Disney Princesses all have one thing in common: animals love them.


And as such, those fuzzy little critters that always stuck by the sides of our favorite Disney characters are happily set in our memories.  Disney fans congregated to Walt Disney Confessions to relive their favorite memories involving those sidekicks and critters.

Little April Shower

When my sister and I were little, we used to re-enact the scene in Bambi where he falls on the ice and Thumper helps him up, limb by limb. We would take turns being either Bambi and Thumper. [x]


I Want More

One of my favorite Disney characters is Flounder, because it is one of the better representations of anxiety and shyness around friends.  He tries so hard to seem like he isn't scared of anything, especially around Ariel, when really he is nervous underneath.  I hope Disney has more characters like him in the future, because I can relate to him so much. [x]

Mousey Business

I always loved all the mice in Disney movies. Theyre so cute! The Rescuers, the mice from Cinderella, Roquefort from the Aristocats, the priest and his wife in Robin Hood… they will always have a special place in my heart. [x]


When I was little I would pretend to be Cinderella. I would ask my Mom to give me chores to do and to yell at me. I never wanted to be the pretty Cinderella at the ball, but the servant in her little room with the mice and birds. [x]


In Summer

I'm not sure is there's been a character that has surprised me more than Olaf.  When I first saw the 'Frozen' teaser, I thought, "Ugh, he looks annoying."  While I could see how he could come across that way for some, I was amazed by how much I loved his humor and his dedication to the sisters.  Watching him has been the hardest I've seen my sister laugh at a movie in awhile.  He's also now an absolute favorite of my two little nephews and he's my first Halloween costume in over a decade.  Home run, Disney. [x]

Mama Kanga

I miss Kath Soucie providing the voice of Kanga from any of the Winnie The Pooh films from the early to mid 2000s. She added more personality and extra love and life to the character. Especially in Piglets Big Movie and Poohs Heffalump Movie. She had a beautiful singing voice in Poohs Heffalump movie and did a beautiful job in Piglets Big Movie. Kath Soucie if you are reading this, I just want to thank for doing a beautiful job as her and having the best voice of a mother I heard. [x]

Raja Envy

I always wanted a Tiger just like Jasmine. [x]


Back To The Cupboard With You Now, Chip

I never understood how Mrs Potts, a woman clearly in her mid-sixties, has a 6 year old son. Why couldnt they just make her Chips grandma instead? And what about all the other teacups in the cupboard she called his brothers and sisters? Playing favorites much? [x]

Not Just Comic Relief

I just realized that my favorites characters from every Disney movie are the comedic relief/sidekicks. Flounder and Sebastian, Timon and Pumbaa, the gargoyles, Abu and the carpet, etc.. They are just awesome characters and they make me laugh, just like theyre supposed to. [x]

No Sword, No Stone

I wish there was more to sword in the stone than just being different animals for the whole movie. There was so little about the sword and Arthur themselves. [x]



As someone who really appreciates reptiles, amphibians, and insects, I love Pascal from Tangled (also because he reminds me of my pet newt). I hope he paves the way for more unlikely cute animal sidekicks that will ease peoples fears about some of these creatures. [x]

Contrary Opinions

I cant stand any of the "cute animal companions from Disney movies. They drive me insane. [x]


Should I Marry Kocoum?

Pocahontas was probably the most boring Disney movie Ive ever seen. Im sorry. The only good thing that came out of that was Meeko and Flit. Also, John Smith sucked. And Pocahontas totally shouldve gotten together with Kocoum. [x]

A Whole New World

I always felt like Jasmine betrayed Rajah when she left. She just left him all alone in the palace. [x]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip And Dale

I am amazed by how many people cant tell Chip and Dale apart. . While my sister and I were at WDW, we heard so many people, including adults, asking which one was which. Its so simple. Chip is the one with the brown nose, like a chocolate chip. [x]


Villain For Your Thoughts

I honestly sympathize with Hades over every other character in Hercules. He has a nauseatingly optimistic family that doesnt take him seriously and has to deal with wide eyed idiots with no sense of reality: its the story of my life! [x]


Seems Counterintuitive

I just finished re watching Gargoyles and I cant understand why Disney doesnt try and re release it. It was an amazingly written show with a bunch of well developed character, had poc + a strong female lead. Its everything theyve wanted to produce. [x]

No Chance, No Way

Last trip to WDW I bought a baby plush Pegasus. Hes so cute and cuddly! Whenever I feel like Meg and start to get lonely, I just snuggle with him and I dont feel so alone. [x]


I would have loved to see Disney make a Disney Junior spin-off to Bambi that would star Thumper,Flower and Thumpers sisters with the supporting characters being Friend Owl and new animals characters. [x]

Pascal Pal

Lately Ive been really depressed and my mom keeps on getting mad at me. My only comfort is a plush Pascal I keep in my room. Hes really just been there to comfort me just like how he did for Rapunzel. Pascal has made me feel so much better and I love him so much. [x]


Listen To Your Heart

When I was younger I used to sneak into my neighbors yard and talk to their Weeping Willow like it was Grandmother Willow. Now I realize how crazy I was! [x]

Is All My Dreaming At An End?

I always felt bad for Kocoum. He didnt deserve to die with a broken heart. [x]



To this day I still feel sorry for the pink girl squirrel from 'The Sword In The Stone.' It still breaks my heart to see her crying after she learns that Arthur is not a real squirrel and cries straight up until that scene ends.  I find this scene to be a very underrated sad moment in Disney Animated Films. [x]

Ancestors Did Well

Mushu has to be the most active sidekick ever. He guided Mulan from the first day at camp to the defeat of Shan Yu at the roof of the palace. He deserves more credit. [x]


Crossover Time

Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio and Cri-kee from Mulan are both crickets, and that makes me want them to meet. Wouldnt it be cool if they found out they were related or something? I just find the idea of them interacting very interesting, especially since Jiminy Cricket is one of my favorite characters and Mulan is one of my favorite movies. [x]

A Bug's Fears

Watching A Bugs Life always terrified me as a child. I am still do this day afraid of grasshoppers, all because of Thumper. [x]

Little Lobster On My Shoulder

Watching the Little Mermaid and seeing how much Sebastian cares for Ariel always touches my heart. I have a Sebastian in my life, just like Ariel. An older friend of mine who is part my conscience, part my close friend, and part my mom. She warns me, chides me and takes care of me. She was the one to stop me from cutting myself when my family decided to ignore it, and I wish she knew how much that meant to me. [x]



I wish Kida from Atlantis had more merchandise. She is the prettiest princess and that movie was so magical! [x]

Hyena Misconception

I don't like how 'The Lion King' gave Hyenas a bad rap, when they're really very nice animals. [x]