Dad Hilariously Goes Above And Beyond To Make His Daughter's Pic A Splash On Social Media

Dad Hilariously Goes Above And Beyond To Make His Daughter's Pic A Splash On Social Media

There is no shortage of dads on social media who will do whatever it takes to help their kid go viral.

And Twitter user @CaityMarie1423's dad is no exception.

Over 4th of July weekend, she shared a series of photos that revealed just how far her dad would go to help her achieve that perfect shot.

As a bikini-clad @CaityMarie1423 shotgunned a Truly hard seltzer on a beautiful lake (like you do), her dad offered to sacrifice his body to give her the perfect splash in the background.

You know, just to jazz up the picture a bit:

But instead of sharing just the final product, @CaityMarie1423 showed the images leading up to the splash.

And they don't disappoint.





And finally, the big splash.


You have to admit, it does look better with the splash. @CaityMarie1423's dad was totally right.

And it had the desired effect, as the series of images quickly went viral.

@CaityMarie1423's dad also became an instant icon.

And a new meme was born, of course.

So you've been put on notice, Twitter dads.

This is how it's done.


If you've got a great dad, you can tell everyone with this shirt, available here in a variety of colors.


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