terrible for him. His friend and him disappeared from social media so I don't know what happened to him now but I really hope he's okay.


Every time I read that someone lost weight I think: "Yay" and its followed by: "drugs" and I'm: "nay" :(


The f*cked up part is that's been the first place my mind goes to over the years. It's a damn shame. I've lost some really solid people to that nonsense.


Oh, an "influencer."

She sells It Works! and describes herself on Facebook as a "business owner, mom, wino."


People who think "wine" is a personality.


Several times I have accepted a friend request from a former classmate thinking, "Hey, neat! I wonder what they're up to. It'll be fun to catch up." only to immediately receive a message asking if I'd like to sell essential oils or body wraps. :[


The haves vs. the wants.

My bully who convinced everyone that I'm a nerd and that I should be bullied because I played videogames is now like top 500 in overwatch or something while I'm stuck in diamond lol.


That is utterly depressing.


Yeah that's true but I guess in a way he picked on me for liking video games because he always wanted to play video games but his parents wouldn't let him.
Now that he is an adult he can make his own decisions and I am happy that he is able to do that now.

Actually talked with him a bit and he became a nice person :)


Way to turn it around.

He got his sh*t straight, and he's working as a carpenter. Good for him!


My childhood bully has also sorted his sh*t out, is now a firefighter with a lovely family, bought me a pint and apologized for making my middle school years miserable the last time I bumped into him.


He has 99 and 99 problems.

I didn't get along with most of my classmates until my junior year. We were from a tiny school and were together since kindergarten. Our junior year we kind of collectively thought, "Well, that as dumb," and started getting along. All but one are lovely people.

The one that's not a lovely person? I know because my mom arrested him post high-school. She was booking him and asked him if he had any money to post bond. He said, "I don't need money. I got bitches." Sure enough some woman, married to someone else, if I remember right, came and bailed him out.

So, yeah. He hasn't changed.


What if they guy was just a successful dog breeder.


"My red rose, Samantha. Please sell the bitches and post my bond. Yours forever, Tony."


Plot twist: he was bailed out by his step-mom.


Small town that knew everyone so no, but yes, that would be a twist. Eww.


When kindness wins out.

Well I'm ashamed to say that I was actually a bit of a bully in school, I used to pick on a guy who was taller than I was, I can't even remember why. One day I finally made him crack and he had had enough and left right in the middle of class to go home. I felt so terrible I called him that night to apologize for what I did to him. Turns out, we had a lot in common, we became friends, great friends actually, and I was the best man at his wedding. Still best friends to this day.


That's so sweet.


Wish the people who picked on me were half as decent as you. Only one that ever sought me out after I abruptly transferred in the middle of 8th grade didn't work up the nerve to do so until years later.


This is a wild ride.

Her parents divorced, then her local celebrity dad went to prison, then her mom killed herself, then her grandparents died.

Her dad got out of prison and died when she was almost out of high school. The family money was gone on the divorce, dad's legal defense and the 2008 housing crisis so she ended up working a shitty job.

She ended up dropping out of college two years in and joining a cult run by a dentist. Supposedly found Jesus, and is still in that cult.


Stop the roller coaster. I want to get off.


Nobody ever gets off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.


Not much of a roller coaster, it was all downhill.


I've only ever had friendly nurses.

Most of them are nurses or work in the healthcare field. It worries me.


I've been an EMT for almost a year now and all the RNs I meet seem to be the former mean girls from high school.


Having worked in healthcare for over a decade, I can tell you you have a right to be worried.


Congrats, you're famous!

She ended up being caught as a catfish on the T.V. show. My old school mates had a field day with that.


Which episode?


Season 5 Episode 15,


This Darwin Award winner.

There were many, but probably the worst of bad seeds didn't make it much past high school. He was dicking around with a pistol at a party and when called on it said "What?! It's not even loaded!" before putting it to his temple and pulling the trigger. Needless to say, it was loaded.


I dont understand these stories ever, takes a couple of seconds to check, could just do it subtly before you start mouthing off.. well he Darwin'd himself right the f*ck out of existence.


Because if he's stupid enough to play with a gun he was never taught proper weapon safety anyway.


He very well might have been- I've seen cops and soldiers on the range doing unsafe shit plenty of times, and they've had hours of formal, professional training.

Training can't help some people, because for some folks it just never sinks in. You can't fix stupid.


He was a marine.


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