People Explain Which Dangerous Places Everyone Should Avoid
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Danger lurks around every corner.

That is just a simple fact.

It's obvious that dark alleys in the dead of night are not a great idea.

But where else should we be on alert?

Let's discuss...

Redditorbeginnerlife22wanted everyone to be on the lookout for danger, so we survive another day. They asked:

"Which dangerous places should everyone avoid?"

I find danger anywhere and everywhere so my list of places is long. Help me lengthen it...

The Streams

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"Fast moving water."


"Working at a hydropower station and cant believe how ignorant some people are, fishing while standing on rocks right below. If they fall they are 100% gonna be flushed down the stream."


Pulled from Death...

"Monastery Beach in Monterey, CA. Going into the water can kill you and the waves have pulled people from the shore to their death."


"My old roommate wanted to go scuba diving AT NIGHT in Monastery, f**king crazy. I went along just to get out of the house, I’m not even scuba certified. But then he said to me, and I’ll never forget this, he said: 'if I’m not back in an hour, call rescue and keep the car,' Most anxious hour of my life waiting for him to come back safe, he made it though."



"When the park service tells you not to go somewhere, listen to them, especially regarding hot springs in Yellowstone."


"Also in regards to wildlife. I saw an article of a person who got gored by a bison recently at a national park because they got too close."


"And don’t bring your dang pets to Yellowstone. Too many dogs jumping in the boiling hot water."



"The blind spots next to and behind big trucks."


"True, i prefer to start my overtake some distance behind the truck so they have a chance to spot me in the mirror. I also avoid to linger next to the truck and generally try to keep my distance. A 50 ton semi will make my little civic very flat if it crashes into me."


Be professional...

"Kayaking or any water rafting type support with amatuers. Many people die due to carelessness or not knowing safety precautions."


Well thankfully I've avoided most of this list most of my life.

No Way Out

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"Sulfur vents. You get nose-blind to the smell almost immediately. If the concentration gets high enough, you will asphyxiate. If you fall in, you may die from the steam burns before you asphyxiate, though. Either way, you ain't coming out."



"Caves. I know spelunking is a "cool hobby" for some people, just like scuba diving and rock climbing. But things can go so wrong so fast when you're in a subterranean cave, and it can be really difficult for anyone to come rescue you."

"You can die by falling, by getting stuck, by a cave-in, by getting lost, by getting caught in a flash flood and drowning... just so many awful ways to die in a cave. (See: John Jones dying in Nutty Putty cave)."


On the Field

"Old battlefields. You should never cross an an old battlefield even if it’s from decades ago, and seems 'safe.' There could be landmines hidden and you could end up with a limb blown off, or dead. It can be very difficult for someone to rescue you because there are landmines and it’s difficult to know where to step, and most battlefields are abandoned or far away from civilization."

"You can die by being exploded of course, wound infection or bleeding out (if limb was blown off), starvation and thirst. Either way, just don’t do it."


They are drowning machines....

"Low head dams on rivers. They are drowning machines. You fall off the dam, or swim too close the the downstream side where the water spills over- there is a circular current. It draws a person into the water fall; waterfall pushes the down to near bottom and shoots you down stream, but not enough to get out of the cycle. If you lived through it and surface, you are pulled back to the waterfall again."


Velocity Issues

celebrity GIF by Brimstone (The Grindhouse Radio, Hound Comics)Giphy

"Please stay away from rails, people always underestimate how fast trains are."


Has everyone listened? Be smart, not stupid.

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