In the recent Pride and Prejudice update Fire Island, Dex leads the main character Noah to believe that the stand-offish lawyer Will judges him for having an OnlyFans page.

A site that has become commonly used for amateur and professional porn performers and sex workers to directly profit from erotic and sexual content they upload themselves.

As is the case with their literary counterparts, Darcy and Wickham, Will's apathy towards Dex runs much deeper than his OnlyFans page.

But Will wouldn't be the first person to judge someone for utilizing the site as a means of income.

Several people might also stop their romantic pursuits of those who decide to upload x-rated content as a side (or primary) hustle.

Others, however, might not have a problem with it, and might even join them in their endeavors.

Redditor TickleTip20 was curious to learn whether or not people would be comfortable dating someone with an OnlyFans account, or who works in the sex industry, leading them to ask:

"Would you date a sex worker/does onlyfans? Why or why not?"

No. They Never Stop Promoting Themselves.

"No I would not."

"Had a great night with a girl and once we had done the deed she felt the need to plug her OnlyFans page."

"Made it feel like she spent the night with me as advertisement and wanted me to become a subscriber."- xveritas1x

No. Too Many Safety Risks

"Personally no."

"One of my boyfriend’s best friends is seeing a girl who does OF and she recently traveled to make a threesome video with two other people in the scene."

"No protection or anything was used."

"I’d personally be crying and throwing up watching my boyfriend sleep with other women, with no protection, whether it’s his job or not."

"So yeah not for me."

"But I don’t discriminate against that career path."

"You do you."- Halloweenqueen2342

No. They'll Regret It Down The Line

"I would say no."

"People don't usually see the long term affects of that lifestyle until they want to leave it."

"There was an interview with Lana Rhoades, and she says looking back at her videos, it makes her want to throw up."- Sea_Obligation5993

No. You Become A Very Low Priority

"I would not."

"I knew a guy who was all 'nah bro, it's sexy and it's no big deal' when his girlfriend of 2 years started her OnlyFans."

"First came the undivided attention to her phone, texting guys who are sending her money."

"That led to her starting to do collabs with other women, which led to her having sex with other dudes on camera, which led to her pretty much just sidelining her boyfriend whenever she felt like it when she got really intimate with someone she did like 10 videos with."

"She once offered the guy she was dating to be a part of it, but turns out she just wanted him to film her sleep with this dude she liked a lot."

"In the end, my friend didn't even get dumped, he just got straight up forgotten about."

"She just slowly started spending less and less time at their apartment until she was just gone forever."

"Maybe if I was really, really confident and secure with the woman I'm with I'd be willing to talk about it, but there'd be a lot of boundaries and I'd wanna be the other dude on camera w her."- gamesireallylike

No. Not Monogomous.


"Simply because I’m completely monogamous, and I consider sexual exclusivity as part of that."

"For me, sending nude pictures to others during the relationship is cheating."- DickBigler


"I'm more of a 'intimacy is reserved for your S/O only'."- ConThePaladin


"If you’re dating me I’ve gotta be your only fan."- TheLastBoat

No. Bad Past Experiences.

"Used to date an exotic dancer."

"It was painful."

"Would not repeat."- n0budd33

No. Simply Not Equiped

"The people that I know that do it have had to compartmentalize what sex means and what's too far in terms of exploiting others, and it's changed them as people."

"The personality traits that have strengthened aren't ones that I value in a partner or to be quite frank even in a friend, so I don't think I'd be able to date one."

"Sex work takes strength and grit, but in my experience that grit has made people I used to enjoy thoroughly abrasive."

"Obviously I know not all people are like that, but that's just my experience." - Reddit

No two people have the same relationship or comfort level when it comes to sex.

So people should always think twice before judging those on OnlyFans.

Nor should anyone enter into a relationship with someone on OnlyFans if it makes them uncomfortable.

As the saying goes, "to each their own."

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