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13-Year-Old Girl Raises Nearly $400k To Help Her Friend Get Life-Saving Cancer Treatment—In Just One Week

A delighted teen celebrated as a fundraising page she set up for life-saving cancer treatment for her best friend smashed its £300,000 (~$390,000) target - in just one week.

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Dog Who Was Left With A 'Wonky' Face After Being Attacked By His Mom As A Puppy Finds A New Home
Amanda Richter/SWNS

An adorable rescue dog with a "wonky" face has found a loving home - after hundreds of adoption requests.

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Trump Is Getting Roasted After Bragging That America Is 'Now Number One In The Universe'
Win McNamee/Getty Images, @jperham27/Twitter

The Universe better watch out – because the U.S.A. is kicking butt and taking names.

President Trump made a very bold claim on Monday evening as he prepared to depart to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

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Mom Of Girl With 'Purple' Birthmarks Admits She Hid Her For Six Weeks After Her Birth For Fear Of What Strangers Might Say

The mom of a girl with "purple" birthmarks bravely admitted she hid her from strangers for six weeks after she was born - and even used filters in photos she posted online.

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Dad Records His Baby Son's Sounds Every Day For A Year To Create Epic Montage Video Of Him 'Singing' AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'
Matt McMillan/SWNS

A dad who recorded his baby son every day for a year has edited clips of his noises together to create a video which appears to show him singing AC/DC's rock classic 'Thunderstruck'.

And it's pretty impressive.

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