People Break Down The Most European Things Ever

Outdoor dining and coffee in Western Europe
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Just like the items and behaviors that are easily defined as "American," there are some activities and mindsets that are distinctly "European."

From castles to coffee culture, to an overall dismissal of "hustle culture," this combination of characteristics will leave zero doubts in a person's mind that they have entered a European country.

Redditor doeyy0 asked:

"What is the most European thing ever?"

A Day in the Life

"Driving through four countries to go on vacation, not using your passport, no visa, and using the same currency everywhere."

"Plus using your cell phone all the way with no extra cost."

- Tc2cv

Castles, Castles Everywhere

"I can literally see one castle out of my living room and another one out of my kitchen window."

- 1337sti

The True Meaning of "Walking Distance"

"One big difference is the way from villages to big cities are laid out. They all have numerous squares or public gathering places. You can enjoy a drink, music, and people-watching. You don’t have to drive everywhere. Local pubs abound."

"I always wondered how so many Europeans could make do with those tiny fridges. But then I realized they shop fresh all the time. There are so many butchers or bakers, produce stands, cheese, deli, and flower shops within walking distance. They shop locally and fresh all the time. Without a car."

"My Uncle lived in a big condo or over the row housing area. Every Saturday mobile butchers, bakers, fruit and produce, etc. would set up outside for a few hours and then move on. Everything is fresh and local, and absolutely delicious. And no car needed."

- hhar141

Just a Few Minutes Away

"Going to another country just to go shopping."

- Armstry

Kebabs Aplenty

"From an American's perspective; Kebab shops. I've been all over Europe and I've got to say, those things were everywhere and I stopped at way too many of them. I could really go for a durum kebab right about now..."

- Korvun

Trains, Trains, Trains

"Trains. Trains that are clean. Trains that go where you want to go. Trains that are affordable."

- gadget850

Polyglots Everywhere


- Whimsical-Escape

Better Soft Drinks

"Fanta, but not the American kind."

- unholymxja

Truly Ancient Buildings

"Casually having buildings from millennia ago around you all the time."

- AxelVoxel

The Musical Sport


- noise_is_for_heroes

A Continued Tradition

"Closed stores on Sundays."

- bogeysandwine

Multilingual Radio

"One weird thing I learned about other countries is how they get American music on their radios, but we hardly ever get their music on our radios. Recently, the closest we’ve come is Boy With Luv by BTS featuring Halsey."

"I wish we could get some foreign hits on our radios, but oh well. I can look that up online."

- Give_Help_Please

A Top Priority

"A proper selection of cheeses."

- intangible_tangerine

Dressed Up to Go Out

"Men unapologetically dressing super stylish."

- gimmeconfetti


"Paid vacation time."

- Stratchmop

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