People Dispel Which Things Everyone Believes To Be Dangerous But Are Totally Safe
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Life is just fraught with the rumors.

The older you get the more you learn about how easily duped we all are.

Who comes up with some of this nonsense?

And why are we so gullible?

Maybe because we don't learn to Google until we're at least 6.

It is time to eradicate some of these silly lies about hazards and danger.

We are more secure than we want the other person next to us to know.

Redditor AirAmbitious530wanted to know what certain parts of life we don't have to fret about. They asked:

"What things are said to be dangerous but are actually safe?"

I feel like this a lot of danger in the world. But that's just a given with living.

Sky High

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"Flying is safer than riding in a car by a long shot, right?"


"The most dangerous part about flying is driving to/from the airport."



"Swallowing gum."


"I suspect that myth about how long gum stays in your system came to be because of a misunderstanding. Probably someone laid out some fact like, 'It would take your body seven years to break down bubblegum.' Then some dumba** decided that meant it would stay inside you for seven years because he had never heard of pooping before."


In the Mist

"Gorillas. There are zero instances of a human ever being killed by a gorilla in the wild in all of history. They are peaceful herbivores. If you came across a gorilla in the wild just don't be a fool and respect its space. Don't look in its eyes, don't show your teeth, and just overall act submissive and non-threatening and you will be fine."

"Movies like Planet of the Apes and Congo really got people thinking gorillas are these rampaging beasts just waiting to tear you limb from limb."



"Eating food after the best before date."


"My country has a 'Best Before' and a 'Use By' label. If it's marked Best Before it's going to be fine to eat after the date, it's probably just going to suck. Common 'best before' foods include canned foods, cereals, biscuits, sauces, chocolate, sugar, flour and frozen foods."

"Use by means you shouldn't consume it after that date. Common 'use by' foods include milk, sliced ham and shaved meats."




"Eating seeds of watermelon/apples. Would take literal lbs of them to kill you."


Seeds? Seeds are suppose to be dangerous? Never heard that one. Not that I'm a seed eater.


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"Sharks, they’re a lot safer than movies like Jaws make them seem."


"Statically you're more likely to die by cow than a shark."



"Cracking your knuckles - there's absolutely no link to arthritis, people just say that because they hate the sound."


"I used to crack my knuckles when I’d get waxed. Just to take the sensation away and try and focus on something else. The lady that waxed me would always yell at me about how dangerous it is, maybe she just hated the sound too. But we’re even for the pain then haha."


Inside the Squall

"I'm seriously wondering if 'taking a shower during a thunder storm' should be on this list. I've always heard it was dangerous, but I've never in my life heard of anyone being harmed by it."


"I don't know about showering but back when we still had corded phones my aunt was talking to someone when lightning hit the phone line. She had burns on her ear and hand and her hair caught fire. She was, of course very shaken but not seriously injured. She was the first person in the family to get a cell phone."


8 Legged Issues



"I remember seeing a tarantula in the grass when I was a kid. I went in close to look at it, and it turned to me and reared up, fanning its legs out to look intimidating. Then it immediately fell on its back. Totally shattered the tough guy image."


From Above

cat skydiving GIFGiphy

"Sky diving is a lot more safe than people think."


"Correct. It's been a long time since I looked at the numbers but IIRC the vast majority of skydiving deaths are experienced jumpers pushing the limits of their skill/equipment. Deaths among first time and students was incredibly low."


Life isn't as scary as you might think. You just have to have faith.

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