Actress and singer Demi Lovato has now been sober for six months following her overdose last July 2018.

For her and her family, this is cause for celebration.

And they definitely didn't let the day go by without recognition!

Fans sounded off in support of Lovato on Twitter, congratulating her on her progress:

Demi's team also celebrated by surprising her with a Susiecakes funfetti cake, which included a very special card:


Demi's fans were endlessly proud of her, and definitely wanted a piece of that cake if there was any left over...

Lovato also posted a picture of her six-month sobriety chip on Instagram. Sobriety is a major commitment, but the singer is taking it incredibly seriously.

Fans found Lovato's story heartwarming in the best possible way.

To remind herself of the pride of being six months sober, Lovato even treated herself to a new tattoo.

Prior to last July, Lovato revealed in her song "Sober," that she had broken her previous six years of sobriety. In the song, she asked her parents to forgive her. A month later, she was taken to the hospital, reportedly for an overdose of Heroin and methamphetamines.

Now, however, the star is working towards sobriety once again, and her fans couldn't be prouder.

Well done, Demi! She's kicking addiction's a**.


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